5 Flat Iron Hairstyles For Long Hair

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You see it everywhere, those oh-so-wonderful beach waves. Sometimes natural, sometimes dramatic. Then there are big, bouncy curls that just makes you wonder how to achieve this look. 

You might be thinking, how do I find the right technique to curl my hair? What type of curl will suit my hair type?

To achieve this look, my go-to tool is the Prima flat iron

There are many ways to curl your tresses. The curl will depend on the occasion, your hair type and the weather.

The key to finding the ideal look is trial and error. Once you’ve figured it out, you’ve got sexy locks ‘till the sun goes down. 

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Can I use a flat iron as a curling tool?

Yes, you can get perfect curls by using a flat iron. It’s recommended.

Curling irons and flat irons both have a place in the world of waves. Curling irons are great for creating bouncy, perfectly rounded ringlets. But they’re not as versatile as flat irons in creating volume or undone waves.

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Here’s where the flat iron comes in.

Flat irons help you create messy, loose waves. It deviates from the polished look to create a look that is sexy, yet effortless. It’s the ideal tool for creating perfectly imperfect waves. 

flat iron curls for long hair – Curling Diva

Hydration is essential

Before you race off to buy your flat iron, here’s something I tell everyone considering using a flat iron in their daily routine. No one ever said flat-ironing was a conditioning treatment. It’s damaging, no matter how you slice it.

Heat protectant to your hair is what sunscreen is to your skin. 

It prevents damage and protects your strands natural health. Without it, your hair can become dry, dull, and limp. If you’re considering styling your hair every day or even several times a week, hydration is essential. 

Consider deep conditioning regularly and investing in a heat protectant spray that can be used often. Curling your hair is a commitment–to deep conditioning and heat protectant. But the rewards are well worth it. 

Can you curl long hair with a straightener?

Most definitely yes!

With long hair, you’ve got more to play with. And it’s much easier to use a flat iron to curl long hair than short hair.

And you can play around with different hairstyles depending on the type of curls you want.

Beach waves? You bet! Pin Curls? Definitely possible! Read on below for a tutorial on how to do them!

How to curl long hair with a flat iron

I’ve vetted the very best YouTube tutorials for curling long hair with a straightener. These tutorials provided 5 different ways you can easily curl your long tresses. Each tutorial provides you with a step by step guide to creating different lustrous waves. Ready to transform your hair? 

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Tutorial #1: The modern wave 

Camila Coelho takes us through a tutorial on how to create a modern wave. If you are going for a voluminous, sexy look this tutorial is for you.  

Products Used:  

  • Amika Flat Iron
  • Sebastian Shaper Plus Hairspray
  • Chi Turbo Round Boar Brush (Large)


  • The amount of hair sectioned off dictates the definition of your curl. A smaller section will create tighter curls, while a larger section will create looser curls. For a more glam look, divide your hair into two sections. 
  • Hold your flat iron horizontally and twist your hair around your flat iron. Slightly rotate your flat iron until your hair is facing downwards. Then glide down. 
  • For more curl definition, slowly glide the flat iron down your hair. For looser curls, glide the iron down quickly. 
  • You can then apply hairspray to set the curl. 

Tutorial #2: Create an S-Wave 

Alex Gaboury shares with us the easiest techniques to create the mermaid wave. The waves look natural and effortless. The perfect beach wave for summer. 

Products Used: 


  • Start prepping your hair with the OUAI Dry Texture Foam. 
  • Create an S-Shape with the flat iron. Make sure there is tension on the hair while curling. The tension will help create a more defined curl. 
  • Curl the ends of your hair with the natural flow of the s-shape. Curl the ends for a more natural look. 
  • To finish, add dry shampoo to your roots for volume. If you are looking for more texture, you can add a sprinkle of sexy texture powder to your waves. 

Tutorial #3: The pin curl 

The pin curl creates a dramatic glamorous look. If you have an event and you are looking for bounce and dramatized hair, don’t miss this tutorial by TheChicNatural. 

Products Used: 

Chi Air  Flat Iron


  • Section off your hair so that it can fit on a bobby pin or clip. 
  • Smooth your hair with the flat iron. Then use the flat iron to create a backwards curl away from your face. 
  • While your curl is hot, wrap your curl around your index finger and pin down with a clip. 
  • For a stronger hold, you can spray hairspray on your curl before pinning it up. 

Tutorial #4: Twist and let go 

A tutorial for waves that look soft and effortless by Naomi Boyer. Check out this look if you are looking for a natural everyday look. 

Products Used: 


  • Use a twist and let go motion to create your waves. You will need to bend your wrist to create this motion.
  • For mid-length hair, you will need two twists. Keep the ends of your hair straight. 
  • Use small sections of hair to create a separation within your waves.
  • If your hair gets too curly, you can always straighten it out to get a flatter wave. 

Tutorial #5: Twist and glide 

This tutorial by Kerastase provides a simple way to intensify your beach waves. It involves a flat iron and simple twist. It can be done in minutes. Another version of this is the braid. Use this technique if you’re short on time and need quick curls.

Products Used: 

  • Kerastase Stay A Porter
  • Kerastase Laque Dentelle Hair Spray 
  • Flat Iron


  • Start by lightly misting Stay A Porter. 
  • Separate your hair into two sections. Twist the two sections together by holding on to the ends.
  • Clamp the flat iron at the top of the twist and glide. 
  • Allow the twist to cool completely before unravelling. 

See what I mean? The tutorials are straight forward and give you an idea of how different waves and curls can be created with a flat iron.

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Pick one of these flat iron hairstyles for long hair and try it! Once you’ve had time to try them out, begin experimenting and trying different techniques with your hair. You can alter the tutorial to suit your hair needs. Once you know what you love and how to achieve it, there’s no looking back. 

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