T3 Twirl Trio Review

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Can’t decide whether you want your curls loose or defined?

With the T3 Twirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Wand, you don’t have to.

This curling iron set comes with three interchangeable barrels for endless styling possibilities.

Part of the T3 Convertible Collection, the T3 Twirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Iron comes with three different barrels to curl your hair in different ways.

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T3 Twirl Trio Review

Twirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Iron*

  • Custom blend ceramic barrels
  • 5 Adjustable Heat Settings (260°F – 410°F)
  • 9 precise heat settings that automatically adjust to your specific hair needs
  • 3 Clip Barrels Included (1 inch, 1.25 inch & 1.5-inch)

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The ceramic barrel ensures smooth, frizz-free curls each time.

Enhanced with Digital T3 SinglePass Technology, heat is maintained throughout the barrel for even, uniform curls without the excess heat damage.

Read on to find out if this three-in-one iron is worth it.

Features at a Glance:

PRODUCT NAME:T3 Twirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Wand
SIZES AVAILABLE:One set with three barrels: 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5”
AUTO SHUT-OFF:Yes, after 1 hour

Interchangeable Barrels

T3 Twirl Trio Review Box and Barrels – Curling Diva

One of the main selling points of this curling iron is the ability to customize your curls with three different clip barrels. There’s no need to limit yourself to one type of curl with this interchangeable curling iron.

From beach waves to defined curls, this set has you covered. For tighter curls, use the 1” clip barrel. For looser waves, use the 1.5” clip barrel. For anything in between, use the 1.25” clip barrel.

Custom Blend Ceramic Barrels

Gone are the days of frizzy curls with this curling iron. The T3 Twirl Trio’s custom blend ceramic barrels ensure a smooth glide against the hair and fast, even heat distribution. The ceramic barrels emit negative ions that retain moisture and seal the hair cuticle for healthy, shiny curls that last.

Digital T3 SinglePass Technology

The T3 Twirl Trio internally regulates its temperature to make sure you’re always curling your hair at the optimal temperature. This iron is equipped with an internal microchip that measures the temperature and maintains even heat distribution across the barrel. With this technology, you’ll get even, uniform curls every time. There’s less chance of heat damage, too, as the heat is being consistently regulated.

T3 Twirl Trio – Curling Diva

Colors Available

The T3 Twirl Trio Interchangeable Curling Wand comes in one color: white with rose gold accents.

What we like

  • Interchangeable barrels
  • Ceramic barrels
  • Even, fast heating
  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Cool tip and stand

What we didn’t like

  • Pricier than single barrel curling irons


T3 Twirl Trio vs Whirl Trio

The T3 Twirl Trio and the T3 Whirl Trio actually come with the same interchangeable base. What makes them different is the barrels they come with.

The T3 Twirl Trio comes with clip barrels in the sizes 1”, 1.25”, and 1.5”. The Whirl Trio, on the other hand comes with 1” and 1.5” straight barrels and a 1.25 – 0.75” tapered barrel. Otherwise, the two irons are exactly the same.

If you’re comfortable using a wand, then the T3 Whirl Trio is for you. But if you’re used to the clip that most curling irons have, then the T3 Micro Twirl Trio is your best bet. The clip makes it much easier to hold the hair in place as you curl.

T3 - Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand | Three Custom Blend Ceramic Barrel Professional Wand...*
  • Three Tourmaline + Ceramic barrels create a variety of waves and curls with coveted shine
  • T3 Digital SinglePass technology ensures even, consistent heat and fast, healthy styling
  • Interchangeable design allows you to build your own toolkit with other T3 barrels, sold separately
  • 5 adjustable heat settings (260-410°F) provide the optimum heat level for any hair type ; Auto world voltage...

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T3 Twirl Trio vs T3 Twirl 360

The T3 Twirl 360 is another curling iron by T3. Equipped with gyroscopic digital technology, it detects the motion of your hand and automatically rotates the barrel in the desired direction. The T3 Twirl 360 is the first hair tool to make use of this technology, which is typically used in space exploration.

Simply put, T3 Twirl 360 is an auto-rotating curling iron that has a 1.25” barrel. The T3 Twirl Trio, on the other hand, is a convertible curling iron with interchangeable barrels in 3 different sizes–1”, 1.25”, and 1.5”.

Both irons have T3’s custom blend ceramic barrels and the T3 SinglePass technology. For more control over the look of your curls, we recommend the T3 Twirl Trio. For simplicity and ease of use, the T3 Twirl 360 is a better bet.

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T3 Twirl vs Singlepass

With 2 barrel options to choose from (1″ and 1.25″), the T3 Singlepass Curling can create polished, shiny curls in just one pass. On the other hand, the T3 Twirl Trio also comes with a 1.25” clip barrel, as well two other clip barrels in the sizes 1” and 1.5”.

Both irons are also equipped with Digital T3 SinglePass technology, which means they both come with an internal microchip that measures the temperature and maintains an even distribution of heat across the iron.

Essentially, they’re the same curling iron—the T3 Twirl Trio just comes with interchangeable barrels. If you want more customization when it comes to styling your hair, the T3 Twirl Trio gives you more options. If don’t need different styling options, the T3 Singlepass will give you the same results.

T3 SinglePass 1.25" Ceramic Curling Iron, White/Rose Gold, 1 ¼ inch*
  • Ceramic barrel, 5 heat settings, Rotating power cord, 1 hour auto shut-off
  • Height: 13in / 33cm, Width: 1.25in / 3cm
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

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T3 Twirl vs Beachwaver

The Beachwaver is a rotating curling iron that gives you glamorous curls or beachy waves with ease. The Beachwaver automatically rotates left or right depending on the direction you want your hair to curl. It has a customized clamp that aims to reduce kinks and make it much easier to use.

If we had to compare, the Beachwaver is more similar to the T3 Twirl 360 than it is to the Twirl Trio. If you love curls of all different sizes, the Twirl Trio, with its interchangeable barrels, might suit you better. If you want to take some of the guesswork out of styling and you’re looking for easy, effortless curls at the press of a button, go for the Beachwaver.

The Beachwaver Co. S1 Curling Iron*
  • Heat Range 290º F - 410º F in 30 seconds, Digital Temperature Clock, 30 Min Automatic Shut-Off
  • 1" Barrel Diameter, 5.5" Protective Ceramic Rod, Ceramic barrel distributes even heat from top to bottom
  • Dual Rotation: Arrow button control, Hi/Lo Adjustable Speed Switch
  • Note: Our tools are made to only work with USA outlets and voltage. Do not use with a converter or adapter

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T3 Twirl Trio Review: Frequently Asked Questions

T3 Twirl Trio Interchangeable Barrels – Curling Diva

How do you use a T3 Twirl Trio Curling Iron?

The T3 Twirl Trio works like any other traditional curling iron. Simply grab a section of hair, clamp the iron near the root of your hair. Slide the iron towards the end of the hair. Twist the curling iron, wrapping the section of hair around it in the process.

What makes the T3 Twirl Trio different from other irons is its interchangeable barrels. To switch out the barrels, simply twist the base, remove the barrel, insert another one, and twist to lock it in place.

What kind of curls can you make with the T3 Twirl Trio?

The T3 Twirl Trio gives you great versatility when it comes to curls. You can create beach waves, glamorous curls, classic spirals, and every kind of curl in between. Use the largest barrel for loose waves and the smallest barrel for tight curls.

For looser curls, use a larger section of hair. For tighter curls, use a smaller section of hair. This curling iron also has five different heat settings and will work with all different kinds of hair textures.

Is the T3 Twirl Trio worth it?

That all depends on your needs. If you don’t have a lot of styling tools and are planning to buy multiple curling irons for different types of curls, the T3 Twirl Trio is a great value, as it essentially gives you three curling irons in one. Other bloggers also rave about this iron.

If you want to keep it simple and don’t need so many options, but are still enticed by T3’s technology, you could go for a more affordable model such as the T3 Singlepass Curling Iron. If you don’t mind shelling out a bit more for versatility, though, the T3 Twirl Trio is a great option.

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