Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler Review

By: | Last Updated: March 30, 2021

Always dreaming of curls on the go? Auto curlers or curling machines have been all the rage recently for being quick, easy, and damage-free ways to make perfect curls every time. 

Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler is another innovative contender on the scene. While other auto curlers already promise effortless curls, the Conair Unbound takes it up a notch by taking the cord out of the equation. 

You can literally live unbound (at least from the wall socket in your bathroom)! 

Plus, with a price range that doesn’t break the bank, the Conair Unbound sounds like a dream. So let’s take a closer look:

Features at a glance: 

PRODUCT NAME:Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler
SIZES AVAILABLE:3 x 4.5 x 10.13 inches
PLATE MATERIAL:Ceramic Coated Barrel
AUTO SHUT-OFF:After 15 minutes

Freedom from cords!

This is what sets the Conair Unbound apart from most auto curlers on the market. It promises up to 1 hour (60 mins.) of cord-free runtime and charges with an easy, accessible USB cord. This lets you have a wider range of motion while styling (no need to pull a muscle trying to work around a cord!). 

Conair Unbound Auto Curler Product – Curling Diva

It even opens up more options for when and where you can style your hair. Caught in a pinch between events? Sharing a bathroom socket with your girlfriends on vacation? Ever think of needing to do car curls? The choices are endless! 

Well, as long as you have it charged, of course. One con to this is that you can’t use your Conair Unbound while it’s plugged in. This may be a problem for some. You can just charge it after every use. That way, it’ll be ready when you need it.

Versatile Settings 

The Conair Unbound promises dummy-proof operation: easy to use with absolutely no skill required. There’s no need to painstakingly wrap your hair around the barrel because the Conair unbound will do it for you! 

It has four different timer settings and three heat settings (up to 400°F), giving you enough flexibility.

Set it hotter for tighter, more structured curls. Or if more relaxed waves are more your style, just set it on a lower temp for a shorter time.

Unbound Auto Curler Quick Start – Curling Diva

It even has a setting for curl direction, so you don’t have to worry and lose track of where this lock or another should go! If you want to shake it up a bit, you don’t have to go just left and right. It even has a mixed direction option for a fun tousled look.

All these options are fun and games until you have to keep track of all of them. But the Conair Unbound has got you covered! 

All this information goes on a convenient LED display, so you’re sure you’re getting the correct heat, temperature, and direction. And changing it up is as quick as a push of a button. 

Safe, protective design

Now, you may be worried: a machine sucking your hair into a chamber sounds like a lot of pulling, tangling, and damage. 

How to use the Conair Unbound Auto Curler – Curling Diva

With the barrel’s ceramic easy-glide coated surface, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing your hair is going to slide smoothly through the chamber as it curls.

Not only that, but the ceramic coating also tames stubborn fly-aways and smooths every inch of your hair, resulting in glossy, frizz-free curls. 

With a 15-minute auto shut-off, you can leave it on your counter or toss it into your bag without worrying about it overheating or draining your batteries.

What we like:

  • Easy to use 
  • Sleek design 
  • Customizable for different hair types and style preferences
  • Affordable 

What we didn’t like: 

  • Can’t use it while it’s charging 
  • Short battery life 
  • Longer or thicker hair may need more time to curl
  • Harder to style close to the roots

Comparing The Conair Unbound Line

Before we see how the Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler stacks up against other brands, let’s check out other products in the Conair Unbound line and see how they differ.

Conair Unbound Auto Curler – Curling Diva

With the auto curler, the Conair Unbound line also includes its own Curling Iron and Multi-styler. They share a few similar features, including USB cable charging, LED displays, lithium batteries, and up to 400°F heating. But the Cordless Auto-Curler has the best battery run time of up to 60 minutes, while the Curling Iron and Multi-Styler run for up to 25 minutes cord-free. 

The biggest difference lies in what purpose you want your styling tools to perform. 

Unbound Auto Curler vs. Unbound Multi-styler 

If you want one cordless styling product to do it all, then the unbound multi-styler should be up your alley. It promises perfect straight hair, voluminous waves, and luxurious curls all in one product. 

With one flat side paired with a rounded barrel, this multi-purpose tool lets you explore all kinds of creative looks. It is essentially all the basics in one.

The only downside to the Multi-styler is the battery life. Twenty-five minutes doesn’t sound like that much time to play around and style your hair to your heart’s content. You’ll eventually have to plug it back in and wait another couple of hours before it’s ready for use again. 

If you’re more into curls, or you already have a reliable straightener, then get the Auto Curler. It’s a better option for you, giving you a lot more wiggle room to achieve the look you desire. 

Unbound Auto Curler vs. Unbound Curling Iron

For those seeking a more traditional curler, the Unbound line also carries a curling iron. It comes with a 1″ titanium barrel and clip. A traditional curler may be a quicker option for those with longer, thicker hair. You can control the amount of hair you wrap around the barrel without fear of it getting stuck or too much for the chamber to take in. 

Being able to wrap your hair around the barrel also allows for a lot more versatility and creativity to come into play. However, it does suffer the same downfall as the multi-styler in that the battery life is not as great as the Auto Curler. 

If you’re like me and just want easy, consistent curls with little to no effort, I’d stick to the Auto Curler.

Conair Unbound Petite 

The Conair Unbound line also comes in a petite version. Every piece is made travel-friendly with ¾-inch barrels to keep them small and handy. 

While most of the features remain consistent between the regular Unbound line and the Unbound Petite line, the size sacrifices battery power. The Petite tools only have up to 20 minutes of cordless functionality.


Now let’s look at how the Unbound Auto Curler compares to other similar products in the market.

Chi Spin and Curl vs. Conair Unbound

The Chi Spin and Curl has been on the forefront, as far as auto-curlers are concerned. It’s pretty comparable to the Conair Unbound in a lot of ways. 

It promises damage-free glossy, shining curls with its ceramic barrel, like the Unbound. They both also have three pre-set temperatures but the Chi Spin and Curl heats up slightly higher at its maximum 410°F. 

While it does come with a cord, if you intend on keeping your styling where power outlets are available, it won’t seem like too much of a problem. The Chi Spin and Curl’s 9-ft swivel cord offers a lot of room for maneuvering while you style. 

The shape of these devices might be the tipping point, though. 

The Chi Spin and Curl’s tulip shape has a more tapered design, letting you grab onto it a lot easier than the Conair Unbound. But if you’re looking for a more space-saving tool, the Conair Unbound just comes in a regular sleek cylinder shape, letting you set it down anywhere, any time. 

Conair Unbound Auto Curler vs. Padcist Magic Rod

If you’re looking for an exact dupe for the Conair Unbound, then the Padcist Magic Rod is just that. 

In terms of form, function, and styling, these two products are almost entirely identical. The Padcist Magic Rod, however, boasts six different heat and temperature settings. So, if the Conair Unbound’s selection of settings seems lacking, the Padcist Magic Rod’s got you covered. 

One thing that may be the dealbreaker here is accessibility. While the Conair Unbound is readily available online on many major retailers, the Padcist Magic Rod seems to be less available on reputable sites.


How to use Conair Unbound Cordless Auto Curler? 

Brush out all tangles and apply a heat protectant before using the Conair Unbound. This ensures a smooth, snag-free process when you start using the tool. 

  1. Separate hair into sections. The manual recommends using ½-inch sections. But for longer hair, it’s advised to make the sections a little smaller. 
  2. Using the LED display’s navigation buttons, set your desired curl direction, temperature, and time. For loose curls, set the temperature at 320°F for 6 or 8 seconds. For medium curls, set it at 360°F for 8 or 10 seconds, and if you want tight curls, you can do 400°F for 10 or 12 seconds.
  3. With the curl chamber facing up, lay a section of the hair on the opening of the curl chamber. Make sure the section is in the chamber. 
  4. Press and hold the START button to activate the motor. Your hair should be drawn into the chamber smoothly. 
  5. Wait for two rapid beeps before releasing the START button. Then gently pull the Conair Unbound away to reveal a perfect curl. 

Repeat for the remaining sections, then brush it out to your liking. Easy, perfect curls in a flash!

Does the Conair Unbound cordless auto curler work on short hair?

Because of its design, the Conair Unbound is probably best for medium to long hair. The way it takes hair into the chamber vertically may mean that shorter hair will not have enough length to be pulled and wrapped around the barrel effectively. 


The Conair Unbound sets the expectations high to live up to its name. It claims to allow you the freedom to create luxurious curls and waves any time, anywhere. With its sleek cordless design and the range of settings it has for heat and time, it definitely holds up to that promise. 

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