Are Hot Rollers Less Damaging Than Curling Irons?

By: | Last Updated: April 13, 2019

Hot rollers are powerful styling tools you can use for various hairstyles if you use them properly. If used carelessly, they can damage your hair with tension or heat. Like other hair accessories and products, it is important to use hot rollers occasionally when you desire their effects for a particular look and not every day.

Are hot rollers good for hair? From a purely hair health perspective they aren’t but you can offset the risk of long term damage by using them carefully. In addition, they can give your hair some much needed vigor. With some moderation and care, hot rollers will be one of the most valuable hair styling tools in your home.

Are Hot Rollers Less Damaging Than Curling Irons?

Heat is the major enemy of hair. Even though both curling irons and hot rollers use heat to force hair into a bouncier shape, the hot rollers achieve this using less heat but taking more time. This means that hot rollers cause less damage to your hair with every use.

However, there is a downside. When you use hot rollers, you need to ensure that you don’t twist hair too tightly. Too much tension causes the hair to break and fall out too early. Therefore, be careful and ensure that you don’t strain hair too much when wrapping it around the rollers.

While curling irons require the use of at least one hand to ensure that you don’t burn your scalp, hot rollers leave your hands free if you place them properly. This gives you the freedom to handle your business as the hair sets. This means that hot rollers are more convenient than curling irons.

How To Avoid Damaging Hair Using Hot Rollers

You can take several steps to reduce the probability of the hot rollers doing more harm than good to your lifestyle.

First, ensure that your hair is dry before putting in the rollers. While hot rollers work best with freshly washed hair, you should never use them when the hair is wet. Dry your hair thoroughly using a towel and use a blower on low heat before inserting your rollers.

Second, you can consider applying product to hair to protect it from the heat. Heat is one of the most damaging things to hair and having an additional layer of protection will help extend the life of your beautiful hair.

Finally, be sure to exercise caution when using your rollers. Ensure that you use them with the lowest possible useful amount of heat. Try not to wrap them too tight to avoid straining your hair by putting too much pressure on the roots. In addition, do not use hot rollers too frequently.

When looking for a set of rollers to buy, keep frequency of use in mind. The more expensive sets will often hold curls better than the cheaper ones even though they use more heat. This enables you to use hot rollers less but achieve the same results, causing less heat damage and ensuring that your hair is healthier.

Final Thoughts: Should You Use Hot Rollers?


Hot rollers are there for you if you need a quick boost of volume in your hair. While careless and/or frequent use may cause long term hair damage, using them infrequently is safer and better than doing the same thing using a curling iron. Best of all, today’s rollers heat up in just a matter of minutes.

So, to answer the question whether hot rollers are less damaging than curling irons the answer is ‘Yes’ as clearly shown in this article.

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