How To Style Curtain Bangs

By: | Last Updated: March 10, 2023

We’ve all probably given bangs a go at least once.

If you’re not one of those people who’ve gone for the chop, maybe you’ve thought about getting bangs. But there’s always the question of, “What is this gonna look like on me?”

Blunt bangs and side bangs may not be for everyone.

But we’ve seen a trend come back strong from the 70s and 80s–curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs recently came back in trend with its shaggy, layered look that frames the face. They’re shorter in the center and longer on the sides.

No wonder why it’s making such a splash!

Just about anyone can wear this trend because of how flattering it is, following the natural shape of your face. 

It’s also a pretty versatile style that you can mix up to match your own personal taste. 

How to style curtain bangs with flat iron

Whenever you use a flat iron to style your bangs, make sure to keep your hair safe with some heat protectant spray, especially because you’re working with such thin layers. 

Here are two ways to style your curtain bangs with a flat iron

Romantic vintage look 

  • To achieve a more classic look, start by separating your curtain bangs into layers. 
  • Taking the shortest layer first, hold it straight away from your face and do one pass over that layer using the flat iron. 
  • Then, working quickly, move a finger to the very end of the section you’re working with. Use your finger to curl the end of the section against your face, forming a reverse “J”.
  • Let go of the layer once it has completely cooled. 
  • Repeat this for the next layer of your bangs, then curl the rest of your hair. 

This should result in a more flippy look similar to old Hollywood stars. 

Defined wavy look

For a more defined wavy look, the principle is still similar to using your finger to flip out the ends. 

  • Start with a center part and separate your bangs into layers. 
  • Working in layers, pass the straightener through one section. 
  • Towards the end of the section, twist the straightener away from your face to form a more defined wave. 
  • Repeat for the remaining sections
  • Brush out to your liking. 

How to style curtain bangs with rollers

If you want to go back to basics, you can use rollers to style curtain bangs. 

Classic waves 

This look keeps it very simple, adding volume to your bangs and polish to the finished look 

  • Apply some mousse onto your wet hair, making sure to add more to the roots for added volume. 
  • Let the mousse sit and dry almost all the way through. 
  • Then, working in sections, use a roller under the section and curl it towards your face. 
  • Once you’re done with all sections, take a blow dryer and give your curls some heat. 
  • Let them set and cool before removing the rollers and brushing out your bangs to frame your face. 

Preppy ponytail 

You can use rollers on your bangs to give a high ponytail a cute and chic twist. 

  • Put your hair up in a high ponytail. 
  • Brush out the shorter layers of either side, gathering them to the center of your face, almost like you were going to wear a full fringe. 
  • Very slightly part them, allowing a bit of your forehead to peek through. 
  • Then, take the longer layers and curl them with rollers to give the look a fun, flirty feel. 
  • Let the longer layers fall in loose tendrils to frame your face. 

How to style curtain bangs with round brush

Using a round brush with a blow dryer is probably the easiest way to get a salon-perfect look for your curtain bangs. 

When blow drying your bangs, make sure that you do it straight out of a shower. Don’t let your bangs air dry or else you won’t get to have a chance to let it lay exactly where you want it. 

Simple voluminous blowout

  • Use a blow dryer to let your hair lay the way you want it. Blow dry in all directions–from the top, the left and right until you see that your bangs are lying in the position you want them to be in. 
  • Then, working in sections, place your brush underneath your hair and brush it away from your face working from root to tip. Use your other hand to follow the brush with your blow dryer. This step creates volume.
  • Repeat for all other sections, then use your brush to adjust the style and volume to your liking. 

Straight sleek bangs

You can also try out this technique if you’re not quite in the mood for volume. 

  • Blow dry your hair, letting the air guid it to where you want it to lay.
  • Working in sections, brush your hair straight downwards, instead of away from your face. Use the blow dryer to follow the brush and set the style in place. 
  • Allow each section to cool and repeat until you have achieved the sleek look that you want. 

How to style curtain bangs without a round brush

If you want to achieve the look that styling with a round brush achieves but you don’t have one in handy, you can try a curling iron.

Be sure to use one with a larger barrel for more volume!

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A 1 to 1.5-inch barrel should do the trick. One with a clip would be most helpful

Faux blowout

  • Working with dried hair, section your bangs. 
  • Then, doing each section one by one, curl your bangs away from your face.
  • Hold it in the curler for a few seconds. Then, as you release it, you can use your hand to squish down the curl and keep it in place until it cools. This allows it to hold its shape longer. 
  • Repeat for all other sections before brushing it out. Make sure to brush out all the tighter curls for a more naturally voluminous look. 

Flat brush + Dry shampoo hack

Flat brushes aren’t really the best for bringing in volume but you can work around this by using some handy dry shampoo.

This is also great for people with greasy hair who’d prefer to skip on the mousse. Instead of using dry shampoo directly on your scalp, spray it on the brush.

  • Take a flat brush and spray the bristles with dry shampoo. 
  • Working underneath each section of your bangs, brush out, away from your face. 
  • Repeat for the other layers, adding on more dry shampoo to your brush as you see fit. 

How to style curtain bangs without heat

While heat styling has always seemed to be the gold standard for perfect bangs, it’s okay to take a step away from it.

Heatless methods for everything are popping up everywhere now that taking care of your hair is a lot of people’s main concern. 

Creaseless clamps

One easy way to style your curtain bangs without even the slightest bit of heat is by using creaseless clamps or clips. 

Used by stylists for hair setting, these creaseless hair clips are a godsend that have rubber or cloth pads in them to prevent your hair from bending with the metal. 

  • Start with damp hair, separate each layer of your bangs.
  • Working with each section one by one, hold it in the position you want it to lay in. You can try giving each section a bit of a swoop away from your face towards the end. 
  • Then, making sure to maintain the position of the section, use the clamp to clip the section down against your head. 
  • Repeat until you’ve pinned your bangs down entirely then let your hair air dry. 
  • Remove the clamps and use a brush to polish the look. 


This is probably the easiest method of all when it comes to styling your curtain bangs. It’s definitely the one you’d want to keep in your back pocket when you’re in a rush. 

  • Part your hair in the middle, starting with damp hair, then section out your bangs. 
  • Take each section and twist it away from your face, letting it hold itself. If you’d like, you can also use bobby pins to keep the twist in place. 
  • Repeat this for all sections and let your hair dry. 
  • Then, take out the bobby pins, style it and go! 

If you’ve got longer curtain bangs, you can use a hair curling ribbon for fuss-free heatless curls!

With all these ways to style this flattering cut, there’s no reason to be scared of curtain bangs now!

You can hop onto this trend and go from relaxed, easy looks to polished Parisian chic any time with just about anything. Even with no tools at all! 

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