10 Low-Maintenance Hairstyles To Try This Winter

By: | Last Updated: December 24, 2023

Winter time is usually that season for boots, thick clothes, scarves, coats, and ear muffs. It also happens to be that season where you just can’t afford to make complex hairstyles that require too much maintenance. This is because the harsh weather does not do the hair well at all. It is then important to be able to make simple and quick hairstyles that can serve you during this period.

So, here are 10 low maintenance hairstyles to try this winter:

1. Braids

twisted side braid by Gal Meets Glam – Curling Diva
Twisted Side Braids | Gal Meets Glam

Rocking braids should not have to be a boring affair.  You can easily switch from simple ones to more complex ones. It is also straightforward and doesn’t take much time. The greatest thing about braids is the fact that they do not demand much maintenance.  

You can switch from side braids, front braids, and even cornrows. Braids can be stylish and can be styled to fit into any occasion. To do a side braid, brush your hair to one side and start braiding till you get to the ends.

2. Ponytails

Ponytails might just be your favourite style this winter. It is one of the simplest styles ever. You can rock a back ponytail where you pull the hair into a hair pack and then use a serum and boar bristle brush to sleek the front hair down. You can also part the hair into two sections, top and bottom. Use a pin to attach the top ponytail to the second.

Another simple low maintenance style to do this winter is a low ponytail with a side parting. You can also switch and do a middle parting instead. Use a serum or gel to sleek down the front hair. You can even use edge control to give your hair that stylish and unique look.

When doing a high ponytail, be sure to place your pony in the centre of the hair as high as possible. You also do not have to secure the hair at the nape when doing a pony. You can always leave some space and place your pony some few inches down. Add some accessories to further style your hair. A braided pony is achieved by pulling your hair into a hair band at the back and braiding the ends.

3. Buns

Buns are in style and this winter is another time to have fun rocking them. Messy buns are easy and stylish. They require no maintenance and can be done for any occasion. This style looks good when you are putting on a turtleneck.

To achieve this style, pull only half of your hair through a hair bun and then use a tail comb to pull out strands near your hairline. You can also do a half up bun where you part your hair into two sections, the front section is the bun while the back is let down.

Watch the reel below from @justclassicallycassidy to see how she creates her messy bun.

Another bun style is when you divide your hair into two side sections and make two buns. A loose low bun is also another unique style. Simply pack your hair into a low pony and twist into a bun.

4. Stylish waves

Winter waves hair tutorial

Having natural waves makes it easy to fix your hair this winter. They are stylish and do not need much maintenance. However, if your hair is straight, you can easily achieve this look using a curling iron and hairspray.

You can easily do loose waves. Part your hair into sections, wrap about one-inch section of your hair around the curling iron for about 5 seconds. You can then set using your hairspray. This style is enough to get you through the week and can look really stylish under a hat or head warmer.

5. Faux locs

No hairstyle require low maintenance as faux locs. They are easy to install and can last for months. You don’t have to put them down till winter is over. You can also have fun styling your locs by either doing a side part or fixing them into ponytails.

Watch this video showing Crochet Faux Locs Install.

6. Twists

Twists are easy and quite stylish. You can make flat twists as this style is a protective style. You can also do twist outs. You simply divide your hair into little sections and do a two strand twist for each section. Leave it till the next morning and then loosen your twists.

Easy DIY short fluffy twists hairstyle

To maintain your style, apply oil and twist gel. You can then style it however you want. You can use a hairband in the front of your hair and leave your twists to fall back. You can do a side parting or center parting. Twists can be styled just like waves and are equally stylish.

7. Pixie cut

If you have short hair, you can use a flat iron to give your hair a sleek appearance.  You can do a center parting or a side parting. The goal is to be simple and stylish.

Watch the video from Sali Rasa below to see how she volumes up her hair and you can too.

8. Twisted Pigtail Hairstyle

The easy twisted pigtail hairstyle is a quick and stylish way to do your hair. Start by parting your hair into two sections. Then, individually twist each section, making sure to twist them gently to avoid any hair damage. After twisting, secure each twist with a hair tie. For a more voluminous and textured look, you can lightly tug at the twists. This hairstyle is great for a casual, effortless look and takes only a few minutes to achieve. Take a look at this short video from LaineyMarieBeauty to see how she does her hairstyle.

9. Classy bob

Short hair lovers particularly fancy this style. You can have curly, straight, and loose wavy ones. You can also include a fringe to add to your style. Bobs are quite stylish and sophisticated. They are also of low maintenance which is our aim for this season.

Take a look at this video from Emilytierneyofficial to see how the classy bob can be your perfect hairstyle.

10. Cool bangs

Bangs are in style and are your go-to this winter. It is a low maintenance style and can be steadily achieved on long, medium, and short hair. You can do a middle parting and leave the bangs to form a perfect frame around your face.

To further style your hair, play around with accessories like hair pins, clips, jewelled pins, flowery, or patterned hair bun, or hair pack, and others. Accessories can turn a boring hairstyle into a simple yet classy one. You can also dye your hair this winter season and achieve different styles with it.

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