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By: | Last Updated: November 23, 2022

Styling shouldn’t have to equate to damaging your hair. If you’re tired of burning your locks to a crisp, it’s probably time to invest in an infrared curling iron. Infrared styling tools utilize gentler heat, making them a healthy alternative to traditional ones.

If you’re eager to make the switch, read on to find out more about the best options available today!

What is an infrared curling iron?

Infrared is usually associated with the word “radiation”, hence its bad rep. We forget that we encounter it every day in different forms, so it’s really nothing to be afraid of. 

Near-infrared waves allow us to send signals and control devices with a remote, while far-infrared heat release more thermal energy and make for effective heaters. 

Like their name implies, infrared curling irons use far infrared waves to style your hair. They are supposedly gentler than traditional irons as infrared penetrates deep into your strands and evenly distributes heat across your hair. 

This makes infrared curling irons increasingly popular because they’re seen as healthy styling alternatives for damaged or fragile hair types.

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Best Infrared Curling Iron Reviews: Our Top Picks

1. SRI Infrarose Curling Iron – 1”

Skin Research Institute Infrarose Infrared Curling Iron, Reduced Damage & Frizz, Tourmaline &...*
  • Infrared technology helps minimize heat damage while creating a silky-smooth style by heating hair from the...
  • Ionic technology supports frizz-free styling, so you get gorgeous, long-lasting curls.
  • The Infrarose Curler reaches the max temperature of 450° in seconds!
  • 1” Tourmaline and Ceramic wand provide even heat distribution, helping you achieve a variety of healthy,...
  • Peace of mind purchasing — every purchase comes with a 60-Day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-05-01 at 04:02  

Skin Research Institute dubs their infrared curling iron the Infrarose Curler. It utilizes red light therapy to give you salon-smooth curls.

This technology is simply another term for infrared therapy, so it distributes heat just as evenly as other infrared curling irons do. 

However, the Infrarose Curler sets itself apart by utilizing a rose gold tourmaline barrel that generates negative ions. This addition effectively reduces frizz and helps create polished curls too. 

It boasts quick heating times and a reliable heater meter which helps you gauge the iron’s temperature setting accurately.

With the Infrarose Curler’s extra features and ergonomic design, achieving curls becomes safe, precise, and straightforward. 

Ion-generating barrel 
Adjustable temperature settings
LCD heater meter
Appropriate for all hair types
No dual voltage

2. Aria Beauty Infrared Curling Iron – 1.25”

Do you have thick or coarse hair? If so, this infrared curling iron might be the perfect one for you. Aria Beauty’s Infrared Curling Iron features a black mirrored titanium barrel that heats up to 450 °F (232 °C) in no time. 

It also generates negative ions, which aid in reducing frizz and static during the styling process. This barrel heats up quickly because titanium surfaces are better at conducting heat than ceramic ones. 

Switching to an infrared iron means that less damage is inflicted, if at all. So using the Aria Beauty Infrared Curling Iron can improve your hair condition if you can’t do away with high levels of heat while styling.

Ion-generating barrel
Heat protective tip and support bridge
Great for thick or coarse hair
Fixed temperature settings
No temperature gauge
No dual voltage

3. Aria Beauty Salon Pro – 1”

The Salon Pro is another one of Aria Beauty’s infrared offerings. Its main difference from the Aria Beauty Infrared Curling Iron is that it comes with a ceramic barrel. Its 1” diameter also means you can achieve smaller curls with it if you’d like.

The Salon Pro has adjustable temperature settings which is always great to have. However, it is noticeably cheaper than its 1.25” counterpart, as the Salon Pro doesn’t have the same sturdy build the Aria Beauty Infrared Curling Iron has.

The Salon Pro has a velvet-wrapped handle with chrome accents, but these additions feel a bit like an afterthought. Aria Beauty may have included these touches to make up for a thin handle, but I still think the iron falls short in terms of build quality.

Nevertheless, the Salon Pro makes for a good curling iron, given its ceramic barrel and adjustable temperature settings. At a fraction of the cost of the 1.25” Aria curling iron, it’s quite the contender too.

Adjustable temperature settings
LED display screen
Appropriate for all hair types
Dual voltage
No ion generator
Inferior build quality

4. Sutra Professional Infrared Curling Iron – 1.5”

Sutra IR2 Infrared Curling Iron, 35MM I 1.3-inch I Clip Curling Iron, Rose Gold Ceramic Barrel,...*
  • 1⅜” / 35MM Rose Gold Ceramic Barrel
  • Far Infrared Technology
  • Digital Temperature Settings Up to 430°F
  • Extended Cool Tip Edge
  • Dual Voltage

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-05-01 at 04:02  

The Sutra Professional Infrared Curling Iron comes with a beautiful rose gold titanium barrel and five adjustable heat settings. The lights on the handle indicate which level you have selected to avoid unnecessarily ramping up the heat.

Like other titanium barrels, this one heats up just as quickly, making it perfect for thick or coarse hair.

To avoid accidental burns, Sutra has added a rubberized cool tip to this infrared curling iron too. Other thoughtful touches include auto shut-off, a 360° swivel cord, and an extra-long barrel.

The Sutra Professional Infrared Curling Iron is a decent choice among currently available infrared curling irons and is quite the bargain at its price.

Great for thick or coarse hair
Dual voltage
Relatively cheap compared to other infrared curling irons
No ion generator
Fixed temperature settings
No temperature meter

5. Amaxy Novo InfraRED Curling Iron  – 1.25”

AMAXY Professional Real InfraRED Flat Iron 1.5 inch 100% Titanium Plate - Instant Heat Up in 30...*
  • Titanium Plate: The flat iron features a 100% titanium plate for smooth gliding and instant heat up in just 30...
  • No Frizz: The titanium plate helps to reduce frizz and flyaways for smooth, shiny hair in a single pass.
  • For All Hair Types: The flat iron works great for all hair types, including damaged hair, to achieve straight,...
  • Corded Electric Power: The flat iron is powered by a corded electric power source for easy use and...
  • 1.5 Inch Size: The flat iron has a 1.5 inch wide titanium plate for precise styling and a comfortable grip.

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-05-01 at 04:02  

The Amaxy Novo InfraRED Curling Iron promises voluminous waves that last by utilizing a titanium barrel infused with infrared and heat balance technology.

Apart from infrared working its magic, the microsensors incorporated by Amaxy also regulate the curling iron’s temperature and aid in evenly distributing the heat. This further ensures safe and efficient styling despite the presence of a highly conductive titanium barrel.

The Amaxy Novo InfraRED Curling Iron may not have a negative ion generator. Still, it stacks up pretty well against Aria Beauty’s Infrared Curling Iron which features the same barrel size and material.

Heat balance technology
Great for thick or coarse hair
Dual voltage
No ion generator
Fixed temperature settings
No temperature gauge

6. Sculpt Infrared Curling Iron – 1.25”

The Sculpt Infrared Curling Iron is perhaps the most affordable option available today. For less than a hundred bucks, Sculpt gives you a ceramic-coated barrel aided by infrared technology. 

It promises beautiful curls for any hair type in an instant, as it heats up to 400 °F (204.4 °C). However, the Sculpt lacks extra features which supposedly help lock in the curls you’ve just achieved.

It also has a weaker heat setting compared to most. Given its 400 °F ceiling, the Sculpt Infrared Curling Iron may be better for those with finer hair or those that don’t have a hard time maintaining a curl. If you have thick hair and choose to buy this curling iron, you may need a can of hairspray at the ready.

Dual voltage
Weak ceramic coating which may warp after prolonged use
Low heat settings

7. PYT Infrared Styler – 1.25”

The PYT Infrared Styler is the most expensive item on this list, but it is also the most versatile. With tourmaline-infused ceramic plates, this styler functions as both a straightener and a curling iron. While technically NOT a curling iron, you can use it to curl your hair.

This styler uses iRed Beam technology coupled with an ion projector to neutralize frizz and to give you silky-smooth curls in one pass. It also comes with adjustable temperature settings and a safety lock, so you can select the most appropriate heat level for your hair type and keep it there.

It’s difficult not to shower the PYT Infrared Styler with compliments when it ticks all the boxes. Compatible with all hair types? Check. Innovative technology? Yep! Safe styling? Definitely!

While the PYT Infrared Styler comes at a steep price, I’d be a fool to dismiss it. For such a versatile and well-made product, you do get a bang for your buck. 

Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates
Ion projector
LCD temperature display
Temperature lock
Dual voltage

Things to Consider

With so many available options in the market, it becomes necessary to understand the technology behind infrared curling irons and what to consider when buying one. So, we’ve established some pointers for beginner stylists and professionals alike to make it easier to decide on an iron.

What to consider in an infrared curling iron?

Infrared curling irons are said to be healthier alternatives to traditional ones, so it’s pretty easy to choose between them.

However, it may be a bit more challenging to compare existing infrared irons against each other, so it’s best to consider the following points when deciding which one to buy for yourself:

Barrel or plate material

Because metals are innately better conductors than ceramics, titanium barrels heat up faster and sustain temperature levels better than ceramic ones. This makes them more appropriate for coarse hair.

Ceramic barrels, on the other hand, heat evenly and are great for either fine or coarse hair types. They are also more likely to generate ions which aid the infrared beam in smoothing your curls as you go.

Barrel size

Most curling irons come with 1.25-inch barrels. This is a good size to start with as it’s neither too big nor too small. 

If you’re a fan of beach waves or corkscrew curls, purchase an iron with a 1-inch barrel; but if you have long hair and want big, voluminous curls, 1.5-inch barrels are your best bet.

Temperature range

Not all irons have precise temperature settings. Some of them only have a limited number of heat levels, while other irons allow for incremental temperature changes.

It’s best to stick with the 360°-380° F range for styling purposes. However, if you prefer high heat levels, you’re in luck because most infrared curling irons still come with 450° F settings. Still, I urge you to use this setting sparingly to keep your cuticles healthy and intact.

Extra features

Infrared curling irons are gifts in themselves. However, many manufacturers choose to up the game even more by including an extra feature or two. 

Some infrared curling irons incorporate TurboHeat or ion generators. Depending on your needs, you might want to check the benefits these features might give you before paying for that plain infrared iron in your cart.


To make styling more convenient, you might want to look out for digital controls, setting locks, long clips, and auto shut-off capability.

If you’re a professional stylist, you’re probably going to need a lightweight iron and one that runs on dual voltage. Long, 360° swivel cords are always a plus too.

While infrared curling irons are supposedly safer than traditional ones, they may reach scalding temperatures as well. An insulated tip may seem insignificant, but it effectively help prevent accidental burns.

Other aspects to consider may include color, length, and build, but these are mostly things you can decide based on personal preference.


Infrared curling irons don’t run cheap.

However, they come at a cost for a good reason. Our list shows that it’s possible to cop deals below a hundred dollars, but top-of-the-line models may reach up to $200.

If you ever decide to buy one, opt for a model that fulfills all your needs and fits your budget. Infrared curling irons are great investments but not something you should have to break the bank.

What makes a great infrared curling iron?

The perfect infrared curling iron doesn’t exist. Instead, we ought to consider your hair type, design preferences, and budget to determine the best one for you. 

If you have thick hair and a limited budget, the Sutra Professional Infrared Curling Iron may be the best choice for you.

It’s cheaper than most irons that use infrared technology, and it works well with coarse hair types too. Objectively speaking, it isn’t the best infrared curling iron in the market. However, it fits the brief and should do well to style your hair.


The PYT Infrared Styler is easily the best infrared curling iron available today. It doesn’t only give you salon-smooth curls but works great as a straightener too. PYT literally gives you two tools for the price of one! 

However, if you’re balking at the price tag, SRI’s Infrarose Curler comes at a close second. It also generates ions for smoother curls and is perfect for all hair types. Its only con is that it lacks dual voltage, but this can’t be too much of a deal-breaker considering it costs much less than the Infrared Styler.

How do you use an infrared curling iron?

Infrared curling irons aren’t that much different from normal curling irons, so you can use them pretty much the same way.

  1. First, blow-dry your hair. Curling irons are not meant to style wet hair, and infrared irons are no exception to the rule.
  2. Plug in your infrared curling iron and select your preferred heat setting.
  3. While waiting for your device to heat up, separate your hair into small sections.
  4. Open the clamp of your iron and position it towards the root of your chosen section.
  5. Close the clamp and slide it down your hair.
  6. Twirl the iron up to your roots and hold that position for 5-10 seconds. 
  7. Open the clamp and release your curl. Repeat until you achieve a full head of curls.

Note: Infrared curling irons distribute heat more uniformly, so there’s no need to hold it as long as you would a regular curling iron.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does infrared do to your hair?

Infrared styles your hair by penetrating deep into your strands and reaching into their cortexes. Heat is no longer focused on the outer layers of your hair but is instead distributed evenly across it. 

This is especially helpful in maintaining healthy hair, as your cuticles are kept intact and able to retain moisture. If they are damaged, humidity seeps into your unprotected strands and causes frizz.

Infrared styling avoids damage by heating hair from the inside out. This lessens stress on the cuticles and improves your hair’s overall health, making it even silkier and shinier than before.

2. Is infrared heat safe for hair?

Unlike UV rays, infrared is nothing to be wary of.

Ultraviolet is found on the other end of the electromagnetic spectrum and is far more intense than infrared radiation. Infrared generates just enough heat to style your hair and lock it in place. 

However, like everything that heats up, infrared panels still run the risk of inflicting burns. So be careful not to touch them with your bare hands!

Try not to use infrared curling irons excessively as well. They may be gentler than traditional straighteners, but that doesn’t give us an excuse to abuse and overuse the technology. 

3. Is infrared better for your hair?

Infrared was incorporated into styling irons to generate deep, penetrating heat to avoid inflicting direct damage onto our hair.

Because it heats hair uniformly, you can style your hair in less time. This means that infrared isn’t just a healthier styling option– it’s a bit more efficient too.

Wrapping It Up

Infrared hair styling tools can literally shave time off your hairstyling routine.

But that doesn’t mean we should boycott traditional irons altogether.

Regular irons are still effective styling tools that usually cost about half the price. If you aren’t the type to use an iron every day, make the economical choice and stick to your current one.  

However, if you style your hair regularly, picking up an infrared iron sooner than later just might fix hair problems you didn’t even know you had.

And if you already have damaged hair or undergo many chemical treatments, I don’t see why you shouldn’t make the switch today.

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