How long do hair extensions last

How long do hair extensions last

Long, lush hair never goes out of style.  From full old Hollywood glamor to sleek Avante-Garde looks to relaxed boho beach waves, you can style long hair into just about any aesthetic you want to explore.  But let’s admit it. Picture-perfect long hair isn’t always achievable by our natural hair alone. Maybe you don’t want … Read more

How to hide extensions in very short hair

How to hide extensions in very short hair

Not everyone dares to rock a pixie cut. That’s why it felt so liberating when you finally decided to do the chop. But just because you have shorter hair now doesn’t mean you get to miss out on experimenting with different styles. Since you can’t magically add length to your hair instantly, the next best … Read more

How to get static out of hairbrush

How to get static out of hairbrush

Don’t you just hate it when you have a bad hair day? Sometimes, you can even sense one coming when you’re brushing your hair. For every brush stroke you do, your hair seems to lift up higher because of static. So you’re forced to go out with unruly hair because you can’t calm it down. … Read more

Are scrunchies better for your hair

Are scrunchies better for your hair?

Rommy Revson invented the first scrunchie in 1986 and patented it the year after. They became so popular in the 80s not only because they were less damaging to the hair but also for the different colors and designs that they came up with, perfectly matching the over-the-top aesthetics of the 1980s. Now that the … Read more

Types of Hair Brushes and Their Uses

Types of Hair Brushes and Their Uses

Did you know that our hair types are just as diverse as the hairbrushes on the market? This means that no matter what your hair type is, there will be a hairbrush for you! You may not be paying too much attention to the kind of brush you use, thinking that all brushes do the … Read more

Different types of hair combs and their uses

Different Types of Hair Combs and Their Uses

Combs have a long archaeological history. In fact, archaeologists believe that people have been using combs for as long as 5000 years ago. 1 Archaeologists have unearthed collections of combs from different eras. They have observed how these combs evolved through time, including changes in their structure and the materials used to make them.  Over the … Read more

Different types of headbands

Different Types of Headbands and How to wear them

Headbands are such a staple in just about anyone’s wardrobe.  They’ve been around in lots of different shapes and forms — from the flashy sequined ones of the 20s, to bright retro bandanas, and even just simple elastic functional ones. Whether you’re looking to express yourself through your accessories, or just need the function of … Read more

Hair bows made out of ribbon

DIY Hair Bows: How to make hair bows out of ribbons

Hair bows have always been a constant in the world of hair accessories. Just like other accessories, they would look better if they are personalized just for you. Luckily, hair bows are very easy to make at home! As a DIY project, you can choose how you want your hair bows to look.  If you … Read more

Comb vs Brush: Which is better for your hair?

Combing and brushing are two different things. Surprised?  Well, grammatically speaking, the act of “brushing hair” and “combing hair” are almost synonymous. But, in the hair care world, brushing and combing are entirely different.  Knowing the difference between the two will be life-changing for you and your beloved tresses.  In this article, you will know … Read more

Different Types of Hair Bows and How to Make Them

Did you know that, at one point in history, hairbows were predominantly used by men to symbolize their relationship status? [1] Back in the 1590s, French men grew a long strand of hair, called the “lovelock,” that was then braided and secured with a hairbow. The lovelock was placed over the man’s left chest, above … Read more