GHD Curling Iron Reviews: Which GHD Curler is best?

By: | Last Updated: November 23, 2022

When it comes to curlers, no one has to reinvent the wheel. The best curler is a reliable one that gets your style down while being perfect for your hair length and texture. 

If you’ve been in the market for a new curler, you’d know for sure that GHD has been making waves (literally!) when it comes to curling wands and irons.

Whether you’re a relaxed beach waves kind of girl or one that wants more old Hollywood glam, it looks like the GHD curler line has something for you.

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Features At A Glance:

SIZES AVAILABLE:GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand: 1.25-in
GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand: 1-in
GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron: 1-in
GHD Curve Classic Curl Iron: 1-in
PLATE MATERIAL:Ceramic-coated barrel 

Easy-to-use classic shape 

With new curling innovations popping up in literally every shape and size, it can get a bit overwhelming when you’re shopping for a new curler.

Many promising products have new mechanisms and methods to use them (Hot air? Self-twirling irons? Woah!) But with those come a learning curve and the question of whether or not they really work as well as a classic curler. 

The GHD Curler line might not seem like anything new, but their oval-shaped barrels are the professionals’ choice when it comes to reliable styling.

They’re fool-proof for creating classic curls and waves. And if you really want, the simple, sleek design allows you to put your own twist on a style just by changing up your technique. No need to reach for a different tool! 

Reliable, safe heat

The GHD curlers ensure that the barrel always stays at the optimum heat of 365ºF. This temperature is best for effectively curling your hair quickly while keeping it safe to use even over frequent styling.

It’s packed with ultra-zone technology that ensures this even heat for hassle-free, damage-free curls. It heats up in just 25 seconds as well, so you can get curls in an instant.

This might be a bit of a problem for thicker, coarser hair types, though. If your hair needs a bit more heat, or if you’d like the option to fiddle around with the temperature, this might not be the best product for you. 

Versatile specialized sizes

Now, this may be a bit of a doozy, so buckle up.

One of the GHD Curler range’s claims to fame is how they have a size and style for everyone. This is great, especially for people with shorter hair.

If you find that standard curlers don’t work for you because you can hardly get your hair to wrap all the way around, then the GHD line may have the thing for you.

They have two main lines: The GHD Curve Curling Wands and Curling Irons.

As for curling wands, they have two models: the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand and the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand.

There are two different curling irons: the GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron and the GHD Curve Classic Curl Iron.


So, what exactly is the difference? Let’s break it down: 

GHD Curve Curling Wands vs. Curling Irons 

Let’s get the main differences out of the way first. In terms of build, the main difference between the GHD Curve Curling Wand line and the GHD Curve Curling Iron line is simple. The curling irons have a metal clamp while the wands don’t. 

But really, what’s the big difference? It all depends on the look you want to achieve. The GHD Curve Curling Iron gives you more structured, full curls. If you’re going for a bit of Hollywood glam, classic curls, or full voluminous polished waves, the GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron or

GHD Curve Classic Curl Iron would be best for you. (We’ll check out their differences in a bit!). The clamp and rounded barrel allow for deeper curls with more definition.

If you’re going for a more laidback textured beachy wave look, then you should check out the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand or GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand. Without the clamp, the curling wand makes for looser, more relaxed waves.

GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron vs. Classic Curl Iron

Now, you probably have an idea of which line you’d want to look into a bit more. 

For polished, defined curls, the curling irons are the way to go. But how are these two different from each other? Well, the only difference is the barrel size. 

The GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron has a 1.25-in barrel, while the GHD Curve Classic Iron’s is a 1-inch barrel. The GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron is best for those with longer hair, while the GHD Curve Classic can be for people with long and short hair. 

The look you can achieve with the two can vary a little too. The GHD Curve Classic Iron gives you slightly tighter curls, resulting in a more polished, structured look. With a bigger barrel, the curls you get from the GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron are going to be bigger and more voluminous.

GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand vs. Creative Curl Wand

Wanting a more casual, laidback look? Then the wands will be the ones to do the job.

Both wands come in roughly the same size, but the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand is more similar to the curling irons with its oval-shaped barrel. 

The GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand, on the other hand, has a tapered barrel.

ghd Creative Curl Tapered Hair Curling Wand ― 1" Innovative Round Base to 0.9" Tip with...*
  • ULTRA-ZONE TECHNOLOGY WITH SAFER-FOR-HAIR TEMPERATURE ― No more guessing the correct styling temperature!...
  • PROTECTIVE COOL TIP ― This hot tool curling wand includes a protective cool tip designed to keep you safe...
  • AUTOMATIC SLEEP MODE WITH SAFETY STAND ― The safety stand secures the curl wand on a hard surface while not...
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Again, it depends on what look you want to achieve. If you wish to have slightly more consistent waves with a bit more structure, go for the GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand. With the straight oval barrel, it makes sure your locks have the same curve and volume all the way down. 

If you’re after an even more tousled look, then the tapered barrel of the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand is best for that. Plus, it’s a great, versatile shape for achieving different looks! Styling closer to the bottom of the wand results in bigger waves, while using the tip can make tighter spirals. This also makes it better for shorter hair. The skinnier tip will make it easier for you to wrap your shorter locks around.

What we liked: 

  • Simple to use 
  • Easy to store
  • Consistent heat
  • Specialized sizes
  • Auto shut-off

What we didn’t like: 

  • Temperature is not adjustable 
  • Higher price point


GHD Curve vs. Cloud Nine

One line that’s super comparable to the GHD Curve Curling Irons and GHD Curve Curling Wands is the Cloud Nine Curling line. They have a classic Curling Wand, a Texture Wand, and a Waving Wand. 

While most of the features seem similar, the most significant difference is that the Cloud Nine products have adjustable temperatures. The temperature on the Cloud Nine Curling Wands goes from around 260°F to 350°F. It’s a great feature to have around, mainly since the GHD line stays at a constant 365°F. But if you’re looking for something hotter for more stubborn hair, it won’t be much better. 

The Cloud Nine Waving Wand also has a bigger barrel if you want looser waves or have longer hair.

GHD Curve vs. Dyson Airwrap

The Dyson Airwrap is probably the queen of stylers when it comes to versatility. It can curl, wave, brush, blow out and volumize! 

No products found.

The hot air curling is also a great feature, especially for people who want to protect their hair from heat damage at all costs. It’s definitely a game-changing product, but it comes with the price point and learning curve to match. 

So, if you’re looking for an investment piece that can do it all, and if you’re willing to put in the time to learn each feature, then the Airwrap is the one for that. 

The GHD Curve Curling Irons aren’t exactly cheap either, but they won’t break the bank as much. Plus, if you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the Airwrap, the GHD line would be a great, reliable choice.   

GHD Curve vs T3 Singlepass

The T3 Singlepass comes in the classic ceramic oval barrel, just like the GHD Curve. It comes with five different temperature settings from 260°F – 410°F, so you can go a lot higher or a lot lower than what GHD can do. 

T3 SinglePass 1.25" Ceramic Curling Iron, White/Rose Gold, 1 ¼ inch*
  • Ceramic barrel, 5 heat settings, Rotating power cord, 1 hour auto shut-off
  • Height: 13in / 33cm, Width: 1.25in / 3cm
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty

* Prices and Images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on 2024-04-30 at 22:26  

It’s worth looking into if you’re eyeing the GHD Curlers. Their irons and wands come in similar barrel sizes too! Plus, if you want to save just a bit more money, then the T3 Singlepass is a bit more affordable.

Bonus! If you want even more versatility and personalization, T3 has a Whirl line that is all about that. They even market their wands and irons in interchangeable trios. These contain different barrels that you can attach to achieve different looks. 


Which GHD curve is best for me?

It really would depend on your ideal style and your hair length! For deep, polished curls, check out the GHD Curve Soft Curl Iron for longer hair or the GHD Curve Classic Curl Iron for short to long hair.

If you prefer a more casual natural look, try out the wands. The GHD Curve Classic Wave Wand is best for longer hair and voluminous waves, while the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand lets you have more versatility in curl size and is great for very short hair too.

Which GHD curler is best for short hair?

For short hair, the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand is the runaway winner, for sure! The tapered barrel ensures that even your shortest locks can get just as curled as you want. And with a bit of practice, you can achieve as many different looks as you could imagine. 

How do you curl with a GHD curve?

To use the GHD Curve Curling Irons with the clamps: 

  1. Section your hair into 1” parts 
  2. Unclamp and wrap your hair around the barrel, making sure it lies flat. Try not to have your hair wrapping on itself in thick layers. 
  3. Release the clamp, securing the section. 
  4. Hold for a few seconds, then remove. 
  5. Repeat for the remaining sections
  6. This will make big, defined curls. You can also brush this out to your liking and achieve nice sleek waves. 

To use  the GHD Curve Curling Wands: 

  1. Section your hair into your desired size, making sure they are roughly equal.
  2. Holding the wand vertically, wrap your hair around starting at the tip.
  3. Hold your hair to the wand by keeping a bit of your hair twirled around your finger.
  4. Hold for a few seconds, then release.
  5. Repeat for the remaining sections. 

Brush it out as much or as little as you’d like. You can also just run your fingers through the curls if you want slightly tighter waves.

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