Hey curl pal! 

My name is Sarah Atkinson 🙂

sarah atkinson – Curling Diva

I love curls, but as it happens, I wasn’t blessed with curly hair. 

I have fine wavy hair. And I had a full head of it, until I moved to the UK for my studies when I was 21. The cold weather requires me to blow dry my hair every time I wash it. 

The heat was too much for my hair, and it started falling. Since then, I’ve always struggled with thinning hair. Apparently, it’s not just for older people. A lot of young people in their 20s struggle with it too.

As much as I loved London for its rich history, the cold wasn’t really my thing. Thankfully, I have moved somewhere much warmer after nearly 4 years living in the UK. 

I love to travel. Ever since I was a child, it’s been my dream to explore the world. In this blog, I share travel-friendly hair styling tools and products.

I love singing too! Especially in the shower! Lol

But you can probably guess that based on my blog’s name 😉

With Curling Diva, I hope to share with you all my research and learnings as I try to find the best curling products, the well-kept secrets from other countries (especially Asian countries) on how to maintain beautiful hair, how to combat thinning hair, and other tips and tricks I encounter along the way. 

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xoxo, Sarah

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