How to Get Side Swept Bangs to Stay

By: | Last Updated: March 10, 2023

Side swept bangs has been popular for a while now, especially seeing that it works wonders for hiding forehead blemishes and unruly cowlicks. It brings a unique touch to your style, when it doesn’t fall flat in your face, that is.

Most of the time, side swept bangs can be stubborn and refuse to stay. It can be very frustrating, when you’ve tried everything you can possibly think of to make it bend to your will.

Thankfully, I’ve got some tips and tricks for you to try. The good thing about them is that they’re easy to do and they can be done at home using things you most likely already have.

Tips on How To Get Side Swept Bangs To Stay

1. Tease Away

Quite a lot of people experience trouble trying to keep their bangs to stay in place because they try to do so by simply combing. The issue here is how difficult it is to keep smooth, soft hair in place. You don’t need to be scared or worried however, because as soon as you begin to tease in the hair, you will find that it becomes easier to do what you want with the bangs. Hence, keeping the bangs to stay becomes pretty easy.

2. Remember That Controlling The Cowlick Does A Lot

If you have a cowlick, you will find how difficult it is to control your fringe. In fact, this is the stage where a lot of people get frustrated because of how difficult the process is. There’s no need for you to worry however, considering that a few little steps can help you control it. Personally, I try to religiously use the Pearson brush. I ensure that a lot of volume is put into the bangs, while maintaining the tease at the root and matting them down. Blow drying your bangs does the trick.

3. Fix a Cut Schedule That is Convenient For Your Cut Schedule

You should fix a routine to adopt for cutting your friend. It could be once in a few months, as long as your hair doesn’t react negatively to it. Personally, I used to cut mine by myself when i didn’t pay more attention to how well it is, but these days, I’m trying to be more careful with it, by allowing experts to handle it. You know how inconvenient it can be to have hairs and bangs struggling for flying space all around your face. It’s better to just consult an experienced barber to help arrange the cut.

4. Play Around

You love the sound of being able to achieve this with a little play around here and there, don’t you? Well, that’s exactly what it is. 

Yes, I feel more exposed when my bangs get swept away from my face, but I still like to get it mixed up a little, at least, to keep the inspiration fresh. Each time I want to go out, I think of the things I desire to achieve. It may sound ridiculous that bangs are often a part of it, but they really contribute to the whole expression. 

Sometimes, I just decide to switch up how I arrange my bangs, just to know it has any impact on my energy. For example, I style the bangs to be right over my eyes if I want to have an eye on it and ensure that it stays without being thrown off balance by the wind.

5. Use a Straightening Iron

Popular right? We’ve kept the best for the last. The trick here is to use the straightening iron to give the bangs a little kink. Fro. Here, you can continue to tease them up and down, of just push them to the side, until you find a comfortable position for it, where it will not be blown away.

Other methods that I found interesting to include:

Trimming The Bangs

trimming the bangs – Curling Diva

If trimming the bangs would be necessary to get the desired style you want, then why not? It may be easier to control your bang if you have it trimmed to a good angle. As usual, we will advise that you consult your hairstylist, to learn how best to style your hair to fit your face shape.

Washing and Wetting

By now, you should have already known that wetting your bangs would help achieve better and faster styling.

In case you are still struggling with getting the perfect side swept bang that you desire, take a look at these methods that have proven efficient for it:

Pull The Hair Back 

While you might prefer to just jump into working on the bangs, it is not always as easy as that without separating the hair. This is why we advise that you start by separating the bangs from your hand. You can use a comb to secure it away from the face area, or you can alternatively use an elastic band. At this point, comb your bangs gently to get them prepared for styling. Ensure that you’ve completely dried your hair before attempting the use of hair straightener. 

Get The Straightening Iron Heated Up

This step should be simple for you. Just get your iron plugged in and leave it to get thoroughly hot. Hotter settings are recommended because they allow for longer-lasting and sleeker-looking result. Lower heat would, on the other hand, create some more texture in the hair.

Style Your Hair With The Iron 

Once you’ve gotten your desired temperature on the iron, it time to get it to work. Use it to grasp the root of your bangs. Slide it down until it gets to the tips, all the while, pulling the bangs to your desired direction. Try to turn your wrists slightly under to get the inward curve effect on your hands. When you get to the tips, release the iron from your bangs.

Fluff Your Bangs

After straightening, use a comb to fluff your bangs up in your desired sweeping direction. They will look natural with a little more volume, so you should strongly consider that.

There you have it, easy steps that you can adopt to get your side swept bangs to stay. They are very easy steps that you can try at any time, as long as you are willing to dedicate some patience to it. The guide also includes steps that can help you begin your journey towards having your perfect side swept bangs. 

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