How To Curl Bangs With Flat Iron

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We’ve all been there. You wake up one day feeling that itch. You’re bored of that oh-so-trusted standard middle part and long layers. You scour the internet for some hairstyles and inspiration hits you: you should get bangs. 

But reality sets in. You remember the last time you got bangs and how you woke up with them sticking in all directions. And hello cowlick, where did you come from? 

The thing about bangs is they’re not exactly wash-and-go. Styling bangs takes skills. Skills that you could easily pick up with a little help. To make styling your bangs easier, we’ve put together some must-know tips for styling them with a flat iron. 

Cutting tips to shorten styling time 

Okay, so before you wake up in the morning to make that appointment with your stylist, go in armed with what you want to discuss. The way your stylist cuts your bangs will affect how long it will take to style your hair and how nicely it falls. Getting on the same page will increase your chances of getting cute bangs that frame your face. 

What tools and products to use  

flat iron fine tooth comb and hair dryer – Curling Diva

Having a stock standard large size round barrel is not going to cut it for your bangs. Investing in the right tools is crucial. A small round boar-bristle brush is the ideal brush for styling your bangs. The tightly packed bristles allow just the right amount of tension on your hair. You can also seek out a hairdryer with a nozzle attachment. This is key for keeping your bangs runway ready. 

To flat iron your bangs, you’ll need a fine tooth comb and a half-inch flat iron. If you are planning on using a flat iron for your bangs regularly, a flat iron made for bangs will be worth the investment. Large flat irons increase the chances of having kinks and creases in your bangs and are not ideal for this type of styling. 

Are you looking to dirty up your bangs? Consider a foam or sea salt spray. Applying product to your bangs will give it more substance and ensure that the style lasts longer. Leaving products out altogether might make your hair feel too clean or soft. 

How To Curl Bangs With Flat Iron: 5 tips to speed up your morning routine 

When you’ve decided to have bangs, you have to style them every morning. They aren’t going to set right naturally. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of time on them. Below are eight tips to save you time on your morning routine. 

1. Keep Them Clean 

Bangs get greasy fast. Even if you are not washing your hair every day, you need to wash your bangs to keep them looking fresh. Alternatively, consider a quick wash or even a little bit of dry shampoo before you start styling.  

2. Use the Right Product for Your Hair Type 

To get those bangs sitting just right, a little product can go a long way. For most bangs, product is needed. This will help you keep your parting and cowlick in place. If you have fine hair, consider using a styling cream. For thicker hair, you can use something slightly heavier such as gel or moose. Remember to just use a tiny bit of product to avoid a greasy fringe.

3. Always Blow Dry Straight Way 

As soon as you step out of that shower, blow dry your hair. Do this while your hair is still very wet. The moment your hair starts to air dry, they began to set in their natural shape. This is a shape that may not work well for you. The sooner you start styling, the better your results will be. 

4. Master the Bang Blow Drying Technique

For this technique, you will need a small round boar-bristle brush and a hairdryer with a nozzle attached. Hold your hairdryer over your forehead, facing down. While blow-drying, brush your bangs side to side until dry. By brushing your hair side to side, you will get rid of any cowlicks and your bangs will fall straight.  

5. Follow with a Small Flat Iron 

Once you master the bang blow-drying technique, finish by smoothing your bangs with a flat iron. The best way to do this is with a half an inch flat iron that can go all the way up to your roots. For side-swept bangs, you will want to make sure that your flat iron has a curved edged to help create a curl. 

How to flat iron your bangs

Ending your styling routine with a flat iron will smoothen your hair and keep frizz at bay. Here are two ways to flat iron those bangs while avoiding creases in your hair. 

How to Bevel Your Bangs with a Flat Iron (Without Creases)

You will need:

  • A fine tooth comb
  • A rounded edge flat iron 


  1. Pick up a section of your bangs and place it in the teeth of a fine-tooth comb. 
  2. Horizontally place your flat iron at the root of your hair and slowly rotate the flat iron. Glide your flat iron down your hair without clamping. 

Pro Tip: Never clamp the flat iron. When you clamp the flat iron, you get a crease. The heat from an open flat iron is enough to set the rounded shape in your bangs. 

How to Side Sweep Your Bangs with a Flat Iron 

You will need: 


  1. Clamp your bangs in a flat iron, starting at your roots. 
  2. Glide the flat iron down to the tips, while pulling your bangs in the direction you want them styled. Twisting your wrist inwards or outwards will curve your bangs in or out. 

Pro Tip: If you want to create voluminous bangs, start by flipping your side-swept bang upwards.

Use your flat iron to clasp your bangs 1cm from your roots and hold. Then twist your wrist and glide downwards. Pull your hair so that your bangs sit right above your eye. This should help you create volume and bounce. 

Bangs have the power to completely transform your face. Forget Botox. If you are looking for a dramatic change to your face, bangs can be the way to go. They are such a classic look and they can change your look entirely with one tiny tweak. Now that you have the right ammunition to style your bangs, go ahead and chop.

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