How to get rid of flyaways

How to get rid of flyaways

A bad case of flyaways makes a frustrated person. Imagine watching all those tutorials just to realize it isn’t as smooth as you thought it would be.  Although they don’t necessarily mean unhealthy hair, they can look unkempt. So it isn’t a shock that we are still obsessed with getting rid of flyaways until now.  … Read more

How To Style Curtain Bangs

How To Style Curtain Bangs

We’ve all probably given bangs a go at least once. If you’re not one of those people who’ve gone for the chop, maybe you’ve thought about getting bangs. But there’s always the question of, “What is this gonna look like on me?” Blunt bangs and side bangs may not be for everyone. But we’ve seen … Read more

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20+ Easy Hairstyle Ideas with Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs–it’s a trend you see just about anywhere now.  These bangs are usually pretty wispy, and shaggy, styled to frame the face. This is probably why you’ve seen curtain bangs make their rounds lately.  But what face shape goes with curtain bangs?  Unlike blunt straight-across bangs or side bangs, curtain bangs don’t cut your … Read more

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10+ Funny Hair Quotes That Will Make Your Day

Looking for the best hair quotes to inspire you? Whether you need funny hair quotes to make you laugh, big hair quotes, or even good hair quotes for Instagram caption, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Curling Diva, we’re obsessed about curls and hair! Funny Hair Quotes 1. Life is too short to … Read more

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How to Get Side Swept Bangs to Stay

Side swept bangs has been popular for a while now, especially seeing that it works wonders for hiding forehead blemishes and unruly cowlicks. It brings a unique touch to your style, when it doesn’t fall flat in your face, that is. Most of the time, side swept bangs can be stubborn and refuse to stay. … Read more

How to Curl Long Hair with a Flat Iron – Curling Diva

5 Flat Iron Hairstyles For Long Hair

You see it everywhere, those oh-so-wonderful beach waves. Sometimes natural, sometimes dramatic. Then there are big, bouncy curls that just makes you wonder how to achieve this look.  You might be thinking, how do I find the right technique to curl my hair? What type of curl will suit my hair type? To achieve this … Read more

How To Stop Wearing Your Hair In A Ponytail – Curling Diva

How to Stop Wearing your Hair in a Ponytail

If you’ve got the habit of always throwing your hair up as a ponytail through the day and even sleeping with it at night, then you are just like me.  We all adore ponytails.  They’re sassy, chic, and virtually perfect for all locations. They are also ideal in summer as they help keep your hair … Read more