7 Ways How to Make Your Hair Less Greasy Without Washing It

By: | Last Updated: November 5, 2019

If there’s anything that can pass for being lazy, it sure would be getting one’s hair frequently cleaned. The frustrating extra 15 minutes of washing hair, and several hours of wetness are the primary reasons why one would get bothered about washing hair—especially when there isn’t enough time to blowdry it. 

What this means is that you have to come up with better ways to get rid of the grease without washing your hair. Of course, hats are good for keeping dirty roots out of sight, but what if you don’t have a hat or you’d rather not wear one?

Since situations like these are bound to happen, then it’s important to find alternative methods to get rid of the greasiness. 

Here’s How To Make Your Hair Less Greasy Without Washing It:

The following are tips that could be useful in making your hair less greasy without washing it.

1. Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo – Curling Diva

On no-wash days, dry shampoo is your bestfriend! There’s nothing else that does the trick of making hair look clean even without washing. Spritz dry shampoo all over the hair, including the roots, and then blow dry for a few minutes. No doubt you’ll be amazed at the results!

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2. Baby Powder

Right before dry shampoo came into the scene, baby powder was the multipurpose beauty product to handle greasy hair. And luckily, it still does possess this relevance. Sprinkle a little bit along the parted hair lines and rubbed in all throughout your hair while paying special attention to the roots. This will instantly make it look good and smell even fresher as it will soak up the grease and make it look as though it has been newly washed.

3. Cornstarch + Cocoa Powder

If you don’t have baby powder with you, you can also use cornstarch. It’s a good DIY product for getting rid of oiliness. In fact, it’s a common ingredient in homemade dry shampoo recipes along with baby powder. 

If you have brown or darker hair, it would be great if you mix in some cocoa powder with the cornstarch so it won’t be visible in your roots. Plus, it makes your hair smell really nice.

blonde woman with greasy hair – Curling Diva
Greasy blonde hair

4. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer, really?! Yes. This is another greasy hair hack. 

The main ingredient in hand sanitizer is alcohol. Since alcohol draws out moisture, it’s the perfect for managing oily hair. You can use any alcohol-based products such as alcohol wipes or hand sanitizer for this process. Simply pour some sanitizer in your hands and work it through the roots. Afterwards, the alcohol will evaporate leaving you with a fresh looking hair.

You can also use alcohol wipes to wipe areas where most sweat is produced. That’s usually along your forehead and across the back of your head along the hairline. But be careful not to do this often as alcohol can really dry out your hair.

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5. Blotting Papers and Paper Towels

Blotting papers are made up of material that absorbs oil. So if they can be used to absorb excess oil from your face, why not use it on your hair?

All you need to do is to pat the blotting paper on the roots of your hair that is visibly greasy. And yes, there are also blotting papers specifically made for the hair.

But if you really do not have anything handy to fight your greasy hair, you might as well make use of paper towels. Chances are you have some in your house, and you can use paper towels the same way as you would the blotting papers. Although this might not be the most viable option, but it’s something to fall back on in case of hair emergencies.

6. Wash and condition only a part of your hair, then blow dry it

If you’re short on time but still have quite a little to play with, you can wash and condition part of your hair. You can do this by just washing the sides of your hair. Apply some conditioner, and when you’re done washing, blow dry it. This will make it look as if you’ve washed your entire head. But if you do it this, why not just wash the whole thing, right?

7. Use a blow dryer 

How To Dry Your Hair Without Making It Frizzy – Curling Diva

Sometimes, all it takes is a quick blow dry to fix up oily or greasy hair. Using a hair dryer on already dry hair might seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually a good way to get rid of the greasiness.

This is particularly useful on sweaty hair, right after a gym session. Doing this can help get rid of some of the oil that is built up and make it look as if you just washed your hair.

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Quick fixes are great for getting rid of greasy hair when you’re short on time. 

However, please note that they won’t work in the long term. You will need to fight the problem head-on and completely tackle grease in your hair. The most effective way to manage greasy hair is to give your hair a good wash, but if you can’t do it for some reason, then the above mentioned tips are just available to fall back on.

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