Different Types of Curls with Curling Iron

Different types of curls with curling iron

Curling your hair is a straightforward task. You twist your hair around the curler and release. That’s all there is to it, right? While it’s true that curling can be relatively simple, there’s a bigger story to the trusted curl. The truth is there is much more to a curl than simply curling it.  Curls … Read more

Curling Wand vs Curling Iron

Curling Wand vs Curling Iron

After living with poker-straight hair for years, I decided to look at the curling tool market to perhaps give them a go!  I have always been envious of my friends who have luscious curls, and so I headed in the direction of curling wands and curling irons.  They do look like the brother and sister … Read more

Comparison of flat irons

Best Automatic Curling Iron

Hair curling irons are already a godsend of a tool to have in your arsenal. From big romantic Hollywood curls, to relaxed beach waves, a trusty curling iron can do it all.  If you don’t get enough practice, don’t master the right technique, you’ll end up with limp curls that you’ll waste your time slaving … Read more

Best Cordless Curling Iron

Do you ever arrive at parties with your curls already limp from travel? Do you go on vacations wishing you had the perfect beach waves while taking pictures? Do you ever find yourself looking at mall mirrors, wishing you could quickly touch up your curls like you could your makeup? Well, I know I constantly … Read more

How To Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron

How To Curl Long Hair With A Curling Iron

When you have long luscious locks, the question of how to curl long hair with a curling iron by yourself is pretty common.  Just where do you start when trying to replicate that fresh salon style, but without the stylist?  Don’t worry; we have your back and have created a complete guide to curling long … Read more

CHI Lava Curl Shot Review

If you know anything about hair tools, then you’ll know CHI products. They’re reliable and durable. We zoom into the Chi Lava Curl Shot to see how good it is compared to its counterparts in the market.  If you’ve seen any of those L-shaped curling wands or “curl bars” as they’re called, the Lava Curl … Read more

Types of Curling Irons for Different Curls

There are four main hair types. Straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Using the right equipment on our hair will save us time and will make the time spent curling or straightening it a joy instead of a chore. Let’s delve into the world of curling irons and wands to see which one will fit your … Read more

What is a Marcel curling iron and How to use it

Have you heard of the Marcel curling iron but don’t know exactly what it is or how it is different from other curling irons?  Have you wished for a more ergonomic curling iron that doesn’t hurt your thumb and wrist in the long run? Then read on to learn what is a marcel curling iron … Read more

GHD Curling Iron Reviews: Which GHD Curler is best?

When it comes to curlers, no one has to reinvent the wheel. The best curler is a reliable one that gets your style down while being perfect for your hair length and texture.  If you’ve been in the market for a new curler, you’d know for sure that GHD has been making waves (literally!) when … Read more

Curling Iron Sizes and Results

There is that tongue in the cheek saying, size doesn’t matter. But it certainly doesn’t apply when choosing the perfect size curling iron for that specific curl that you want, nay, crave. There comes a moment in all our lives when we see a picture of someone with bouncing curls and we covet it. That … Read more