How to put rollers in short hair for volume

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If you have short hair, hairstyling can be quite a challenge.

Because it’s short, your styling choices are quite limited compared to styles that can be done on longer hair.

But don’t fret! Short hair can still be fashionable, gorgeous, and volominous with the right styling tools.

Dreaming of More Hair Volume? Rollers Are the Way to Go!

In this article, find out why rollers are the hairstyling tool you never thought you needed 😉

First Things First: Velcro or Hot Rollers?

Both can help you achieve luscious curls, although using Velcro rollers may take a longer time compared to hot rollers.

Velcro rollers are a classic.

You’ve probably seen your grandma, your mom, or your aunt putting them on before a big night or before going to bed so that their hair is all nice and curly the following morning.

They don’t need to be plugged in. They’re affordable, and they can be purchased at any drugstore.

Hot rollers are more expensive compared to Velcro rollers.

They also need to be plugged in or heated for you to be able to use them. But you only need to wait about 20 minutes to achieve salon-finish curls.

Whichever one you choose, you’re guaranteed beautiful and stylish curls on your short hair!

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Why Rollers Are So Amazing

Rollers are so inexpensive, but you will always get results that will make you look like you just spent a fortune on your hair.

They are so easy to use, too. Just a few minutes is all it takes, and you can proudly wear beautiful soft curls!  

While waiting for your curls to finish, you can also do your make-up, prepare breakfast, sip your morning coffee, do the laundry, answer emails, or do other household chores. Perfect for multitaskers and women on the go!

leaving hot rollers on while having coffee – Curling Diva
You can leave hot rollers on while you drink coffee, have breakfast, do your makeup or work on your laptop 😉

If You Must Use Hot Rollers…

Make sure that you are using the right kind of hot rollers to achieve the kind of curls that you want.

Remember: small rollers for tight curls, big rollers for loose curls.

Hot rollers generate lower heat compared to other styling tools.

Because it’s less likely that you will repeatedly heat the same strands of hair when you use hot rollers, your hair is less likely to suffer from heat damage.

Did you know that the more you use hot rollers, the more your hair will become softer and more manageable, too?

Also, unlike curling irons where you can easily burn your cheeks, nape, neck, or fingers, hot rollers are much safer to use.

Simply get a section of hair, roll, and clip, and you’re done!

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Achieve Hair That Looks Like It’s Been Styled by a Pro

You can achieve different kinds of volume depending on the size of your hair rollers.

If you want to have tight curls, go for small rollers. Big rollers will give you softer and looser waves.

If you want to achieve volume quite easily, you can wash and condition your hair the day before. This will make your hair much easier to manage.

Divide your hair into smaller sections so that it’s easier to style. It can get in the way when you start using your hot roller, so secure it in place with clips.

Also, the smaller you make your hair sections, the more pronounced your curls will be, and the more volume you will be able to achieve.

When you have short hair, you can wear it in a smooth and sleek hairstyle, or you can wear it with more volume. Rollers will help you achieve just that, which is why they are a must-have in any beauty arsenal!

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Short Hair Still Needs to Be Prepped

Having short hair can save you lots of time shampooing and conditioning it, of course. But just because it’s short does not mean you need to skip on hair care and protection.  

Wash your hair with mild shampoo, and don’t put a lot of conditioner. Just a little bit goes a long way.

Don’t forget to apply heat protectant on your hair as well. Hot rollers can still cause hair damage with prolonged use.

You can also use hair mousse or leave-on hair conditioner so that your curls will last all day.

Video Tutorial: How To Put Rollers In Short Hair For Volume

This video is a bit long, but you’ll learn some cool tricks.

One of which is to start rolling in the middle of hair, instead of from the ends. This will help you get more even curls that’ll hold longer since the heat is not just concentrated at the bottom. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean.

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The Right Way to Roll

You probably see a lot of women do it this way, but don’t start rolling from the tip of your hair going up. What this will achieve is concentrate the curl on the lower part of your hair.

If you want volumized hair, the curls should be on the upper part.

Get a section of your hair from above your ear and lift it to eye level. Place your roller under your hair just a few inches away from your scalp. Roll your hair carefully and evenly around your roller.

Once you’re done with the ears area, you can do the same thing with the hair at the crown. Start from the crown and make your way towards the back.

When it comes to using hot rollers, patience is a virtue. Wait for them to fully cool before you remove them. Use this time to finish your makeup, pick out your OOTD, or tidy up a little bit around the house.

Get a wide-toothed comb or brush and work on the curls to break them loosely.

Wide-toothed combs and brushes will instantly give your hair volume and a flawless blowout look.

You can even finger comb through the curls to give your short hair a more natural look.

Put on Some Product

If you have dry hair, you can apply some nourishing hair oil to the tips to achieve softness and smoothness.

If you have really fine hair, spraying on some texturizing spray will give it more body and shape, plus a really gorgeous finish.

You can also put on some gentle hold hairspray to make sure that the curls will last all day in any kind of weather.

The use of rollers may sound a little bit old-fashioned, but they’re still around for a good reason.

They are practical and easy to use, and they will definitely give you effortless and naturally beautiful curls!

Check out these blogger tutorials on curling short hair with rollers:

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