Why Is My Hair Frizzy All of a Sudden

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Frizzy hair is the curly girl’s biggest nightmare, especially in the summer when the weather is hot and humidity is on the high side. Frizz is a war every curly girl has to fight and you need tools and tips to fight this war.

In this article, we are going to talk about why your hair is frizzy all of a sudden.

To start with, it is good know what frizzy hair means.

What is frizzy hair?

Frizz happens when the cuticle layer on the hair is raised. This causes moisture to pass through it, therefore the hair strand swells. This results in your hair looking dry and frizzy, rather than being smooth and arranged. Among all hair types, curly hair appears to be the most susceptible to frizz.

Close up showing frizzy hair versus straight hair
Close up of frizzy versus straight hair.

Why is my hair frizzy all of a sudden? 

Now that we know what frizz is, let us talk about why your hair suddenly becomes frizzy. Here are 7 possible reasons why:

You are not styling

When you don’t use styling products or you don’t style your hair at all, it is impossible to stop the hair from becoming frizzy. You don’t have to overdo it by crowding your countertop with styling products. But do try out products that are meant for your curl type. 

Styling products such as gel, spray and mousse have come a long way in the last two to three decades. You may have previously tried frizzing fighters without success. But with new formulations, you can try to add them to your routine now. You can use Aloe Vera gel, if you prefer homemade or natural products over the commercially prepared ones available at the grocery store.

A well-known curl-centric stylist suggests that you should decide what you want your hair to look like and work with your stylist to get there one step at a time. This means that you must be willing to make necessary changes to get the hair you want. It may require you to cut off damaged hair and start again. Other times, it may require you to find the appropriate styling products or even change your hair care regimen.

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You are not using the right product

Curly haired gals (“Curlies”) are usually product junkies. This means that they move from one product to another on a regular basis.  Once they see a product work for someone, they buy it. Most often, they do not consider if it is the right product for their curly hair or not. In cases where the product is not the right one, the result is usually more annoying than frizz.

Frizzed curls can also be a result of buying cheap, wrong products. We know the economy is what it is. Everyone is trying to make cuts and usually it is the shampoo and conditioner that are top on the list. But you’ll certainly find affordable options. All you have to do is to pay more attention to ingredients and what your curls respond to best.

frizzy hair – Curling Diva
When frizzy makes you go crazy..

You are applying the right product in the wrong way

If you have bought the right products and you still find your curls in the frizzy way, it means that you are not using the products correctly. One thing I found out is that how you apply a product can make a huge difference. 

We suggest that you should ask for guidelines from your stylist on the right way to apply these products. So you don’t make the mistake of applying products the wrongly and later complain that it is not working.

You are not using enough product

When you get the appropriate products and apply them correctly, but you still find yourself with the frizzy hair, then the problem perhaps lies in the quantity of products that you are using. 

Chances are that they are insufficient. This problem is peculiar to “Curlies” with a longer and thicker mane which needs more than the average dollop of products. Ask your stylist to show you the correct amount of products to apply. This would save you the trouble of guessing how much to apply.

The way you sleep causes frizz 

You may do everything right during the day but still mess it up with your nighttime routine. It is common for your hair to be frizzy in the morning if you don’t manage your hair well overnight.

We suggest sleeping with satin or silk pillowcase. You can try a scarf bonnet like this to protect your curls or use a satin pillowcase. This would help you maintain the moisture in the hair. Please don’t use cotton or other materials because they make the hair dry out which results in frizz.

You can also apply a leave-in conditioner at night. Remember to do this regularly so you can get the best result.

You’re using the flat iron too much

The burnt, frayed ends of the curls cannot be mistaken. They give a true picture of what you are trying to hide, even when you don’t realize it. Most of the time, it causes damage to curl. It makes the hair unable to nicely curl up. It would be good for you not use a flat iron but if you must, don’t crank it to the hottest point.

You’re overdoing it with hair color

Don’t color your hair by yourself and expect your stylist to perform magic in fixing it.

Before you color your hair or highlight it, consult with a professional.

Furthermore, we suggest a semi-permanent color if you must colour your hair at all. This is because it won’t do so much damage to the hair like permanent color does. However, if your mind is made up on using a permanent colour, make a choice between single-process and highlights, but don’t use both.

There you have it. We have provided you with these tips on why your hair is frizzy all of a sudden as well as how to stop it. We hope you use these tips to stop the frizz.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sudden Hair Frizz:

1. What causes frizzy hair all of a sudden?

Sudden frizz can result from various factors, including changes in weather, humidity, hair care routines, or products. It’s essential to identify the specific cause to effectively combat frizz.

2. Can weather changes lead to sudden frizz?

Yes, weather changes, especially high humidity, can cause hair to absorb excess moisture, resulting in frizz. Dry, cold weather can also contribute to frizz by making hair more prone to static.

3. How can I prevent frizz during humid weather?

To combat frizz in humid conditions, use anti-frizz products, apply hair serums or oils, and consider protective hairstyles like braids. Avoid excessive heat styling, as it can exacerbate frizz.

4. Can changes in hair care routines cause sudden frizz?

Yes, altering your hair care routine, such as using new products or styling tools, can affect your hair’s response, potentially leading to frizz. Always choose products suitable for your hair type.

5. What role do hair products play in sudden frizz?

Hair products can either combat or contribute to frizz. Using the wrong products or applying them incorrectly can lead to frizz. Choose products designed to manage frizz, like serums and leave-in conditioners.

6. Can improper application of products cause frizz?

Yes, applying hair products incorrectly can result in frizz. Consult your stylist for guidance on the right way to apply products to achieve desired results and reduce frizz.

7. Is excessive heat styling a common cause of sudden frizz?

Yes, excessive heat styling, especially with high heat settings, can strip hair of moisture, making it prone to frizz. Use heat protectant products and minimize heat styling for healthier hair.

8. Can sudden frizz be managed with home remedies?

Some home remedies like DIY hair masks using natural ingredients can help manage frizz. Ingredients like aloe vera gel and honey can be beneficial. However, results may vary depending on the cause of frizz.

9.What role does hair texture play in sudden frizz?

Hair texture influences how it responds to environmental factors and products. Curly hair is often more susceptible to frizz due to its structure, but effective management can help reduce frizz.

10. When should I seek professional help for sudden frizz concerns?

If you’ve tried various methods to combat sudden frizz, and it persists or worsens, it’s advisable to consult a hairstylist or dermatologist. They can provide personalized advice and solutions.

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