How to Use Velcro Rollers on Fine Hair

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Big volume isn’t just for girls with thick, perfect hair. Thin haired ladies can get big lift benefit with one small and mighty beauty tool. Enter, the velcro roller.

Velcro rollers can be a saving grace for thin, fine hair that tends to be limp and lackluster.

These rollers don’t need heat to set a style, so they are one of the best tools you can use for your delicate strands.

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Large barreled curling irons and even hot rollers pose the risk of damaging fine hair with excessive heat.

Split ends and damaged hair shafts are death sentences for hair like yours.

Velcro rollers save the day with heat free, damage free results.

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Check out these velcro rollers from ConAir – they’re great for fine hair!

Let’s talk about how to use velcro rollers on fine hair to get va va volume and soft, sweet curls that our grandmas would be proud of.

Why Velcro Rollers?

Velcro rollers come in several sizes, so can be used to give you volume at your crown or tight, heavy curls all over.

A heat-free styling alternative, velcro rollers don’t pose the same risks to your fine hair as curling irons, flat irons, and hot rollers.

Velcro rollers are “self gripping”.

With fine thin hair, you don’t typically need to buy pins or clips to hold them in place. You don’t have to find storage for these extra accessories, and won’t get kinks in your style where you’ve held your rollers in place.

These beauty tools are super easy to use, and set themselves in as little time as it takes your hair to fully dry.

Set them, put on your makeup or eat breakfast, and voila! You’re ready to unroll your style for the day!

Looking for a velcro roller alternative? Check out magnetic hair rollers! For those with fine hair, choose the snap on variety to help keep the roller in place.

Velcro Roller Basics

You’ll use different techniques to create the look you want with your velcro rollers, but there are some basics to follow when using your velcro rollers.

First, velcro rollers work best on damp hair. Make sure your hair isn’t soaking wet, towel drying should give you a good start.

Next, give your style a boost by adding a setting spray or lotion to your hair before you add rollers.

This texture lotion by Oribe adds life to your curls without weighing hair down. A setting product will help mold your style and give it all day hold.

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While you don’t need heat to get great results with Velcro rollers, you can speed your style time up by blow-drying your hair after you’ve set your rollers.

To avoid heat damage, try to use the lowest heat setting on your blow-dryer.

Finally, take your time unrolling your hair. Yanking or pulling on your rollers will cause tangling, release your curls, and create a frizzy, fuzzy mess.

Don’t waste your effort hurrying to get them out! Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to using velcro rollers on fine hair!

Create volume with velcro rollers

While we want our perfectly tailored pencil skirt to lie flat across our backside, we don’t want the same thing for our hair.

Just like a custom made skirt suit, fine hair can seem flat by design. Velcro rollers rescue thin strands from themselves, and can create big volume in no time.

Start by sectioning off your hair.

For adding volume to fine hair, you’ll want one section that starts at your forehead and goes straight to the back of your head. 1-2 sections on each side of your head depending on your hair length will give you great results.

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After you’ve got your sections, choose the roller size that will work best for your hair length.

You need bigger rollers for volume, but not so big that you can’t wrap your hair around it 2-3 times.

From the section you created at your crown, separate a piece right at the front of your face for your first roller. Starting at the end of your hair, roll under toward your crown until you reach your scalp.

Repeat this down that entire section, and then move to the sections on either side of your head.

For your sides, it’s best to set your rollers away from your face. Rolling in will create more vintage Hollywood glam than volume and lift.

Once you’ve set all of your rollers, either let your hair dry naturally or give it some help with your blow-dryer.

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Video Tutorial: How to set velcro rollers for volume

When your hair is dry, carefully unroll each roller to unveil your new-look! You can finger comb your hair to help finish off its shape. Add a spritz of lightweight hairspray and enjoy!

You can also use velcro rollers as your sleep in rollers to add volume to your hair when you wake up the next day. See how Amber did it here. Fair warning, it’ll take some time to get used to sleeping with rollers!

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Beach Waves with velcro rollers

You can achieve sweet beachy waves with velcro rollers on fine hair. It’s faster than you’d think, and you’ll love the results!

For beachy waves, you’ll only be putting rollers at the ends of your hair.

Choose a roller small enough to wind the ends of your hair 2-3 times, while staying 2-3 inches away from your roots.

You will need to have roller pins or clips to hold your velcro rollers in place for this look, so have those handy!

Start at the front of your hair. Working in sections no wider than your roller, roll your hair from the ends to just about your chin, working away from your face. Secure your roller with a pin or clip, and let it hang!

Once your hair has set (dried), slowly unwind each roller. Use your fingers to “fluff” up your waves, and enjoy that “beach hair don’t care” look all day!

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Curling fine hair with velcro rollers

If it’s curls you’re looking for, Velcro rollers are on your team! Creating soft, romantic curls in your fine hair is possible.

Woman using Velcro rollers to curl her hair while reading a book.
You can do your make-up or read a book while waiting for your rollers to set

To get a fun, messy, all over curl style, use small and medium-sized velcro rollers. Working in small sections all over your head, wind your rollers in different directions and place them at different angles.

Let your rollers set until your hair is dry, and then release the curls! This can be way easier than using a curling iron, and you won’t burn your fingers or your hair!

Velcro rollers are a must have tool in your beauty arsenal. Quit spending hours trying to get your fine hair to look fabulous.

Pop in some velcro rollers, let them do their magic, and head out into the world rocking major style with seriously minor effort!

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I use velcro rollers on fine hair?

Absolutely! Velcro rollers can work wonders on fine hair. They provide gentle, heat-free styling and can add volume and body to your locks.

2. Will velcro rollers damage my fine hair?

When used properly, velcro rollers shouldn’t cause damage to your fine hair. However, it’s essential to be gentle during the removal process to avoid any potential tangling or breakage.

3. How do I choose the right size of velcro rollers for my fine hair?

Opt for smaller-sized velcro rollers for fine hair. This will help create more defined curls or volume without weighing down your strands.

4. Do velcro rollers provide enough hold for fine hair?

Velcro rollers offer decent hold for fine hair, but it’s advisable to use them in combination with setting sprays or styling products for longer-lasting results.

5. Can I achieve long-lasting curls with velcro rollers on fine hair?

Yes, you can achieve long-lasting curls with velcro rollers on fine hair. Make sure to apply a setting product before rolling your hair, and leave the rollers in until your hair has completely cooled to help set the curls.

6. How long should I leave velcro rollers in my fine hair?

It’s recommended to leave velcro rollers in your fine hair for at least 20-30 minutes to ensure the curls set properly. However, you can experiment with different timings to find what works best for your hair type.

7. Are there any tips or techniques for better results when using velcro rollers on fine hair?

To enhance results, consider blow-drying your hair before using velcro rollers. This can help add more volume and make the curls last longer. Additionally, make sure your hair is completely dry before removing the rollers for best results.

8. Can I use heat with velcro rollers on fine hair for faster results?

It’s generally best to avoid using heat with velcro rollers on fine hair to prevent any potential damage. Opting for a heat-free method will be gentle and safer for your delicate strands.

9. How do I prevent tangling or snagging when removing velcro rollers from fine hair?

To avoid tangling or snagging, gently unravel the velcro rollers from your hair, making sure to hold the ends of your hair as you remove them. Slow and careful removal is key to prevent any unnecessary hair breakage.

10. Are there any specific hair products I should use in conjunction with velcro rollers for fine hair?

Using a lightweight styling product or a setting spray before applying velcro rollers can help enhance the hold and longevity of the curls in fine hair. Look for products that provide hold without weighing down your locks.

Remember, these answers serve as a general guide. For more detailed information and expert tips on using velcro rollers on fine hair, be sure to read the full article.

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  2. Also, setting your hair in much-smaller-than-you-think-you-need velcro rollers, and give your finished set hair a good all-over shot of hair spray. 30 min to one hour later, take curls down (slowly and carefully so as not to tangle). A quick hair massage to get rid of any “rollery’look) and go thru it gently with a hair pick (I am white with BABY fine hair). A little personal experimentation, and this method is a long-lasting lifesaver, even if the outside weather sucks!

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