How To Get Curls To Hold All Day

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Ever wonder how to get curls to hold all day and not just an hour?

I love having big, bouncy curls.. It’s better when they actually last all day, but most of the time, they fall flat after a few minutes! 

I’ve already talked about all the possible reasons why your hair won’t hold a curl. This time, let’s dive deep into what you can do to fix it. 

Imagine leaving the house with gorgeous curls in the morning and coming back home with them still intact. Yes, this is very much possible. 

Keep your curls from falling flat as soon as you step out of the house. Follow these tips and tricks on how to get your curls to hold all day!

1. Start the Process in the Shower

the best way to wash curly hair – Curling Diva

To get the perfect curls, you have to start from the very beginning–the shower. 

Though curling hair is best done on the second or third day after washing (see next section), you can take certain steps while washing your hair to make sure that your curls will come out beautiful. And, of course, hold for hours. 

First, skip the conditioner. This can make your hair too soft and slippery, resulting in curls that fall out faster. 

You should always remember that the key to curls that last for a long time is to add enough texture and grit to hair in order to secure the curls in place. 

TIP: The best hair for curls is second or third-day hair. We all love the feeling of clean and fresh hair, but curls tend to hold longer in ‘dirty’ (unwashed) hair. 

Plus, if you want tighter curls, then you should work with dirty hair. This is because the natural oils on your scalp give your hair a natural hold and gritty texture without the need for hair mousse. 

2. Prep your Hair

hair mousse – Curling Diva
Apply mousse

Prepping your hair before curling is instrumental to curls lasting all day. You can get your hair in the right texture with good hair products. 

Before you start curling your hair, first apply a thickening mousse.

Hair mousse contains alcohol which helps remove moisture from hair, enhancing the hold and grit of your hair. This is one of the few times when applying an alcohol-based product is actually recommended. 

Fill up your whole palm with a substantial amount of hair mousse, and work it from the roots of your hair to the ends. 

3. Use the Right Styling Products

How To Use Heat Protectant Spray – Curling Diva

Before heat styling, one of the most important products to use on your hair is a heat protectant. This is because heat can damage the internal structure of your hair. To preserve the health of your hair as you bend it, using a protectant spray is crucial. 

Also, don’t just use a product that you feel will protect your hair. Let the product have a “heat protectant” labeled under it. You can buy a heat protectant at any hair salon or drugstore. Or, you can decide to go organic by using certain hair oils as your heat protectant. 

Some of the best natural heat protectants for your hair include grapeseed oil, almond oil, and shea butter. 

Another essential styling product to apply is hairspray. This will help your curls hold for longer. Spray a bit of a hairspray product before, during and after your hair. The aim of this is to give your hair is a rougher texture, which will increase the lifespan of the curls. 

Quick Tip: Holding the hairspray too close to your hair will lead to crunchy and heavy curls. So spray from a distance. 

What Hot Hair Tools Do You Use?

beautiful girl curling her long hair

Investing in quality hot hair tools is key to curls that can last for a whole day. As long as you continue to use low-quality curling wands or irons, you will continue to think that your kind of hair is responsible for your curls falling apart in 20 minutes or less. 

Top-grade curling irons are typically coated in ceramic or tourmaline, which causes less damage to hair than straight metal. Though it may be more expensive, a high-quality hot hair tool will heat up better and last you for years. 

To achieve flawless curls, we recommend that you set your hot tools at 300°F optimal temperature. 

It is also crucial to consider the barrel size of your tool as the tightness of your curls determines how they will hold throughout the day. 

Most people think that using a big barrel size gives the best curls. But this will just result in curls falling out or loosening up into waves.

PRO TIP: Smaller barrels between 1″ and 1.5″ produce more defined and longer-lasting curls. 

4. Let your Curls Cool Down

How to curl hair using hot rollers – Curling Diva

Allowing each curl to cool down and set before letting go and brushing out is an effective way of getting your hair to hold all day. 

If you break the curls before they cool, they will quickly lose their form. Fortunately, there’s a solution for those who can’t wait 10-15 minutes for the curls to set. 

Simply pin the curls to your scalp, and blow cold air from afar using your blow dryer. 

Pin Curls – Curling Diva
For well-defined curls, pin them

After the curls cool down, unclip them, let your hair hang back, and then shake the curls out gently. 

Next, slowly move your fingers through your hair or use a wide-tooth comb to break up the curls, and leave them a little tighter than you originally intended. This ensures that the curls hold for much longer than they would have. 

5. Finish it Off

finishing spray for curls – Curling Diva
Finish it off with a texturing spray

After all is done, use a texturizing spray to finish the curling process. You thought we were going to suggest a hair spray, didn’t you? 

Well, a texturizing spray is the best finishing product because it is lighter, doesn’t weigh the hair down. It makes your curls to stay bouncy for longer. 

What’s more, it will add more texture and body to your hair, making it look fuller. 

How to Get Curls that Last for Days

How To Get Curls To Hold All Day

It is possible to get curls that last for more than one day. First, the dirtier your hair, the more your curls can last. So, if you want curls that last for days, wait till day two or three after washing. 

While curling your hair, keep the pieces small – about one-inch wide hair chunks is ideal. As we mentioned earlier, you should use a curling iron with a small barrel. The smaller your barrel, the tighter your curls, and the longer and better it will last. 

Ensure that your curling iron is very hot, especially if you have thick and strong hair. If you have fine hair, make the curling iron as high as is safe for your hair. 

Finally, after rocking the curls all day, sleep with your hair above your head (in a bun!). This keeps you from destroying the curls at night. 


As you follow the above steps, you can rest assured that your curls won’t loosen up in the next minute after you step out of the house. 

That’s it! You now know how to make your hair hold throughout the day, and even last for days. 

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