Jon Snow Hairstyle: How To Pull Off GOT Kit Harrington Hairstyle For Curly Men

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When it comes down to getting all the luck one could ever desire, I’ve got to say that Kit has got it thrown at him in bulk. Turns out that his attractive attributes have not only paid off nicely for him in the tussle for power at Kings’ Landing and have also begun to attract the attention of us all.

From clean looks to shining curly hair, the lucky “Stark Bastard of Winterfell” is nothing short of the man every girl would love to hang out with. Even the guys surely covet his thick naturally wavy hair!

My guess is that you’re at crossroads trying to replicate Kit’s hairstyle, right?

Dude, to pull this off effortlessly you’ll need to make sure that your hair is NATURALLY curly for a start.

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Taking a closer look at Kit Harrington, I discovered that his hairstyle is a messy curly one with a natural feel to it. Achieving this hairstyle would be ultimately easy once you’ve got this hair type and follow the methods I’ll be discussing in a bit.

It does appear that our “Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch” prefers to keep his messy curly hairstyle at shoulder-length and you’ll need to keep that in mind to succeed at this.

So what exactly are the secrets to the Jon Snow hairstyle?

You’ll first need to admit that you know nothing about this, and be ready to learn the right methods to get it done. I recommend doing this with a skilled hairdresser/barber so that you don’t make any mistake along the way. But if you’re that good, you could make this a DIY. Let’s get underway without wasting further time.

Getting prepped

The perfect way to kick-start this would be to wash hair with your preferred shampoo. Go on to apply a hair conditioner, using both hands to rub it throughout your hair length. Then gently use a dry towel to absorb a little moisture off your hair. Do not use a blow dryer as you want to make sure that hair retains its damp nature. I recommend using a water spray to moisten your hair after drying.

Trim Hair To Shoulder-length

Proceed with combing out your hair in a careful manner all the way back. This removes any frizz or tangles trapped lodged in them. Use hair clips to hold your hair in sections with the back section being further down.

I’m assuming that your hair is either shoulder-length or longer because you’ll need to trim your hair ends in the back section. A pair of scissors should do just fine for this. Do the same for the top hair section and the sides making sure the hair is cut to your shoulder level.

The key to getting this right is to pull out the hair section in focus and hold its ends between your fingers in a way that curls it outwards. Then use the scissors to cut out about 1/2″ of hair.

Apply Pomade and Heat protectant Hairspray

When we see Jon Snow in GoT, it doesn’t take long to figure out that his hair remains firm and stays in place even with all the action he’s getting involved in. This is surely the effect of a pomade applied on slightly wet hair. Put a small amount of pomade in your palms and use both hands to fluff your hair with the product.

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You’ll also need to use a pre-styling hairspray for heat protection and overall enhancement of hair volume and texture. Ideally, my hairspray is equally good at getting my hair to hold in place much longer and so you might want to confirm that too for your hairspray.

Dry Your Hair

Now that you’ve put in the pre-styling products, you’ll need to use a blow-dryer with a hair diffuser attached to it. This shouldn’t be done at a very high temperature so that you do not destroy your hair. I noticed that this step helps blow-dry the pomade and hairspray thus boosting volume and creating more defined curls. If you don’t begin to see the curls at this stage, you probably missed a step or two before arriving here.

Apply Finishing Touches

I bet you can now see yourself in Kit’s looks! All that’s left to do now is to use your fingers to work through the hair, making it look a lot nicer as you desire. Use a styling brush to gently brush your hair to the right a bit.

If you like, see this video on how to make your Jon Snow hairstyle into a nice man bun:

Other tips/tricks for maintaining your Kit Harrington curls

  • One major hair product that’s proven its quality every single time is Evo Liquid Rollers Curl Balm. With this product, you’re able to get almost 10 times your natural curls!
  • Avoid using a shampoo very often. A little secret to know here is that this hairstyle looks amazing on an oily hair and washing your hair deprives it of the essential oils needed to maintain a wavy texture. I recommend that you shampoo once in a week and ensure that you apply a conditioner each time.

Kit never forgets to get a nice beard shave and so I think you should too. This would not only make you look neat but also give the impression of being a young man.

The craze to get this hairstyle may not be for everyone out there after all.

So if you eventually decide to get the Jon Snow hair cut this far “south of the wall”, make sure to follow the steps I have given here and you should have no problems pulling this one off.

What I love the most about this haircut is that as soon as you’re able to get a hang of it after the first few trials, maintaining it would become so much easier than it was when you first started. Make sure to rock your Jon Snow hair cut in a way that would make the “White Wolf” himself proud.

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