10 Tutorials That Show You How to Create Flat Iron Curls

By: | Last Updated: February 24, 2020

Getting the perfect curly hair can often be so difficult! There is nothing worse than sitting for hours with a curling wand, sectioning your hair off into different sections and then curling it. It can sometimes take over 2 hours just to get your hair full of volume but using a flat iron can be a much faster option. If you know how to curl hair with a flat iron, they are safe and easy to use. They are less of a danger than a lot of other hair tools and you can get some really good quality ones on the cheap.

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We’ve found some great tutorials that shows you how to curl your hair whether you’re looking for that perfect beach waves or a cute tight curl. There are so many tutorials out there!

But first… have you got really short hair? Perhaps a bob?
how to curl really short hair with a flat iron – Curling Diva

Having short hair doesn’t mean you can’t play around with curls anymore. If you get your technique right, with regular practice, you can have those beautiful curls that you only often see in people with long hair.

We’ve written a more in-depth guide on how to curl really short hair here!

How To Curl Hair with a Flat Iron: Tutorial for Inverted Bob

This tutorial by Mandy Gladden is perfect for those who have really short hair.

Okay, that’s out of the way. What about the rest of us who have short (but not that short), medium-length and long hair?

How To Create Flat Iron Curls

We’ve rounded up 10 different tutorials based on the type of curls produced and we sorted them based on hair length.

1. Beach Waves for Short Hair by Megan at Birchbox

Probably the most natural curls are achieved with the beach wave look. It’s a style trend that has taken the fashion and beauty industry by storm with celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez rocking their hair with this look.

This is type curl is often thought of to be hard to achieve on girls with shorter hair. But in this tutorial Megan goes into detail about the best way to achieve a natural, beautiful style.

The look is started by separating your hair into sections and use your flat iron to carefully make the curls. Holding the iron horizontal will get bigger bouncy curls (which are the best for this look) whereas holding it vertically will create thinner and more polished curls.

Click on the video below to see the tutorial in action:

2. Beach waves for Medium Hair by Alexandrea Garza

A quick and easy tutorial shows Alex going into detail on how she got her cute beach waves. Her advice follows that the best beachy waves are when your hair is dirty but the look does work on freshly washed hair too. Unlike Megan’s tutorial, Alex uses a comb and sections her hair off into smaller sections before using the iron.

The beach waves look very similar to loose curls but using special methods, you can create a messier look that looks a lot more natural. After all, that is what you’re eventually going for. Alex’s tutorial breaks down the step by step of how to get your perfect natural waves that will make everyone jealous! You might even be able to take some Instagram selfies so all your friends and followers can appreciate your hard work.

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3. Tight curls for Short Hair by Kelsey at Seventeen

Seventeen is a magazine for the best of the best. This great tutorial goes into detail about having tight curls with your short locks.

It’s pretty simple actually. Using a tie separate your hair into sections. Then use these smaller sections and wrap them around a pencil. Once these two steps have been completed you can use your flat iron to iron over the hair on the pencil. You should be left with tight, corkscrew curls just like Queen Bey or Rhi Rhi. They’re all the trend right now so, if you can achieve this beautiful look then it’s totally worth it. For short or long hair, this look suits all.

Check out how it’s done in the video below:

4. Tight curls for Medium Hair by Stella Cini

The method used in this tutorial is like the one above but because the hair is longer, it goes into more detail. Stella talks about using long tools such as makeup brushes or long, rounded sticks. The hair must be tight around the tool and if your hair is super long then you’ve got to be quick before the hair starts to fall off the tool.

It can be a difficult task but once you’ve got the hang of it then you’re sorted forever! Tight curls with long hair can be a great statement when you’re on a night out! Especially if you take a comb to it and backcomb the curls so they’re extra messy.

5. Loose curls for Short Hair by Jenny from Hairstyle Confessions

Professional hairdresser Jenny gives a step by step tutorial on the perfect loose curls. The barely their look can be created using this tutorial. If you don’t have a lot of time then this is for you! Loose curls can give your hair a little bit of texture without having the tight curl look that you might sometimes want to go for.

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6. Loose curls for Medium Hair by Sarah from TheStyleBlog

Getting loose curls for your medium to long hair is a bit more difficult, especially with a flat iron as all the hair often doesn’t fit in the iron. Sarah says it’s best to put the flat iron at the root then pull down the hair whilst having the end of the piece over the flat iron.

Creating a loose, beautiful curl like a princess. Loose curls are great for day looks and for those days you want to try. They’re also a lovely addition to your morning routine! Planning a hot date? Going the fun fair with your friends? Sort your hair this way so it looks fabulous all day.

7. Loose curls for Short Hair by Domenica Calarco

Sometimes less is more..

Domenica’s tutorial is great if you need a little laugh whilst you’re doing your hair. Her humor and hair curling ways are sure to leave you happy with your style. She starts off by styling her textured hair and putting it into sections. She then uses a similar method to Jenny from Hairstyle Confessions yet she leaves the flat iron on for a little longer.

Keeping the flat iron in place for longer means the curls are tighter (although still loose) and look like you’ve made an effort. Domenica’s method works as her hair is relatively wet from the heat protection spray. This also helps to style the hair so if you have any then it’s well worth it. You not only get heat protection but a style protectant too!

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8. Loose curls for Medium Hair by Carly from Cosmopolitan

Other great hacks for getting loose curls for your medium hair (if you’re lazy like me 😉 ) is to plait it, in around two or three sections. Then proceed to flat iron over the plaits. To get a nice finish it’s best to run the iron over the plait a few times then undo it and see your creation. This tutorial is so helpful for those days you want to look like you care when you really don’t and yet still look great. The perfect lazy girl’s solution to our everyday problems!

9. Big bouncy curls for Short Hair by Jamie Johnston

Big bouncy curls are all the trend right now. Their stardom likely came in the 90’s with girl bands like the Spice Girls and Destiny’s Child and the fame has continued right up to this day. Notable people like Kate Middleton and Arianna Grande often rock this look. These curls are popular as they look so natural yet elegant. Jamie’s tutorial goes into a lot more detail about how to achieve this gorgeous look.

10. Big bouncy curls for Medium Hair by Camila Coelho

Camila is a gorgeous, long haired beauty who created a great tutorial for all you longer haired girls out there. Big bouncy curls are the easiest to do when you have long hair as it practically glides over the flat iron itself. Easy step-by-steps are great for beginners and even if you’re a pro, it’s good to keep yourself up to date with the latest trends!

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How to Curl Hair with a Flat Iron (For Short & Medium Length Hair)

So, if you have short hair your best option is to use the flat iron to your advantage and go for loose curls. Although having tighter curls looks amazing – it’s a lot more effort. If you’re anything like me then you probably never have time to make your hair look stylish and chic. Luckily the trend this season is for sassy looking, natural hair!

Whereas you long haired beauties are best sticking to what you know – big bouncy curls. It might seem odd but your flat iron can glide over your hair a lot easier than it can with our short haired ladies. So it’s better to make the most of all the hair you have!

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Getting out your flat iron in the morning will be one of the best decisions you make the whole day as those great big curls will stay in till you go to sleep.

Whether you’re rocking long hair or short hair, curling it will always look fabulous! Don’t shy away from your comfort zone in terms of trying new styles either, they all look great.

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