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The best part about shopping for hair dyes is the unlimited option. And if you have been in the dyeing game for a long time, you know what to pick and avoid. 

Splat, a famous brand, will surely be on top of what you will likely grab for your next DIY session. Their variety of rich colors seems to encourage you to express yourself more and show your creativity to the world. 

But hold for a minute. 

It would be best if you didn’t run away with a box of Splat merely because of some good marketing. You have to do some research first. 

Is Splat hair dye good? And if it is, does it deliver accurately without compromising your hair?  

You better read on to find out. 

Is Splat hair dye good for your hair?

Is Splat hair dye good for your hair

There are many hair dyes in the market these days. 

A real bummer is when they do not work for you. 

Sometimes, brands don’t seem to be inclusive enough — even if they are, they seem to have chemicals that negatively impact your hair.

In other words, a brand like Splat should feel like a golden haul after a long search. 

Splat became known to the public in 1991. 

Since then, they promised to be affordable while offering various colors, formulas, and methods for every bold individual with a rebellious or fashion-forward streak.

Their products boast vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free formulas. From lightening to aftercare products, you can ensure that your hair is taken care of!

Their collections include Splat Original Complete Kits, Midnights, Naturals, and their newly-launched Double Lift products. They also have unique products you can buy to immerse yourself more in this vibrant experience.

Some of the advantages  that you can expect from Splat, according to their website, include:

  1. Extensive color range (23 original colors and new 2022 products!)
  2. Different formats available (permanent, temporary, one wash and no bleach, ten washes)
  3. Post-care treatments included (shampoo, conditioners, masques)
  4. Hair-friendly ingredients 
  5. Cost-effective

Summer or not, you shouldn’t hold yourself back from trying bold colors from a proven brand that doesn’t put a hole in your pocket.

Is Splat hair dye good for dark hair?

If you have dark hair, you are probably tired of hearing from every friend or professional that you must undergo several bleaching sessions to achieve vibrant hair.

Everyone knows bleaching can damage your hair, but must you put your hair to the test to get that head-turning color?

Well, apparently, you don’t have to— not by Splat’s standards. 

Splat’s Double Lift Permanent Color for Dark Hair is bleach-free! You heard that right! 

You can now have bold tresses in a single step. It uses a 40 volume developer, which lifts your dark hair color by four levels and deposits the dye after. Splat offers this collection in 5 different shades.

  1. Deep, rich purple nestled with warm tones
  2. Warm red with voltage power brightness
  3. Cool red with a reflection of purple
  4. Rich, dark green with warm undertones
  5. Cool, rich blue with radiant depth

Even more interesting are their key ingredients: aloe vera and soy protein. Aloe vera helps hydrate your strands, while soy protein ensures it doesn’t lose its smoothness and shine after processing. 

Here are the steps on how to put Splat hair dye on dark hair:

  1. Wear your protective clothing and detangle your hair as a prep
  2. Section your hair into four parts
  3. Pour the color cream into the developer bottle, followed by the color concentrate.
  4. Mix them well and apply them immediately to your hair evenly.
  5. Combine the sections and cover with a disposable cap.
  6. After 45 minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water until the water runs clear.

An FYI: This is best for virgin dark hair. Splat doesn’t recommend it for darkly-dyed hair or previously bleached hair.

If you have medium-dark hair, Splat still has something for you. Their Midnight collection works great for brown to pale blonde hair. If you are a brunette looking to amp up your aesthetic, this should be your hair dye choice.

Do you have pre-lightened hair? This works well with that too!

You can choose from these shades: ruby, jade, rosetta, azure, scarlet, pink sapphire, indigo, amethyst, claret, violet, tanzanite, and magenta. 

If you feel more adventurous, you can browse their Ombre collection, which comes with two different colors and bleach in a kit. Temporary sprays and hair chalks are also available.

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Is Splat a harsh hair dye?

Is Splat a harsh hair dye

No one wants to describe their favored hair dye as harsh. But in a crowd of praises, there are always those who would eventually dislike it. While positive reviews come in dozens, terrible ones would come in thousands.

When it comes to ingredients, Splat didn’t whizz by it. 

Splat Naturals is a collection dedicated to gentle and organic formulations. With a 95% natural formulation, it has no bleach, parabens, sulfates, PPD, or added fragrance. 

So if you are sensitive to harsh ingredients, you should grab a shade of Splat’s Naturals to try on. 

Best for brunettes: Splat’s Naturals in teal, red, navy blue, purple

Best for blondes: blue, violet, pink, dark silver

Of course, despite efforts to have a relatively safer formulation, you can’t dodge reviews that claim that the dye is harsh.

After all, you can’t ignore evidence just because you fully trust the labels of a product. 

Some concerning ingredients include metal oxides that are added for the color duration. Not all collections are also paraben-free.

Yet, it is wise to remember this: All health-related products, hair dye included, have to pass strict standards set by the governing health agencies. 

Theoretically speaking, the formula couldn’t have caused a severe effect on your hair or skin.

Thus, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a T. 

It’s not their responsibility to know what you do before, during, and after applying their product. It’s yours. 

There’s an easy way of knowing if your hair can withstand the intensity of Splat’s dye and if your desired color is achievable— a strand test.

As it suggests, you can pick a strand of your hair and follow Splat’s instructions on applying the hair dye. After you rinse and dry your strand, check if you observe roughness, a change in texture, and uneven color.

If the answer is yes, it is better not to risk it. 

Suppose the answer is no, congratulations! You can dye it as you wish!

As an extra precaution, you may want to add a patch test. While it is rare, people can suffer an allergic reaction to hair dye. 

Does Splat hair dye last long?

According to Splat, their semi-permanent hair dyes last 4-6 weeks. When it comes to their permanent hair dyes, they claim to last up to 30 washes. 

It’s not only your dyeing history that affects the longevity of the dye on your hair. 

You probably know that the specific number depends on how frequently you wash your hair and the hair products that you use regularly. 

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More importantly, your hair texture and porosity play a significant role in color retention.

If you have previously bleached hair, this could mean fewer days of vibrant color for you. Bleaching opens up the pores as it lifts your hair’s natural pigment— leaving it more porous and less likely to hold onto the color. 

You need to follow some iron-clad tips to ensure your hair stays impressive:

  1. Always use sulfate-free products.
  2. Do not wash your hair every day. Instead, opt for dry shampoo to refresh your scalp.
  3. Stay away from heat tools as much as possible.

Everyone’s hair is different, so don’t merely follow general guidelines. You have to tailor your hair care routine if you want the vibrance to stay longer and keep your hair healthy. 

How long does splat hair dye last without bleach?

Splat offers several collections which do not require you to bleach your hair. 

This includes Midnights, Naturals, 10 washes, and 1 wash/ no bleach. Their Original Singles are also peroxide-free and are worth checking out if you want to add some vividness to your locks.

Naturally, you would expect these semi-permanent dyes to last shorter than their permanent ones like Double Lift, Melts, and the Ombre collection. According to the manufacturer, they can last up to 20 washes with the best care.

If you are experimenting with your next hair color, this will suit your needs. It won’t harm your hair with further bleaching but will let you enjoy your test run.

Does Splat bleach damage hair?

Does Splat bleach damage hair

Bleach is quite a controversial topic. 

You and everyone else know it by now. However, the science of dyeing hair often includes bleach because it is a product that lifts your natural color before you can deposit new pigment.

Splat offers two kinds of bleach products: lightener bleach and brilliant bleach. 

The Lightening Bleach kit ensures 3-5 levels of lift and prevents yellowing in your hair. It’s excellent for overall lightening, touch-ups, and lightening your tips. It also comes with a shampoo and a deep reconstructor meant to replenish your protein levels. 

On the other hand, Splat’s Brilliant Bleach kit offers up to 8 levels of lift with its 40 volume developer. This is great for moments when you crave a customized look. 

The creamy formula also ensures you have more control over the process. So if you fancy streaks or painted highlights, you should not worry at all!

Brilliant Bleach also comes with a toning shampoo which prevents lingering warm tones from peeking through again. The shampoo is sulfate-free and packed with moisturizing ingredients such as quinoa, baobab, avocado, and coconut oil. 

A plant-based conditioner is another bonus in their post-care repertoire.

Overall, both kits guarantee you can lighten your hair without leaving you stranded to search for aftercare treatments. 

So what’s with the opposite feedback you might have heard? Should the reports of chemical burns in the skin and scalp caused by Splat bleach alarm you?

It should. 

However, you have to be mindful. 

Since bleach can be unsafe, especially for those with already damaged hair, it’s difficult to tell if the negative reviews lean more toward the formula itself or the person’s hair history and techniques. 

According to Splat’s blog, a 30 volume developer will not fry your hair. Some reviews say that the 40 volume developer can be too intense for some hair. Moreover, healthy or virgin hair would react differently to bleach than pre-colored hair.

What is the overall consensus? Splat’s bleaching products can be more damaging than expected. Should you give up on it and throw it away then?

Not necessarily.

Hence, it’s essential to set a before and aftercare routine whenever you bleach

Splat recommends an overnight nourishing mask to prepare your hair for drying.

You shouldn’t leave it for long, especially if you use the Brilliant Bleach. You have to check on your hair after 5-10 minutes so you don’t do irreversible damage. 

Is Manic Panic better than Splat?

When comparing two hair dyes, it’s advisable to know what it is that you want to achieve.

Is it longer color vibrancy? Non-toxic ingredients? A long list of shades to choose from?

Manic Panic is another famous brand of hair dye.

Ethics-wise, its vegan and cruelty-free stance made them a gold standard in the hair industry. When it comes to shades, they have a limited offer than Splat. The application and removal process of their temporary dyes are relatively quicker too.

If you want a color that lasts longer, Manic Panic is a better option. However, if you aim for fun and loud colors, you should add Splat to your cart instead. 

Additionally, it’s best to use Splat on virgin and healthy hair. It lessens the potential damage and adverse effects.

Are there lawsuits against Splat hair dye?

You probably heard rumors of a Splat hair dye lawsuit discussed in the PissedConsumer community. However, there is no official class action filed against Splat. 

Not big enough to make news, anyway.

Nevertheless, the bulk of Splat hair dye complaints can be discouraging, especially if you are a newbie who wants to try different brands, including Splat. 

The following is the summary of complaints: 

  1. Chemical burns observed with Splat’s kits which include bleaching products.
  2. The original vibrant color fades quickly and isn’t accurate on previously dyed hair.
  3. The stain (after fading) lasts for a long time, and removal is difficult
  4. Color “bleeds” even after several showers and is hard to remove from skin.
  5. Younger individuals report hair fallout.

It’s easy to throw the blame at either Splat or the users. 

Since there is no lawsuit and Splat isn’t demanded legally to address the issues,  all you can do for now is to weigh your risks as a potential user. If you have children, you should supervise them so they don’t over-process and damage their hair.


Splat is a popular company that offers a variety of colors with natural and non-toxic ingredients. It even caters to those with dark hair with no bleaching required. 

The main concerns rely mostly on possible skin irritation, difficult removal, and severe hair damage for those with previously chemically treated hair. 

However, if you want to try vivid colors, Splat is the perfect pick. 

It is best to do a strand test to see how the color reacts to your hair and how it may look. 

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