Why does my hair curl at the end

By: | Last Updated: February 22, 2022

You wash your hair. Dry and straighten it. As you take a final look at the mirror before heading out, you notice the ends of your hair curling up. This can be frustrating!

Does this usually happen to you? You aren’t alone. And it’s hard not to complain.

Easy solution — cut down those unmanageable ends. It’s not the best move, though. It might be effective for a few days or so, but it will start to curl up again.

Best solution — nourish your hair. Know the right haircut for your hair type. Before we dig deep into that, let’s first learn why it happens and how to prevent it from happening.

Why does my hair curl up at the ends?

Why does my hair curl up at the ends

One would expect that there is already an answer to this question. But it remains hard to actually establish the exact reason why it happens.

But we’ve outlined the possibilities below!

Hair Type vs Hair Cut

It’s tempting to try all the trendy hairstyles that you see online. But not all hairstyles work for every hair type. The wrong hairstyle can cause your hair to curl up at the ends.

Straight hair, for example, can hardly hold waves and curls. That’s why straight-haired girls don’t expect curl ends a lot. But it does happen, especially if you cut your hair to shoulder length. 

As your hair grows to the length of your shoulder, unmanageable flicks and curls will start to appear. So choose longer or shorter haircuts. Avoid the shoulders.

Meanwhile, if your hair type is anything but straight, you can go for layers. The waves will concentrate on the bottom part of your hair strands. It will give more volume to your wavy or curly hair. 

Hair Health

Dry, brittle, and frizzy hair is hard to manage. Your hair will start to have a life of its own, curling or flicking in any direction that it wants. 

People that use heat styling tools are more likely to experience this. So don’t be over-reliant on these tools. Or at least protect your hair while using it and use it properly.

Like your skin, your hair will be healthier and smoother if you nourish it.

Hair Products

Choose the ones marketed for your hair type when using hair care products.

Check the label. See if it’s best for straight, wavy, or curly hair. Using the right products will make your hair less likely to flick or curl outwards.

For wavy hair, avoid anything too heavy. 

Curly or coily hair, on the other hand, needs more moisture.

The Climate in Your Area

Humidity, weather conditions, and pollution can affect your hair, usually in a way that isn’t so desirable. This applies to all hair types. 

In situations like this, find the right hair care products. It will keep your hair from curling outwards or becoming unmanageable.

Anti-humidity creams are your go-to products if you live in areas with more humid climates. Get your hands on nourishing hair care solutions to hydrate your hair during dry seasons. Stay away from heavy hair care products, though, as it can lead to undesirable outcomes.

Using a deep conditioner to seal the ends of your hair is a good idea. 


Another reason for hair to flick outward is hormonal imbalance. 

You might already know how hormones can cause hair loss or hair graying. But not only that. In some circumstances, hormonal changes can affect the texture of your hair as well. This is especially true for women going through major hormonal fluctuations. You are more likely to experience changes in hair growth during pregnancy and menopause.

If you get lucky, your hair will less likely to flick outwards during pregnancy. This is because estrogen levels rise during this time. You could have your best hair texture while bearing your child.

Meanwhile, your worse hair woe can occur during menopause. This is because androgen hormones rise during this time. The estrogen levels, on the other hand, decrease. This is the best time to try biotin supplements to resist changes in your hair texture.

How do I stop my hair from curling at the ends?

How do I stop my hair from curling at the ends

We’ve answered the common question “why is my hair straight but curly at the ends?” above.

Now, what’s next? 

You surely want to know what to do about it.

That’s why we outlined the possible solutions below!

Get a fresh haircut

The easiest way to resolve this problem is by getting a fresh new haircut. If your shoulder-length hair is flicking outwards, cut a few inches. Ensure the hair strands won’t reach the shoulder line to prevent curling. 

Trimming your tresses is one way to keep them healthy as well. Get rid of those split ends. Trim the old-damaged part of your hair. It’s time for your hair to have a new lease of life.

Develop a hair care routine

Keep your hair away from dryness, brittleness, and split-ends. This is the key to preventing it from curling and flicking outwards. 

This said, let moisturizing products be your hair’s best friend. Applying a hair mask every week is a good idea. 

Lock in moisture with the use of a good quality product. Find a conditioner for your hair type. Curly hair, for example, is drier than straight hair. So opt for products marketed for your curly hair.

Lastly, use a serum. Consider this as your hair’s final layer of protection against humidity and sun damage.

Nourish your tresses with the use of weekly hair masks. On a more frequent basis, apply conditioners, serums, and related hair care products. Doing this regularly will transform your lifeless, unmanageable hair. It will have more volume and become shinier and healthier in no time.

Manage hair damage

manage hair damage

Hair damage is one of the main reasons why your hair curls outwards. That said, managing the damage is the most obvious way to prevent that from happening.

One way to prevent hair damage is by drying your hair properly. If possible, don’t use a traditional towel. Instead, find a cotton shirt. Or allow it to dry naturally.

If the use of heat tools is necessary, use low-heat settings. Applying heat-protectant products will go a long way. It will protect your tresses from severe heat damage. 

Also, don’t blow dry your hair right after going out of the shower. Wait until at least it is 80% dry

Take supplements

As mentioned above, hormonal imbalances can cause hair to flick and curl outwards. In this situation, nourishing your hair will still not resolve the problem. It’s best to seek medical help.

Consult your doctor. Ask about any supplements that you can take for your hormonal imbalance. Every case is different. It’s best to seek professional advice to manage your condition safely.

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“Why does my hair curve at the end?” isn’t a question that only you have asked. 

It is a common hair woe that women of all hair types experience. The answer remains uncertain, though. If you have the same hair problem, you now know a few things about managing it.

Cut your hair according to your hair type and use products that suit your hair texture. Protect your tresses when using heat-styling tools. Moisturize your hair during hot and humid seasons.

A well-nourished hair is a more manageable hair. 

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