How to get rid of flyaways

By: | Last Updated: March 10, 2023

A bad case of flyaways makes a frustrated person. Imagine watching all those tutorials just to realize it isn’t as smooth as you thought it would be. 

Although they don’t necessarily mean unhealthy hair, they can look unkempt. So it isn’t a shock that we are still obsessed with getting rid of flyaways until now. 

What causes flyaway hair

When dealing with flyaways, researching your hair type and texture is necessary. Fine, straight hair absorbs moisture slower but retains it longer. Curly, textured hair is more porous. This creates frizzy flyaways.

Not all of them are frizz, though. New growth weighs so light and causes flyaways. 

Two important terms you should acquaint yourself with: Static and humidity. These increase the chance of getting flyaways. 

Have you ever combed your hair with your plastic comb and got instant flyaways? That’s static.

Have you been in cold or dry climates and observed your flyaways visiting more often? Or worse, frizzy flyaways in the summer? That’s the effect of humidity. 

Certain external factors play for not getting that smooth hair. Most of the time, it’s a bunch of the above reasons just colliding with each other. 

How do you get rid of flyaway hair?

How do you get rid of flyaway hair

Maintaining moisture unlocks the secret to getting rid of flyaways. Hair serums and hairspray instantly fix flyaways. So do some select DIY treatments you surely want to try!

Flyaways can cause split ends and in such cases, trimming it is the best option. Professionals will definitely suggest a long-term hair care routine, though.

But if you worry about the now, then save yourself the gray hairs and read on. 

How to get rid of flyaway hair naturally

I know it’s easy to just grab a bottle of gel or hairspray on the shelf and call it a done deal. But hold your horses because what you might be looking for is already in your grocery cart. 

Yes, you heard it right! You can treat flyaways with a few antioxidants on your list. Antioxidants repair the protective barrier, which helps the hair lock in moisture. 

Have damaged hair? You can help prevent flyaways and start protecting them too with antioxidant-rich items in the store. 

So are you ready to be surprised? This normal grocery run may just save you. 

Taming flyaways 

Petroleum Jelly

A tiny bit of this definitely goes a long way.

Petroleum jelly is a mixture of oils and waxes. This combination makes a potent sealant of moisture. 

Humid weather and dry hair make a great combination for flyaways. So make sure to secure one of these before checking out! 

The magic: Dip your finger lightly on the container. Gently dab it on the flyaways. This remedy also provides an extra shine to your hair.

Almond oil

Almond oil contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant. It is an emollient, which means it softens the hair and gives it a smoother texture.

The how: Rub a few drops between your palm and apply to towel-dried hair. 

If you have long hair, natural oils from your scalp may not travel all the way. Pay particular attention to your ends.

Other great alternatives include castor oil and grape seed oil.

Aloe vera gel 

Daily Use

After styling — place a small portion and rub it in between your two palms. Gently apply to the loose strands and massage gently. Don’t rinse out. 

Do not overdo it, or your hair will stiffen!

During shower— Add a few drops to your shampoo and leave it on for 3-4 minutes. You can prefer to mix this with your conditioner too.

Thrice a week mask

This homemade mask ensures less frizz and shinier hair for you. 

Mix 3 tablespoons of aloe vera with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Apply on your roots, not forgetting the scalp, down to the tips. Leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. 

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Conditioning with hair masks

Apple cider vinegar And Egg White

Mix 3 egg whites, two tablespoons of ACV to make a liquid mixture. Evenly apply to your hair and leave it on for 30 minutes. Rinse out with shampoo followed by a conditioner. 

Avocado and Egg

Mix a ripe mashed avocado with an egg. Apply the paste onto wet hair. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse off your hair with cold water. 

Yogurt and oil 

This mask works after shampoo. Mix a half cup of yogurt with two tablespoons of olive oil and six drops of essential oil. Leave the mixture on your hair for 20 minutes before rinsing with warm water. 

Honey and olive oil

Mix equal parts honey and olive oil. After applying the oil, wrap your hair with plastic and leave it for 30 minutes. Follow up with a shampoo and conditioner. 

How to get rid of flyaways in braids

Let us be real. Braiding your hair takes superhuman hand and arm strength. The longer the hair, the more tired you get. 

But a neat braid is a reward in itself. It adds charm and a girlish allure. So nothing is more annoying than finding flyaways after all that hard work and sore arms. 

Here are some know-hows so your braids will last longer and stay as neat. 

How to get rid of flyaways in braids


The more precise the sections, the lesser flyaways. 

Before sectioning, brush out your hair and evenly separate strands. The thickness of each sectioned area should be the same. 

This should not be a surprise to you. Cross-braiding, after all, is just another way of intentionally tangling your hair. So, no, don’t do it and restart if you must.

The trick: Use a metal-tipped comb to accurately part your hair. A rat-tail comb is a great example of this. It has a thin and sleek design at the end, which makes sectioning easier. 


A good pomade increases hold while also concealing split ends and flyaways. 

Unlike spray and gel hairstyles, pomades do not dry. This helps weigh down your hair and prevent flyaways. 

How-to: Rub a dime-sized amount between your hands before you braid. The coating will provide a sleeker appearance. If there are flyaways after braiding, dab the surface lightly to smoothen it.

Pomades can be a hit and miss. Fine-textured hairs may feel too weighed down with this formula. But what’s great is you can always choose a cheaper and earth-friendly option! Yes, aloe vera is your alternate friend for this. 

Pro tip: You don’t even have to spend a dime if you have the plant already. So yes, help the earth and grow some aloe vera in your garden. 


Gently detangle every few layers of your braid with a fine-tooth comb. Fine tooth combs help smoothen the sectioned layers in one direction. 

To note: This may confuse you. You may have heard that wide-tooth combs are better at this job. But to put it simply: smaller sections equal finer combs. 


So why not use a hairspray?

It may sound like just another product, I know. But mousses help fight humidity, encourage shine and definition, boosts volume, and most of all, allow you to be versatile. A much-needed product when you think about all the types of braiding! 

How-to: Apply a few pumps of mousse to keep it lying down. 

How to get rid of flyaways in a ponytail

Perfect ponytails may look simple enough, but maintaining it can be tricky. Even messy ponytails tread a fine line between intentional and unkempt.

Newly-grown baby hairs usually cause ponytail flyaways. 

When you are done styling a ponytail, set it using hairspray. Remember to focus on the hair going into the ponytail for that extra hold. 

If you have some baby hairs which are quite long already, you can try on some hair accessories. A hairband or a set of bobby pins go far more than just mere aesthetics. 

Toothbrush hack 

Spray hairspray on a toothbrush and gently comb your flyaways. Smooth over using a fine-tooth comb. 

Hairspray can stiffen the tiny baby hairs and make them look greasy. Do not spray it directly. 

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How to get rid of flyaways after straightening hair 

You may have decided you wanted a lowkey hairstyle today. A no-brainer, so to speak. So you picked up your flat iron and went for a straightened hair.

So far, so good. 

Until all those frayed, dry strands and a bunch of flyaways show up, you realize it’s not some 5-minute craft, after all.

Heat styling raises the cuticle layer, making strands prone to frizzy flyaways, especially in high humidity. The friction of flat iron against hair strands also creates static.

How to get rid of flyaways after straightening hair


Hairspray probably tops the search bar for the quickest solution to flyaways. There are three basic types of hairsprays: light, medium, and strong. 

Light hairsprays offer temporary hold and eliminate flyaways without that stiff look you despise. 

Here are some hairsprays which will not weigh down your hair.

1. Mizani Humidity resistant Mist Hairspray

2. Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti humidity

3. Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray Medium

4. Matrix Total Results High Amplify Anti-frizz

Flyaways in straightened hair usually come from the roots. A few tricks should get rid of that problem. 

Smoothing with the Can

Have you ever found yourself patting down flyaways in your roots just to flatten them? I bet you have done that more than once. 

I urge you to stop right now. The warmth from your hand just invited frizzy flyaways. 

What you need to do instead is this:

Spray a generous amount of hairspray around your hair, especially the roots. Run the cool edge of the hairspray can over your roots to flatten them. 

Kabuki Brush

Have you got an extra kabuki brush you aren’t using? Spritz hairspray over it and use it to smoothen flyaways.

Just make sure to go in the same direction!

How about the rest of the hair? Thankfully, hair serums or oils save the day. 

Serum and Oils

These two products must only be applied to the lengths and the tip of the hair. It serves no purpose for the scalp. If applied, it will cause blockage and buildup. 

A silicone-based hair serum works for most types of hair. It adds shine and keeps hair moisturized.

The Middle of the Day Dilemma

If somehow, with all that preparation, you still see bits sticking up. You may want to arm yourself with these to keep your hair flyaway-free. 

Flyaway wand

It’s mascara — but for your hair. These magic wands comb down your hair without leaving them stiff. They especially help with baby hairs and flyaways around the roots.

Wide-tooth comb or brush

It can be hard NOT to touch your hair after it’s perfectly set. IF you have to, use a wide-tooth comb or brush. Narrow-toothed brushes often cause hair strands to break and induce static. 

Want to up your game? Brushes with natural bristles have softer textures. They are less harsh on the hair compared to the plastic ones. They are investments you (and your hair) won’t regret. 

Anti-frizz sheets

No, not the dryer sheets you keep reading about. These sheets are made specifically for hair. They contain coconut oil and non-sticky polymers to reduce static. 

Make-up Bag Contents

When in a bind, do not panic. You may not realize it, but your makeup bag may just contain that instant fix you need.

Body lotion and lip balm are both emulsifiers. They trap moisture and reduce the effect of humidity and static. Apply a very small amount to smoothen your flyaways. Too much may lead to a greasy look.

Clear mascara is another life-saver. It works like a gel, especially for the short, stubborn strands along the hairline. 

Main takeaway

Flyaways are normal. But so many of us have chemically treated or even damaged hair that most flyaways are the unruly kind. 

So get yourself something to fix the moment. A mousse or even a lip balm. But the best solutions, or at very least, minimize its appearance.

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