The World’s First Smart Curling Iron: T3 Curl ID Review

By: | Last Updated: June 9, 2021

In the early 2010s, we saw the dawn of smartphones.

Soon after, appliances followed suit.

Smart TVs and smart homes have become so commonplace that they no longer surprise us. We now have T3 Micro to thank for the revolutionary Curl ID, the world’s first smart curling iron.

An absolute game-changer, the T3 Curl ID is backed by HeatID technology which automatically adjusts the temperature based on your hair type.

Or will the novelty of a smart curling iron wear off like your curls did yesterday?

If you’re looking for T3 Curl ID reviews, read on to find out.

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Curling irons used to intimidate me, but the Curl ID’s precise heat settings take all my styling worries away.

T3 Micro is the first to incorporate smart technology into the unassuming curling iron. Excited as we are about this development, we have to ask ─ is the Curl ID worth it?

T3 Curl ID 1.25 Inch Smart Curling Iron*

  • CeraGloss Ceramic Barrel glides smoothly through hair for shiny, smooth curls that last
  • T3 Heat ID delivers first-of-its-kind personalized styling with a smart touch interface
  • T3 Rapid HeatIQ technology for even, consistent heat
  • Ion generator infuses millions of frizz-smoothing negative ions to lock in shine

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-04-30 at 22:26  

Product Overview

The T3 Curl ID is a beginner stylist’s best friend.

If you know nothing about curling hair, the T3 Curl ID Smart Curling Iron has you covered with nine precise settings that adjust to your unique hair profile.

Engineered with T3 Rapid HeatIQ technology, this determines the optimal heat setting for your specific hair texture, color, and treatment history. Its CeraGlossTM barrel promotes shinier and healthier hair.

T3 Curl ID Review

All this is packaged into one sleek and lightweight design for an easy and hassle-free hairstyling experience.

Features at a Glance:

PLATE MATERIAL:CeraGlossTM Ceramic Barrel

CeraGlossTM Barrel

Most people end up burning their hair while using curling irons. This results in dry and lackluster curls.

Unlike others, the CeraGlossTM barrel slides effortlessly through your hair for shiny, tangle-free curls that last.

The Curl ID also has an ion generator which helps minimize frizz and deliver a polished look. Together, the innovated barrel and ion generator lock in styles while promising the least amount of damage, if any.

HeatID Technology

T3 HeatID features

The most impressive features of the T3 Curl ID rest on HeatID and Rapid HeatIQ Technology. These additions allow the curling iron to recognize the user’s needs with the simple press of a button

It then seamlessly adjusts to the appropriate settings and curls your hair without relying on high levels of heat. The Curl ID has nine settings that overlook no hair type or condition and ultimately make for a very inclusive curling iron.

Manual Mode 

The Curl ID is not just a beginner’s tool.

Its Manual Mode also allows for the experimentation and exploration of both experienced users and professionals alike. This mode also makes it possible to fine-tune settings if you feel like the set profile is too weak or too strong.


  • Smart, adaptable technology
  • User-friendly
  • Frizz-free ion technology
  • Nine precise heat settings
  • Light-weight, ergonomic design

T3 Micro has put a lot of thought into designing the Curl ID.

They considered a wide range of hair types and kept many thoughtful touches such as the cool tip, long clip, comfortable thumb grip, and 9ft. 360° swivel cord

All in all, it makes for a great curling iron for both beginners and professionals. Still, it could do with some improvements.

T3 Curl ID box info – Curling Diva


  • Being limited to one barrel size
  • Overly sensitive touch screen panel
  • Price point

While the Curl ID proves its versatility, it limits styling options with just one barrel size. Because the power button doubles as the lock button, it’s easy to accidentally press it and change settings in the middle of styling. 

The Curl ID is highly lauded for its adaptable technology, but it’s such a waste if users cannot keep settings fixed at their preferred levels.

Finally, the T3 Curl ID is a bit pricey. However, this is understandable as it is the first of its kind and a definite game-changer. 


T3 Singlepass vs Curl ID

The T3 Singlepass was designed to style your hair in one effortless pass. It uses SinglePass®️ technology and flexible beveled plates to maintain consistent temperatures while styling.

T3 SinglePass 1.25" Ceramic Curling Iron, White/Rose Gold, 1 ¼ inch*
  • Ceramic barrel, 5 heat settings, Rotating power cord, 1 hour auto shut-off
  • Height: 13in / 33cm, Width: 1.25in / 3cm
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-04-30 at 22:26  

It doesn’t have smart features like the T3 Curl ID, but its advantage lies in its StyleEdge design, allowing users to opt for straighter styles.

The T3 Singlepass makes for a good buy if you prioritize tool versatility. However, if you want to curl your hair with the care and precision brought by smart technology, the T3 Curl ID is the styling tool for you.

T3 Curl ID vs CHI ARC Curling Iron

The T3 Curl ID eliminates guesswork, while the CHI ARC takes away handiwork.

They are both innovative styling tools in their own right, but they each cater to different needs. The CHI ARC does the work for you by automating the curling process, but it leaves less room for adjustments.

CHI Arc 1" Automatic Rotating Barrel Curling Iron With Infra Texture Dual Action Hair Spray, 2.6 Fl...*
  • 1” CHI ceramic barrel
  • MCH Heater for quick 30 sec. heat up
  • Digital temperature adjustment prevents unnecessary heat damage to the hair
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-04-30 at 16:09  

On the other hand, The T3 Curl ID is all about personalization. It considers your hair profile and adjusts heat settings accordingly.

If you’d like a full head of curls in a matter of minutes, go for the CHI ARC; but if you don’t mind spending a bit more time for precise styling, get the T3 Curl ID.

Dyson Airwrap vs T3 Curl ID

One of my problems with the T3 Curl ID was that it had limited barrel sizes. The Dyson Airwrap addresses this and goes the extra mile by providing multiple adaptors for varied hair types and styles. It is literally 5 tools in one, hence its high cost. 

No products found.

The Dyson Airwrap relies on the Coanda effect to style hair, but the T3 Curl ID uses innovative technology to diagnose your hair condition and adjusts to it. This makes the T3 experience tailored to the user’s particular needs. 

If you’re looking to replace your other styling tools, the Dyson Airwrap sounds like a practical choice; but if you’re looking for an innovative addition to your tool collection, buy the T3 Curl ID. 

Conair Double Ceramic vs T3 Curl ID

The Conair Double Ceramic boasts 30 heat settings and Turbo Heat boost at a modest price of just under twenty bucks!

Conair Double Ceramic 1-Inch Curling Iron, 1-inch barrel produces classic curls – for use on...*
  • Ceramic Curling Iron: Designed to create beautiful, classic curls, this 1 inch curling iron features higher...
  • Versatile Function: This curling iron boasts 30 heat settings with instant heat up to 375 degree F and Turbo...
  • Easy Operation: This double ceramic curling iron offers the best in heat and damage protection and anti frizz...
  • Innovative Styling Tools: From curling irons and wands to flat irons, hot air brushes, auto curlers and more;...
  • Conair Hair Care: Since 1959, we have made innovative small appliances, hair styling tools, and more; Our hair...

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-04-30 at 22:26  

This is a tempting offer when compared to the 9 settings available within the T3 Curl ID. However, T3 Micro offers a more durable and reliable choice with the T3 Curl ID.

The Conair Double Ceramic does not provide the same sensitivity and precision the T3 Curl ID does, but it gets the job done.

However, if you’re looking for luxe styling and a product that lasts, the T3 Curl ID is the way to go.


T3 Curl ID Tutorial: How do I turn the T3 Curl ID on and off?

T3 Curl ID smart curling iron

The T3 Curl ID has a very intuitive touch screen panel on the handle.

To turn the device on, simply press and hold the power button until it vibrates and the iron’s panel lights up. To turn it off, just press and hold the same button until it vibrates and the lights shut down.

Note: The Curl ID will remain on if plugged in, but it will not heat up unless you press the power button. 

Which setting should I use on the T3 Curl ID?

There are nine settings available on the T3 Curl ID. To choose the best one for your hair, start by inputting your HeatID profile. 

  • First, select your hair texture by tapping on the wave icon. Choices include fine, medium, and coarse.
  • Next, select the paintbrush icon if you have undergone bleaching, highlighting, or other color treatments.
  • Finally, select the Erlenmeyer flask icon if you have undergone any chemical treatments or altered your hair pattern.

Your selections help the T3 Curl ID properly diagnose your hair’s condition and implement the optimal settings for it.

Is it possible to adjust the T3 Curl ID’s temperature manually?

Yes! T3 Micro encourages personalization and exploration, so they made it possible to tweak the Curl ID settings to your liking.

Just tap on the “M” icon to switch to Manual Mode and fine-tune the settings as needed.

Increase the temperature by tapping the top of the LED panel and decrease it by tapping the bottom portion of the panel.

Note: Turning Manual Mode on will disable the HeatID profiling icons.

Can I lock my desired setting on the T3 Curl ID?

Yes, you can.

Once you’re satisfied with the setting you’ve chosen or the one recommended to you by the Curl ID, double-tap on the power button to lock it in. This prevents unnecessary setting changes in the middle of styling.

Locking in your settings will allow the iron to start heating up. A short beep signifies it’s ready for use. 

Can I speak to my T3 Curl ID?

Well, no one’s stopping you from having a quick chat with your iron. 😉

But note that the T3 Curl ID is operated only by a touch screen interface. It has auditory feedback to confirm which selection you chose.

However, selections and setting adjustments are done manually and are not voice-activated. 

Is the T3 Curl ID curling iron worth it?                                                                             

The T3 Curl ID comes at a steep price, but it is well worth it.

There just isn’t a ready alternative for the Curl ID yet, as no other curling iron can boast the same profiling technology it currently uses. 

Apart from its smart features, the Curl ID also possesses an ion generator and a ceramic barrel which promote shiny, healthy curls that last. It also maintains a sleek, lightweight design and includes thoughtful touches you look for in most curling irons.

Despite an inconveniently placed lock button and its limited barrel size options, the Curl ID still delivers gorgeous salon curls. 

The pros of the Curl ID outweigh its cons. It is a revolutionary styling tool minus the intimidation that usually comes with innovation.

So if you’re ready to take your styling up a notch, The T3 Curl ID is definitely worth the investment. 

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