Can you bring dry shampoo on a plane

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If you plan to do air travel this year, one of the beauty products you shouldn’t forget is dry shampoo

There are so many potentially stressful situations you can get into from takeoff to arrival that you must prepare for all eventualities. 

And of course, you must stay fresh for whatever you plan after leaving the plane. 

A dry shampoo ensures no one catches you looking worn and greasy, even for a moment. That’s why it’s essential to pack it up with you. 

However, if this is your first time traveling by plane or if you haven’t experienced bringing dry shampoo on your flights before, the rules might be vague to you. 

Can you bring shampoo on a plane? Is it as simple as walking through the checkpoint security, or should you be worried about additional screening processes? 

Whether you don’t want the inconvenience or you are genuinely terrified of failing to pass the airport security’s standards, worry not. This article will give you the know-how so you can rest easy on your next flight.

Can I travel with dry shampoo?

Can I travel with dry shampoo

Before you dash in and demand some answers, you must first determine what dry shampoo you will include in your travel. 

FYI, they come in different shapes and forms.

Dry shampoo comes in two types— powder and aerosols. 

Everyone knew back then that to freshen up your hair; you only needed to sprinkle dry shampoo on your roots and fluff it up. Voila! Instant texture and volume

Nowadays, dry shampoo comes as aerosol spray too, which offers more control in the amount dispensed on your hair— a total game-changer for those who often find themselves looking like baked cookies with powdered sugar on top.

With that in mind, the straightforward answer to your question is yes. 

With powder dry shampoos, there is no limit as to how much you can carry with you on the plane as long as the container does not go beyond 12 ounces. Powder dry shampoos aren’t sold in large amounts, so it’s unlikely you would get in trouble bringing them with you. 

However, there are certain limitations if you choose aerosol dry shampoo, especially traveling by air.

It’s not the end of the world! You can definitely prepare and organize your stuff according to imposed travel rules so you won’t ever have to suffer greasy hair on an extended vacation. 

Is dry shampoo considered a liquid on a plane?

You might be confused about how dry shampoo is classified. How can something with the word “dry” even be considered liquid? Aren’t those two opposites? 

While a dry shampoo powder isn’t obviously a liquid, aerosol types fall into that category. Before it exits on the canister as a fine mist, the product stays as a pressurized liquid when not in use. Hence, it’s classification.

You probably realize the dilemma of having an aerosol can of dry shampoo on the plane. That is, it is subject to regulations of size and quantity. 

Sadly, you can’t just hide a full bottle in your carry-on bag and stroll on a plane. To avoid that hassle, you can ask the governing agency about their rules regarding aerosols. For those traveling in the US, you can refer to the Transportation Security Administration’s website or even tweet your inquiries at them!

Is dry shampoo a liquid TSA?

According to TSA, any aerosol is considered a liquid TSA except for certain medications and child nourishments. 

Aerosol dry shampoos must therefore abide by the 3-1-1 rule in carry-on bags and must not exceed the allowed quantity in checked-in bags. Moreover, it would be best to ensure that the dry shampoo you will include has a sealed nozzle and does not accidentally release mid-flight. 

Can you bring dry shampoo on a plane in carry-on?

Can you bring dry shampoo on a plane in carry-on

Hypothetically, yes. Per TSA rules, you only need to make sure that you pack the liquid in a travel-sized container of 3.4 ounces (100 mL) or less. You must also secure this in a tamper-evident bag.

The 3-1-1 rule for liquids in carry-on bags works like this: Any liquid must be 3.4 ounces or less (“3”) and must be packed in one quart-sized clear, resealable bag (“1”) per passenger (“1”). 

FYI: You can take more than one travel-sized bottle and dump it all in your quart-sized bag. As long as it fits and each bottle does not exceed the quantity limit, you do not need to worry about getting through checkpoint security.

The caveat here, of course, is finding a dry shampoo aerosol can that does not exceed the specified limit. And while there is certainly one you can pick from the aisle, it’s a tough cookie to swallow if it isn’t to your liking. 

What else can you do then? After all, you can’t simply transfer your preferred aerosol dry shampoo to a travel-sized can. There is but one solution— the check-in luggage.

Can you bring dry shampoo in checked luggage?

Fortunately for you, the TSA allows dry shampoo in your checked luggage. So even if you can’t put it in your carry-on bags, you can still be assured that you won’t leave without it.

A typical aerosol can of dry shampoo is about 5 ounces. Some smaller ones still exceed the carry-on limit. 

Each container must not exceed 18 ounces (500 mL) for checked-in liquids. The total aggregate quantity of toiletries each person can bring in checked luggage is also limited to two kilograms.

Unless you came up with a dry shampoo that’s more than 500 mL, there’s no reason for you not to pack it on your next flight.

Can you bring in mini dry shampoo on a plane?

It was a sigh of relief when travel-sized bottles became a must for beauty brands. 

It means no more buying small disposables and manually transferring your liquid toiletries to them. There are even more reasons why mini-dry shampoos became a welcomed addition to the beauty shelves. 

You should know by now that aerosol isn’t transferable to a smaller container, so that’s inconvenience number 1. Inconvenience number 2  is putting them in the checked bag. 

This is certainly frustrating when you have a tight schedule or an occasion to attend once you touch down. 

And what if you only want a carry-on bag with you? You have no option but to ditch it and buy another one at your destination.

Nah, that is too much hassle just to look presentable.

But if you have a mini dry shampoo, you won’t have to suffer that. Mini dry shampoos are travel-friendly since they do not exceed 100 mL. Perfect, right?

To get you started, here are some brands with mini versions of their aerosol dry shampoos. 

1. Batiste Dry Shampoo (1.6 oz)

Pros: It absorbs oil and dirt effectively.

2. Kerastase Mini Fresh Affair Refreshing Dry Shampoo (1.2 oz)

Pros: You won’t have to suffer a bad hair day with how this smells on your hair. This is perfect when going straight from the airport to a wedding or special occasion. 

3. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk (1.0 oz)

Pros: If you are experiencing scalp irritation, this dry shampoo will help soothe your scalp while keeping you fresh.

4. Ouai Mini Super Dry Shampoo(2.0 oz)

Pros: This is a must-have if you have color-treated hair.

5. Morrocanoil Dry Shampoo, Dark Tones (1.7 oz)

Pros: You don’t have to feel intimidated to try dry shampoos if you have dark hair with this product. It doesn’t leave a white residue that can become obvious with your hair. 

Will dry shampoo explode on a plane?

Will dry shampoo explode on a plane

Have you read the news back in 2019 where a dry shampoo took a 50-feet flight through a car’s sunroof? 

If you haven’t, this will be breaking news: aerosol cans will explode in certain situations. The warning label clearly states the potential danger. Scary, right?

So while it can happen in a car, will it also do so in a plane? 

Because if the same thing is true, that is one thriller movie you wouldn’t want to witness. 

Here is a little science fact for you first. 

An aerosol container explodes because the inside pressure increases and wants to get out. The main reason why this prison break can happen is when the temperature rises. 

When the temperature goes up, so does pressure. Hence, it reads on the warning label of every aerosol spray out there that you should never let it sit in direct sunlight or throw it away, empty or otherwise, in a fire.

Hopefully, you can trust TSA or your governing transport agencies to have done their research on this. Their imposed regulations and checkpoints ensure that many harmless objects do not instigate a full-blown disaster. 

For example, a cap or lid is deemed necessary for aerosol cans so it doesn’t accidentally spray within your luggage. Batteries, which may overheat and cause a fire, are also banned in checked bags. 

Dry shampoo aerosol cans do not explode by themselves. 

Without any danger of fire or heat, they will remain intact— unless for some reason you pricked it with a sharp object. 

Besides, the hold luggage area of an aircraft is pressurized, and they carefully regulate the temperature to minimize this hazard.


Does dry shampoo count as a liquid?

There are two kinds of dry shampoo. The powder one counts as a solid, but the dry shampoos in aerosol sprays count as a liquid. In fact, before they turn into a fine mist that you can spray on your hair, they remain as a liquid on a pressurized container.

If you plan to travel by plane, it is wise to check the regulations regarding aerosols, especially if you want them in your carry-on bag. For those traveling in the US, you can check TSA’s website for reference.

How much dry shampoo can I bring on a plane?

If you plan to stash your aerosol dry shampoo on a plane as part of your carry-on toiletries, it should not exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 mL. 

Mini dry shampoos are perfect for that job. If you want it in your checked baggage instead, it should not exceed 18 ounces or 500 mL. 

For powder dry shampoos, there is no limit as long as the container does not exceed 12 ounces. 

Can I pack dry shampoo in my checked luggage?

Yes, you can, according to the TSA. If your dry shampoo aerosol exceeds the quantity limit allowed in each bottle, you can opt to put it in your checked luggage instead of your carry-on bag.

Since typical dry shampoo canisters do not exceed the specified 500-mL limit, they are acceptable inclusions to your checked luggage. 

Is it safe to bring dry shampoo on a plane?

If it is within the required amount and size, whether it is a hand or hold luggage, you can bring dry shampoo on a plane. There is no need to fear an explosion, even if your dry shampoo is the aerosol type. 

Like any other aerosol, dry shampoos are safe if appropriately sealed and away from heat or fire.

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