Is Biolage good for your hair

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Choosing your hair care brand can be like selecting restaurants. You take your time researching what you want to eat and where but most of the time, you settle for that good old and proven restaurant that has been there since childhood.

Well, that’s how haircare goes too. There is nothing wrong with grabbing what has been consistently excellent for decades since they have been in the market. Biolage by Matrix Inc. is one of those. 

Throughout the years, Biolage has proven its claim as a leading brand. Whether you are a new follower or an old-time loyalist of Biolage, it’s always wise to be informed. 

After all, your hair might have changed, and you are up for a new set of hair care products. So is Biolage good for your hair? 

Read on and find out through this article.

Is Matrix Biolage a good brand?

Is Matrix Biolage a good brand

Matrix Essentials, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of L’oreal Paris USA. It is a leading professional hair care, hair color, and texturizing products company. Among its line is Biolage, which specializes in top hair care and styling products. 

According to its official website, Biolage was launched in 1990 and has offered an array of products, including shampoos, conditioners, balms, detangling solutions, and leave-in tonics. What’s incredible about this brand is its push for sustainability with its post consumer resin bottles and green chemistry formulation.

It is no wonder they have built up a strong following and made the no. 1 American hair care salon brand after six years in the market. 

Is Biolage a good product?

If Biolage is an artist, it would be Taylor Swift. They did not come to play when they introduced themselves to the world. They have the best of solutions for every problem you might have.

You can browse their website and take a hair quiz before you delve in, or else you could get overwhelmed by everything they offer. 

If you want hydration, volume, protection for your fresh-from-the-salon color, or to boost hair volume, they have every collection for that. They also have styling products to complete and maintain that healthy but salon-made look including gels, hairsprays, mousse, primers, and heat protectors. 

What’s more interesting is their choice of ingredients. When they launched their hydration range, your friendly neighborhood superhero, aka aloe vera, became its star ingredient. Other ingredients included are orchid, camellia, bamboo, silk powder, and henna. 

To say Biolage went all-out is honestly an understatement. 

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Is Biolage good for colored hair?

Is Biolage good for colored hair

Coloring your hair is an investment. We all know that by now. If you are on your DIY session, that also costs you time trying to figure out how not to mess up your current trial. 

So be it time or money, you don’t want that investment to go down the drain— quite literally. That’s why there is one more step to ensuring you can enjoy your vibrant color or your platinum blonde moment: your choice of haircare. 

The Color Last collection of Biolage helps you maintain vibrancy with its key ingredient: orchids. It is vegan, paraben-free, and gently cleanses your hair with its low pH, so your hair keeps its color for about 20 washes/ 9 weeks if you use its shampoo+conditioner system. 

What more? They also feature a purple shampoo to neutralize unwanted warm and brassy tones. If you were waiting for your next salon appointment and worried about the yellow tones gradually showing, this formula contains castor oil, fig, and orchids which leaves your hair fresh and shiny. 

Another thing you can be less bothered with is the amount of damage done to your hair, especially when you bleached it first. Their Color Last treatment pack prevents tangled, dull hair prone to breakage. 

Is Biolage good for curly hair?

If you have curly hair, you probably laugh inside when people wish they have the fullness of your hair. Oh, they don’t know the struggle with this type of hair. One day it is what you want it to be, then the next humid day, well, there goes the frizz and flyaways

That’s why if you have curly hair (type 3 and 4), it is so important to moisturize as well as ensure that your choice of haircare and styling products smoothen out (and not just hide!) your frizz. 

Biolage solved two of these concerns when introducing Hydra Source and Smooth Proof. Hydra Source mainly addresses the issue of dry hair while Smooth Proof locks out moisture from the environment so you can let go of unwanted volume. 

Is Biolage Hydra Source shampoo good for your hair?

Yes, it is. The Hydra Source collection assures you will never leave your home with dry and unmanageable hair again with their key ingredient, aloe. This optimizes moisture balance and promises 15x moisturized hair if you follow their shampoo & conditioner system. 

Still not convinced? The Ultra Hydra Source shampoo includes aloe, cupuacu butter, and apricot kernel oil for volumizing control will quench every thirsty hair strand. 

This is a great buy especially if you have coiled or kinky patterns (type 4 hair), since this delivers the much-needed moisture from roots to end. 

Is Biolage Smooth Proof shampoo good for your hair

Smooth Proof was born from the water-resistant qualities of the camellia flower. For those with loose, curl patterns, the formula ensures that humidity wouldn’t ruin your locks and never make you look like a frazzled witch straight out of the forest. 

These collections come with a conditioner, among other hair care and styling products. Don’t forget to check them out, too, so you won’t have any moments of unruliness again! 

Is Biolage good for thinning hair?

Whether it is due to stress or age, thinning hair has become a common hair concern. It is something you can’t smooth out with a few spritzes and is challenging to style. But there is no need to lose your confidence over this! There is hope out there and it is in the form of Biolage advanced Full Density collection.

Full Density has a thickening hair system featuring biotin, zinc PCA, and gluco-omega blend which gently removes follicle-clogging impurities. Paired with their Full Density Densifying Spray which expands hair diameter, this creates thicker and healthier looking hair. 

This advanced treatment includes a conditioner that helps reduce breakage by 95%. Treating thinning hair means taking care of the hair you have left and your scalp to encourage hair growth. 

If you can develop a “green thumb” for hair, this is the time to hone that skill and get your tools right with Biolage!

Is Biolage good for the scalp?

Is Biolage good for the scalp

A healthy scalp makes a difference when you aim to return to what once was your hair before all the sulfates, and the colorants and bleach killed it. During a scalp treatment, you clear out the build-up and reset your sebum levels. 

Biolage Clean Reset normalizing shampoo is made for all hair types and helps to cleanse hair without drying it intensely. 

An FYI: Clean Reset is a clarifying shampoo. They may not have plastered it on the label, but the purpose is the same. 

Does Biolage cause build-up?

Okay, a little lecture. A build-up accumulates natural sebum and products you put on your hair. It’s typically because of film-forming products like silicone and waxes, which are water-resistant. Gradually, they all gather, and your hair looks greasy and even causes scalp irritation and flakiness. 

To address this problem, Biolage Scalp Sync purifies and gently cleanses your scalp while leaving it with a minty and fresh feel. They even feature an anti-dandruff shampoo for those suffering from it. 

So while Biolage products may cause you build-up (like any other product out there), they also make sure that they provide an option for you to get your scalp healthy again. 

Is Biolage a good shampoo? 

When it comes to good shampoos, there is nothing honestly better than what works for you. Then by that definition, you are in excellent hands with Biolage. If you have a specific concern, all you need to do is go to their official website to start your research.

Their shampoos feature a key ingredient that serves as an inspiration for creating the formula. These are their shampoos in their different collections:

  • Biolage Keratin Dose
  • Biolage Color Last
  • Biolage Hydra Source
  • Biolage Ultra Hydra Source
  • Biolage Volume Bloom
  • Biolage Smooth Proof
  • Biolage Full Density
  • Biolage Scalp Sync 
  • Biolage Clean Reset
  • Biolage Fiber Strong

They also have Biolage All in One which is a great multitasker. The line includes a shampoo/ body scrub. Yes, you read that right! It exfoliates, detoxifies, and cleanses from head to toe. It’s a great deal if you want to maintain your healthy locks and take good care of the rest of your skin too! 

Is Biolage shampoo chemical-free?

According to Matrix, Biolage is free from harmful chemicals that could damage your hair. It claims to be free from silicone, parabens, sulfate, artificial colorants, glutens, and lanolins, among others. 

However, it is always wise to read the back label when purchasing products. If you have damaged hair or an allergic reaction to a specific ingredient, you should not blindly choose. For example, if you check the ingredient list of Hydra Source collection, their conditioning balm has methylparaben. 

It is safe to say that not everything aligns with their claim. Nonetheless, Biolage has been positively reviewed. If the presence of some ingredients is not a thorn in your side, it is worth a try!

Is Biolage sulfate-free?

Nope. Not everything. Their shampoo line has sulfates. They previously had a line called R.A.W which stands for real, authentic, and wholesome. Biolage advertised the collection to be sulfate-free, paraben-free, and silicone-free. But according to the official website, Biolage discontinued them already. 

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The most important thing to probably learn in choosing whether Biolage is good for you is to ask whether it can address the issues you have right now with your hair. Most likely, the answer is yes. The line does not leave you hanging with just a shampoo and conditioner to deal with everything. Instead, it ensures you have everything down to styling to have salon-quality hair. 

Biolage has quite an expensive tag, but that also goes with positive reviews and sustainable products. So take a quiz now and see the change for yourself!

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  1. I am very disappointed because of your false ingredient lineup. I have been using Biolage shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair for a couple years believing all your hype about it being sulfate free. Now I come to find out that it is NOT Sulfate Free. This is definitely false advertising and I will be searching for another Sulfate Free Shampoo.


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