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By: | Last Updated: June 12, 2021

In a world where we are increasingly pushed for time, convenience has never been more important. The 2 in 1 straightener and curler was designed to make styling on the go quicker and simpler, by combining your favorite styling tools into one handy device. 

With twisted flat iron plates, this innovative design lets you create a range of looks from straight and sleek to curls or waves. With brands incorporating other features such as heat control and ionic technology, I’m going to take a closer look at a range of bestsellers to help you decide which is the best twist curling iron for you! 

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First off, what is a Twist Curling Iron / Flat Iron?

It looks like a flat iron or hair straightener that has a “twist” in the body, usually halfway through the handle. Hence the name “twisted flat iron”.

So how is it any different from a flat iron that also curls hair? Apart from the design, of course!

Well, using a hair straightener to curl requires certain techniques that some people may have a hard time learning. In this case, getting a flat iron with twisted plates will help you nail the curling process much easier.

Best Twist Curling Iron: 6 Options To Choose From

1. TYME Iron Pro 

Best for curly or hard to style hair – 4/5

Tyme Iron Pro

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Temperature Range5 Temperature Settings, 300 – 400° F
Heat Up Time55 Seconds
Auto Shut Off 30 Minutes
Plate MaterialTitanium
Warranty1 year

The most expensive of the list, the TYME Iron Pro has a patented design that claims to lock in curls using a heat transfer process, rapidly heating the hair between the titanium plates and then cooling them on the round exterior of the iron. If you have stubborn straight hair that struggles to hold a curl this could be the tool for you! 

The TYME Iron Pro smooths hair as it styles, allowing my natural curly-haired girls to jump straight into curling without prior straightening, reducing heat exposure to your locks. With a handy temperature memory feature, you can switch them on and the device remembers the temperature you last styled at so you don’t have to.

TYME also offers a free one-to-one virtual styling session so you get the most out of your tool, helping you to perfect your technique and style with ease. 

Read our in-depth TYME Iron Pro Review here!

2. Landot Twist Styling Iron 

Best for damaged hair – 4.5/5

LANDOT Twist Straightening Curling Iron

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Temperature Range11 Temperature Settings, 250 – 400° F
Heat Up Time30 Seconds
Auto Shut Off 60 Minutes
Plate MaterialCeramic
Warranty3 Years

The Landot twist styling Iron has a built-in ionic generator. The negative ions released while styling help to fight frizz, giving you a smooth and silky finish whilst protecting damaged hair.

The ceramic plates are also coated in an anti-static tourmaline coating helping to reduce fly-aways for a sleeker finish.

The smart heat protection sensors assess the moisture levels in your hair 8 times per second to help reduce excessive heat exposure.

With 11 adjustable temperature settings starting at just 250° F, the Landot is a great choice for those of you with thin or damaged hair, allowing styling with less heat exposure. 

3. Remington Twist and Curl 

Best for Color-treated Hair – 4.5/5

Remington Pro Multi-Styler with Twist & Curl

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Temperature Range5 Temperature Settings, 300 – 450° F
Heat Up Time30 Seconds
Auto Shut Off 60 Minutes
Plate MaterialCeramic/Titanium
Warranty5 Years

The Remington Twist and Curl is a fantastic choice for color-treated hair. The built-in heat sensor automatically adjusts the styling temperature to avoid overheating and reduce color fade and damage. 

The design features floating ceramic plates that adjust to the thickness of hair that you are styling. Its smooth glide design allows your hair to easily pass through the tool for effortless, sleek styling. 

The tip of the Remington stays cool allowing for a safe and easy grip while twisting the tool to create your curls, reducing the risk of painful burnt fingertips!

4. Revolution Twist Straightening Iron 

Best choice for traveling – 4/5

Revolution 2-in-1 Twist Straightening Curling Iron

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Temperature Range4 Temperature Settings, 284 – 428°F
Heat Up Time90 Seconds
Auto Shut Off 60 Minutes
Plate MaterialTitanium Iron
Warranty2 Years

Measuring in at only 11 inches and with worldwide dual voltage, the Revolution Twist Straightening Iron is perfect for taking on your travels. This styler comes with a handy travel bag and safety locks for secure storage wherever you go. 

The Revolution also features PTC heaters, which unlike conventional heating hot wires, use ceramic stones or chips, extending the lifespan of the product. 

The angled edges of the titanium plates allow hair to glide through smoothly, whether you curl or straighten, without leaving any unwanted kinks. 

5. Almost Famous 2inOne Twist Flat Iron 

Best for long hair – 3.5/5

71%2B4iv1rPiL. AC SL1500 – Curling Diva

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Temperature Range248 – 450°F
Heat Up Time
Auto Shut Off 
Plate MaterialTitanium

The Almost Famous twist curler comes in a wide variety of external colours to suit your individual style and personality. 

Featuring a beautiful set of extra long, rose gold, titanium plates, this curler allows you to style larger sections of hair at once perfect for long hair or if you want to reduce your styling time. 

With a low temperature of 248°F and high of 450°F there is a setting to suit every hair type, whether thick or thin you can style without excessive heat. 

6. Caytraill Travel Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1

Best Budget Choice – 5/5

Caytrail Hair Straightener and Curler 2 in 1

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Temperature Range284 – 428°F
Heat Up Time30 Seconds
Auto Shut Off 60 Minutes
Plate MaterialCeramic
Warranty1 Year

The Caytraill is an excellent all-around budget choice, featuring many of the best twist curling iron features, for a fraction of the cost. 

This tool has floating 3D ceramic plates that accommodate the thickness of hair you are styling, allowing for a smooth glide and no snagging. With a wide temperature range, the Caytraill is suitable for all hair types.

With dual voltage, they are also perfect for travel and the wide temperature range makes them suitable for a variety of hair types. 

Why choose a 2 in 1 straightening and curling iron?

Whether you are looking to reduce your styling time or need a solution to travel that saves space in your case, a twist curling iron is a fantastic option! 

The multi-tool design means you do not have to switch between stylers to achieve a smooth finish, allowing coarse or curly hair to be effortlessly styled into waves.

It also means you do not have to pack extra appliances when you travel, creating extra room in your travel bag. 

If you are on a budget, they are also a great money-saving option, as you only need to buy one tool to cover all of your styling needs. They also help to declutter your styling space, or if you are pushed for storage, you only have one appliance to find room for. 

What to consider when purchasing a twist curling iron

One of the most important things to consider is whether the appliance suits your hair type. 

Thin or damaged hair is best styled at lower temperatures, so picking a tool that can work at a low enough temperature, or with a heat sensor, will help to limit damage to your hair. 

Thicker, more coarse hair requires higher temperatures for styling hair, so an appliance with a hotter maximum temperature may be for you. 

If your hair has a variety of textures or layers, a styler with floating plates is an excellent option, as the plates adjust to your hair and reduce flyaways/snagging. 

It is also important to ensure the size of the plates suit the length of your hair. 

Short-haired girls will want a device with shorter or narrower plates to achieve a closer, tighter curl.

For those of you with long locks, I would recommend longer and wider plates to achieve a natural curl and a shorter styling time – reducing heat exposure to your hair.  

If you travel often ensure that your chosen device has dual voltage and check it is the right size to fit in your bag.

How do you use a twisted plate curling iron?

Twist curling irons have an unfair reputation for being tricky to use, although they can take a bit of practice, once mastered they really can style your hair in a breeze. 

When used as a straightening iron simply clamp around your hair and glide down. To create waves, clamp your hair from the roots and twist your wrist 180° degrees as you pull down towards your ends.

For more defined curls, clamp your hair and twist again, but slowly bring the appliance down towards the ends of your hair, letting the hair absorb the heat and then cool as you glide. Lock in your chosen style with a spritz of hair spray for a fantastic long-lasting look. 


If you aren’t sure a twist curling iron is for you, I would recommend trying out the Caytraill, it is a fantastic budget option and suitable for all hair types.

Featuring floating plates, like the Remington, but with the same temperature range as the Revolution, the Caytraill covers all bases, for less money. It is a great choice for trialing the technique needed to use a twisted plate curling iron. 

If you are searching for longevity, the TYME Iron Pro is a higher-end option that reviews report work well over a long time period. With the added, luxurious, one-to-one virtual styling appointment, you can rest assured that you will be styling like a professional with this tool. 

Or, if you are confident you have the technique in the bag and want the lifespan without the big spend, the Remington offers a 5-year warranty on its twist hair straightener and protects against color-fade and damage! 

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