How to remove split ends yourself

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Split ends are the most disheartening sights to behold when checking out your hair (well aside from receding hairline). Split ends have a way making your hair appear damaged and unattractive. The worst part about having split ends is that it keeps coming back. Are you a victim of this recurring nuisance? Don’t worry yourself too much. This articlewill guide you in dealing with split ends.

But first..

What are Split ends?

Split ends (also called trichoptilosis) are frizzled hair shaft which appear at the tip of your hair. Split ends are not peculiar to a particular hair type. They are every ladies’ enemy regardless of hair type. They make your hair look damaged and if they are not quickly attended to, split ends can cause more hair damage.

But why my hair?

Split ends occur as a sign of damaged hair which may be as a result of too much use of hair chemicals, bad diet, poor hair hygiene or wrong hair combing style. Your hair sends you a red flag of warning with split ends when it is damaged. Hey do not worry, your hair is repairable. Now how can we remove split ends?

How To Repair Heat Damaged Hair without Cutting It – Curling Diva

Removing split ends

There are several ways to remove split ends from your hair but the best option is to let your professional stylist manage your hair. Your hairdresser can always trim the split ends off every time you go for a haircut. But the cons of this option is that sometimes split ends appear before your next appointment with your hairdresser and waiting for your appointment may not be the best option. When you are faced with this problem, your best option might be doing it yourself. 

Don’t even consider leaving your split ends without trimming. This is a very terrible decision to make because leaving split ends in your hair will only make your hair becomes weaker until it your hair starts breaking off. Getting rid of your split ends yourself is simple, cost effective and also efficient if you follow the guidelines. Let’s help you bring back your beautiful hair.

How To Get Rid of Split Ends Yourself

Removing split ends is not a difficult as long as you know what to do. Here are the steps to take:

  1. Get your instruments ready. To remove the split ends, the major instrument you will need is a pair of hair shears. You will also need a mirror (preferably a table mirror which you don’t have to hold) and hair brushes.
  2. Brush your hair carefully. This will get rid of tangles and prep your hair for trimming.
  3. Locate the damaged hair. To locate split ends in your hair, examine your hair in the mirror. Split ends are easy to locate; they are found at the tip of the hair, dry and frizzled.
  4. Cut the damaged hair. The only option to treating split ends is to cut them off. Carefully trim off the split ends with your hair shears. Ensure you cut a few inches above the damaged hair. If you cut too close to the split ends, the stubborn damaged hair will just reappear.

Other Ways How To Remove Split Ends Yourself

1.  How to get rid of split ends 

This video is highly informative and straight forward. You will be exposed to two different methods that can be used for getting rid of split ends effectively. 

For those who don’t want to lose a lot of hair length when trimming your hair, this video compares dusting vs trimming as a way to get rid of split ends.

2. How To Trim Split Ends 

In this video, you will be taught by Curt Darling, the Emmy award winning stylist. Not only will you be taught by someone who knows exactly what he is doing with hair, you will also enjoy his easy to comprehend explanations. Check it out and thank me later.

3. Use a Split ends Trimmer 

This is a very unique video with a hilarious revelation. There is a device used for cutting split ends! Okay, I did a double take when I found this video but I’m glad I did. This tutorial definitely cannot replace the instruction manual for the device but it is definitely an interesting and highly informative one. Watch and enjoy the knowledge! 

This is the product mentioned in the video – click the image below to buy it now!

61y3XcLEFyL. SL1000 – Curling Diva

How To Avoid Getting Split Ends 

Prevention, they say is better than cure so it is better to avoid split ends than trying to battle with it. There are few ways to avoid split ends, study the options below and thank me later.

1. Avoid excess use of hair products

There is nothing wrong with a perm, hair bleaching or hair dying every once in a while but when it becomes too often, your hair begins to react to this. Go easy on the application of chemicals to your hair and save yourself the heartache of dealing with damaged hair.

2. Protect your hair

Your hair is a constant part of you, whether you keep it long or crop it really short, you need to take care of it and protect it from anything that can cause damage to your hair. Protect your hair from sunlight, heat, before sleeping and also before swimming to avoid hair damage.

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3. Avoid use of hair accessories that will damage your hair

Hair accessories like elastic bands are known for causing hair damage. You can try using more hair-friendly accessories like ribbons and scarves. If ponytail is your go-to hairstyle, learn how to stop wearing your hair in ponytail.

4. Eat a balanced diet

This is not just for your hair but for your general wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet is especially good for your hair. Vitamins (like Vitamin E), fatty acids and protein is very good for your hair. Sometimes the best option for hair growth and hair treatment is a well balanced diet and not extra baggage of hair products.

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