How to take care of a Digital Perm

By: | Last Updated: April 13, 2019

Are you tired of your dead straight hair? Want to add some curls to don a brand-new look? You may have used several products in the past, thinking they can help curl your hair even just a tiny bit. But you end up scratching your head for buying something that only proves to be a waste of time and money. Thankfully, there’s digital perm to look forward to. It can prove all you need to get the curls you’ve always wanted.

What Is Digital Perm?

First, let’s talk a little about digital perm or digiperm. This process involves breaking down the hair and re-forming them with the help of heating rods. It works in a similar way with weight lifting, where you break down the muscle fibers so they can be stronger upon recovery.

Various chemicals are used to curl your hair effectively. What sets it apart from manual curling or perming is that it provides a more natural look. You don’t have to worry about donning curly hair that looks so artificial.

It may seem as if a digital perm is a solution to all your hair problems. But you must know that it comes with a few downsides as well. For one, it can prove to be a struggle to care for your hair and maintain your digital perm. Keep reading to learn what you should do before you go to and after you leave the salon.

Post-Digital Perm Care Guide

You can read blog posts and watch videos all you want about other people trying digital perm and getting excellent results. But the results you get will depend on several variables. You need to factor in how straight your hair is, the expertise of the stylist, and the quality of products used.

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Before you even go to the salon, it’s recommended to prepare yourself and learn as much as you can about the process. This allows you to ask relevant questions to the stylist, gauging whether she actually knows what she’s talking about. Some of the questions you should ask include:

  1. How long will the digiperm last?
  2. When can I wash my hair?
  3. When can I tie my hair up?
  4. Can I color my hair as well?
  5. Can I use a curling iron to style my hair?


If you do your research, you should know the right answers to these questions. It will give you an idea about the know-how and experience of the stylist. Don’t hesitate to visit several salons until you find one where you think you’ll receive the best service.


After the digiperm is done, the number one thing you need to remember is to avoid washing your hair right away. In most cases, the stylist will advise you to wait 48 hours before washing your hair. You can think of it as the recovery period you need when trying to build muscles. It is during the recovery phase that you allow the muscle fibers to rebuild. The same thing happens after a digiperm. The treatment will “settle” completely after 48 hours. Washing your hair may cause you to “water down” the treatment literally.

Once you can wash your hair again, it’s time to learn how often to use shampoo and conditioner. You can choose to shampoo every day or every other day. It depends mostly on how oily your hair gets or whether you use any styling products. When it comes to conditioning your hair, though, it’s best to do it daily. This helps prevent frizzy curls.


Many women say that digi-permed hair requires less maintenance. But again, you may have a different experience. Blogger Cindy Xiong found herself taking much longer to get curly hair ready than with straight hair. When it comes to styling, you may find yourself using styling products more often than what you are used to.

Styling, however, all starts upon leaving the shower room. If you’re in a hurry, you might feel tempted to rub the towel on your hair too quickly. Doing so will only lead to frizzy curls. A good alternative is to just wrap your hair with the towel.

When using a blow dryer, keep it on the cool setting. But try to avoid using a blow dryer every day. The heat will only do more harm than good.


One of the simplest yet most ignored ways of caring for your digi-permed hair is to avoid using a comb. Yes, this might be the exact opposite of what you’re used to with your formerly straight hair. But if you don’t want to suffer from frizz, stop combing your hair. In fact, forget you even have a comb. Sure, you can use it on the top part of your hair that hasn’t been permed. For the rest, use your fingers to get rid of tangles and knots.

Another easy trick is to finger comb your hair before applying shampoo. This helps prevent tangles. Just remember to do all the finger combing when your hair is still damp.

Summing It Up

After reading this guide, you should be better equipped to take care and maintain your digital perm. It may not be as easy as you think, but taking the necessary steps to keep your hair healthy goes a long way in achieving the kind of look you want. The last thing you want is to waste money by getting a digital perm and forgetting to maintain it properly. Also, feel free to ask your stylist about the right products to use, ones that best suit the condition of your hair.



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