20+ Easy Hairstyle Ideas with Curtain Bangs

By: | Last Updated: July 17, 2021

Curtain bangs–it’s a trend you see just about anywhere now. 

These bangs are usually pretty wispy, and shaggy, styled to frame the face. This is probably why you’ve seen curtain bangs make their rounds lately. 

But what face shape goes with curtain bangs? 

Unlike blunt straight-across bangs or side bangs, curtain bangs don’t cut your face awkwardly. 

They don’t trick your eyes in making one think that your face is wider or longer than it actually is. 

Instead, curtain bangs follow the natural shape of your face, highlighting your best features.

This means curtain bangs can look flattering on practically any face shape.

From the 60s and 70s to modern K-drama looks, curtain bangs are definitely a timeless, versatile classic that just about anyone can wear. 

What hairstyles can you do with curtain bangs?

Classic Curtain bangs

repost elviscollor – Curling Diva

This is probably the look that comes to mind when you think of curtain bangs.

Very Brigitte Bardot or Farrah Fawcett. This can easily be worn as both a casual and glam look.

By brushing your bangs out and away from your face, it gives you a vintage feel that never gets old. 

Shoulder-length layers 

repost bettythebarber – Curling Diva

If you don’t want to go too classic, skip the long locks and give yourself a trim.

Pairing curtain bangs with shoulder-length layers gives the classic glam look a more modern feel.

But by keeping those voluminous layers in, you keep the elegance that this look brings.  

Curtain bangs with a bun

repost randa.rivera – Curling Diva

Sometimes you’re just on the go and want your hair out of your face.

But let’s face it, sometimes, no matter how hard we try, that messy bun can get a bit too messy. 

With curtain bangs, you can bring back a bit more polish into the look and effortlessly frame your face without sacrificing comfort.

Half up

repost farheennaqi – Curling Diva

This is a sweet hairstyle that gives a bit more of a youthful spin to the very classic, put together look that comes with curtain bangs.

You can pin your hair back and accessorize with some cute barrettes or tie it back with a bow or a silk scarf.

But even when you keep it plain and simple, the half-up look is a fresh, relaxed style you can play around with. 

Extra short bob 

repost cellardoorhair – Curling Diva

If the type of vintage you’re looking for is less 60’s and more 20’s flapper girl, you can definitely update that look to be more fashionable and in trend by adding in some curtain bangs. 

An extra short bob is always eye-catching but having the bangs in place softens the look without losing that impact.

Preppy Ponytail

repost juliaschaefer13 – Curling Diva

Here’s another effortless simple way to change up your look. 

A high ponytail can look so preppy 

When you wear your bangs down and put a bit of volume into the ponytail. It’s a look you can pull together in seconds but can pretty much be worn with any outfit.

Shaggy cut 

repost guilles.salon – Curling Diva

For a low-maintenance look, take the shagginess of curtain bangs as inspiration and use it on your entire haircut.

This shaggy cut is laidback and pretty much needs no styling once you have it.

The way it’s layered makes it so there won’t be an awkward growing out stage in between too. 

With natural curls

repost sickhairbyval – Curling Diva

Unlike blunt bangs that need to look pristine and completely ruler-straight to look good, curtain bangs are a curly girl’s best friend.

Because curtain bangs are meant to look more natural around your face, you don’t have to worry if your curls go in all kinds of directions! 


repost marta luiza beautician – Curling Diva

You’d often see curtain bangs worn with a center part.

But they’re pretty too. They taper and become longer as you go farther away from the face.

So, if you can shift your part a bit to the side and get a more asymmetrical, almost side bangs look. 

With lob

repost theredheadedhairdresser – Curling Diva

If you’re really looking for a combo that would best highlight the natural shape of your face then, pairing curtain bangs with a long bob is the way to go.

While the bangs frame your forehead and cheekbones, the lob accentuates your jawline and frames the bottom of your face. What a flattering pair!

Long dip-dye

repost skipdoeshair – Curling Diva

Even though the dip-dye’s 2010 heyday is over, you can totally bring it back by pairing it up with a more updated haircut.

Keeping your bangs the same color as your natural hair lets your face be framed nicely and leads the eye to the gradient of color in the tips. 

Bold fiery color

repost xxmartinagodwinxx – Curling Diva

While the soft sweetness you’d often associate with wispy curtain bangs, sometimes you’d want to put in a bold punch.

Pairing the bangs with a bright fiery red is going to bring that balance in and give you a cool look with an elegant spin. 

Pixie cut 

repost dr polacheck – Curling Diva

If you want to wear your hair extra short but are scared of what a pixie cut might do for your features, then pairing it with bangs might be a good option.

While the short hair can often make your face look a bit bigger, or feel a bit masculine, the bangs can soften the look up. 

Bright colors

repost just .lia – Curling Diva

 Hey, maybe the vintage, elegant vibe isn’t for you.

If you want a way to style your bangs up in a more current way, try choppier, shorter layers with different splashes of color mixed in.

You get the flattering shape without having to look like you’re referencing another era. 

Statement bangs

repost le.flamant.rose – Curling Diva

If you want to go really crazy with it, and only get people to look where the bangs are, then be loud and proud about it! 

Try statement bangs.

This bright look might not be what the soft, subtle curtain bangs used to be, but it’s definitely a fun look that you could pull in to try something new.

With finger curled hair 

repost gontscharowaa – Curling Diva

Let’s dial it back down to a more classic look now. 

Finger waves might be one of the most elegant looks you can wear.

You can make it more modern glam by loosening up the waves a little and just letting your hair down. 

With a headband

repost shadymissmary – Curling Diva

Whether for form or function, you can never go wrong with putting a nice headband in. 

It highlights your bangs and gives it a bit of a Rosie the Riveter vibe while also just keeping your hair in place.  

Sleek ponytail

repost littleghostg1rl – Curling Diva

Really clean, slicked back ponytails have been gracing runways as an easy way to make a look more avant garde. 

But it’s not always been an approachable look for anyone who doesn’t have supermodel cheekbones. 

By putting bangs in place, you can still pull off this sleek look while giving your face the accentuating it deserves. 

Clipped back hair 

repost b gomess – Curling Diva

Here’s another look you can pull together in seconds. 

Throw your hair up in a clamp and call it a day.

It’s an effortless, chic look that you can dress up with some fancy accessories. 

Long bangs

repost emily kleonikihair – Curling Diva

Curtain bangs are awesome because they look good even when you grow them out.

Even with longer bangs, they still frame your face by the way they’re layered so you can go a bit longer in between haircuts. Talk about low maintenance!

If you’re still wondering, Will I look good with curtain bangs?

I say, give it a shot!

It’s almost 100% sure to look good on just about any face shape, hair type or texture.

You can style it in any way you can imagine.

You can keep it short, grow it long, brush it out, pin it back…

You can go for bright modern looks, or cute romantic retro styles. The possibilities are endless!

So if you were looking for a sign to get bangs, then, this is it. 

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