How To Make Curls Stay In Fine Hair

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I’ve always had fine, thin hair. Having fine hair has been a blessing too. It’s totally easy to toss my hair in a ponytail as fast as possible and head out the door. It’s super easy to maintain and wash my hair too. 

Although I like my hair a lot, it comes with its own set of challenges. I like to curl my hair and style it in different ways. Now, this is where the problem lies!

When it comes to curling and making the curls stay, it can be difficult to achieve. I have realized that many others with fine thin hair like mine also have these same issues.

You have probably tried many methods and different products, yet your hair won’t hold curls. Sometimes you blame it on the hair spray. But your hair spray isn’t the problem, so you can quit changing hairsprays now.

Here are some reasons your fine hair won’t hold curls:

  1. When hair is thin, it doesn’t hold heat for as well as other hair types do.
  2. Thin hair is very fine and this causes it to loose curl quicker than usual.
  3. You might have also been using the wrong products and techniques.

Does it feel like a hopeless feat for you to curl up your hair? Then you might want to keep reading this article, this could be a turnaround for you.

Every hair type can hold curls, but it takes a bit of patience and some applied techniques to make fine hair achieve this. The process can be a bit daunting, but it’s worth it. 

Don’t get all serious now! I got you covered. 

That is why in this article, I have made it a lot easier by explaining the steps in the simplest way, that you can relate with and understand. Without further ado, learn how to make curls stay in fine hair all day!

Tips to make your fine hair hold curls all day long:

Adjust Your Haircut if Necessary

The heaviness and length of your hair can be the cause of its inability to keep curls. When your hair is long and thick there is a high chance that it will not be able to hold curls because it weighs down the curls. It is therefore important to take note of this when having a haircut. 

Always try to reduce the layers, particularly around the face. The length can be maintained while the weight is trimmed.

Prep Your Hair The Right Way

“Most women overcondition their hair, and the hair is too slippery to hold a curl.”

Adir Abergel, Hairstylist (source)

It is advisable to curl your hair a day after washing it, this is because the natural oils on the scalp help to hold the curls. While prepping your hair, use the right shampoo (a volumizing shampoo, preferably). Also, take note of the amount of conditioner you use.

girl washing hair in the shower
  • Reduce your level of conditioning

Aside from the fact that your hair is thin, another mistake made can be the use of way too much conditioner on your hair. Too much conditioner makes your hair too slippery and therefore can’t hold a curl.

  •   Prep with the right amount of mousse

When we think we are using too much mousse, it is just about the right amount to use. Saturate your hair with about one or two baseball-size of the mousse depending on how long your hair is. Make sure the mousse gets to the hair root. This is important because the alcohol in the mousse helps to hold the curls for a longer period.

  •  Use an appropriate hair spray  

Make sure the hair is totally dry, then spray the entire hair with a curl-boosting hair spray. Ensure it gets to the roots. While choosing your hair spray, it is wise to choose sprays that are flexible enough to keep your curls looking natural.


Use The Right Hot Tool

After prepping your hair, the type of hot tool to use is dependent on the type of curl you want

For tight ringlets, it is tactical to use a curling iron that has slimmer barrel. One that is like a three-quarter inch, to make the curls tighter. And for Veronica Lake kind of waves, a hot roller is better.

Section Your Hair

It is necessary to always section your hair before trying to curl it, even for thin hair type. This ensures that the hair root is touched and a consistent style is achieved. The pattern of sectioning will depend on the style you are trying to achieve. 

To get a full bodied and wavy curl, the hair should be sectioned in fewer places. The more the sections the curlier your hair appears. To section your hair, you can make use of alligator clips.

Use The Appropriate Heat Setting

To curl fine hair, the iron should be set to about 300 degrees to avoid hair damage. Also, make sure your hair does not stay on the barrel for too long (not more than 15seconds at a time).

heat protectant for curling iron – Curling Diva

Curl Your Hair With The Right Technique

  • Each section should be curled individually following this procedure appropriately.
  •  Take a section and place the curling iron at the tip then clampdown
  • After this, twist up the curling iron to wrap all the hair around the barrel, applying a bit of pressure and making sure it feels tight. (Care should be taken to avoid burning your scalp)
  • Then hold the iron unto your hair for maximum of 15 seconds before releasing it. (Do not touch the curl or try to shake it)
  • Clip the curl to your head and wait for it to cool off so that it can retain the curl

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Shake The Curls Out With Caution

After the hair has totally cooled off, the clip should be removed before tousling your fingers through the curls. The curls should be left a bit tighter than you would prefer, this is because gravity will loosen them up a bit. And when this happens the curls will be just at the level you would prefer. Follow the same procedure for all the sections.

Give your curls a nice finishing touch

You are probably thinking of a hair spray right now.

Well! The case is different if you want your curl to last for longer hours. Instead of applying a hair spray, use a texturizing spray instead. This is because hair spray can weigh down your finished curls and make them droop faster than you want.

Now you can curl up your beautiful fine hair and enjoy it while it lasts all day long.

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