7 Frustrating Curly Hair Problems Solved

By: | Last Updated: May 6, 2020

If you have curly hair, you know exactly how difficult it is for you to properly maintain it.

You may spend hours in front of the mirror trying to style it, but as soon as it gets even the slightest bit humid outside, you suddenly are dealing with a ton of frizz.

If you would like to combat the most common problems people with curls have to deal with, check out the tips below.

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1. Eliminate Knots Without Destroying the Curls

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You have probably used a brush several times to get those knots outs, but quickly noticed that it ruined the way your curls looked at that moment. After dealing with that mess, you may not brush your hair as often as you should to keep it free of any knots. However, there is a quick and simple solution to this problem. Instead of using a brush, you should comb through each strand with an extra wide tooth comb or even better, use a detangling brush.

The wide tooth comb allows you to get knots out of your hair without compromising the beautiful appearance of your curls. You can use it while you are in the shower. In fact, it is usually best to use it after you have rinsed the conditioner out.

2. Take Control of the Split Ends

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Even though your hair looks beautiful overall, the ends may look slightly damaged. The damage can occur from all kind of things, including the styling products you use regularly.

If you would like to combat those split ends and leave them in better condition than before, you should start using coconut oil or a blend of both coconut and argan oil directly on your ends. You can apply the oil on wet or dry hair and leave it in overnight to maximize your results.

3. Use Leave-In Conditioner to Avoid Dryness

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Do you prefer to have naturally soft curls instead of a frizzy mess? If so, you will need to use a leave-in conditioner. The leave-in conditioner will hydrate your locks, leaving them soft and smooth with much less frizz. There are a lot of different deep conditioning products on the market, but the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque is a popular choice for those who have this specific hair texture.

4. Sleep With a Satin Pillowcase to Eliminate the Frizz

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How many times have you looked at yourself in the mirror after a night of sleep and noticed your hair was completely frizzy? Even if it looked good before you went to bed, all that tossing and turning on a cotton pillowcase can cause frizz.

You can easily prevent this problem by switching over to a satin pillowcase. You should notice how much better your hair looks in the morning after sleeping with this kind of pillowcase even once. If you don’t have one already, try the Bedsure Satin Pillowcase set, a lot of people swear by it!

5. Never Sleep With Wet Hair

Sleeping with wet hair is never a good idea for those who have curls. You will fall asleep with a sleek look, but you will wake up to a huge mess on your head. Consider showering a few hours before bedtime to give your locks time to dry on their own. You could also use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to keep the curls looking great while you work on drying them.

6. Use an Anti-Frizz Serum Daily

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Even if you use a leave-in conditioner and sleep on a satin pillow, you may still experience a bit of frizz throughout the day, especially if you are outside in the humid weather. However, there is quick fix for that problem. If you carry an anti-frizz serum around with you each day, you can keep the problem at a minimum. TIGI Curlesque Defining Serum is a good one.

7. Apply Avocado Oil While Styling to Treat Dryness

Keep your hair healthy and hydrated by applying avocado oil while styling. Not only does it moisturize the locks, but it makes the hair look a lot shinier too. If you think your locks look too dry right now, using a product that helps with shine is important. This Avocado Oil from NOW is not only great for skin, but also works wonders for the hair.

By following these seven simple tips, you will have beautiful and healthy curls. Make sure you avoid making some of the most common and major mistakes, such as brushing those curls out or not applying any leave-in conditioner for hydration purposes. You will immediately see a difference.

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