How To Use Aloe Vera For Hair and Scalp Problems

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You may be very familiar with the healing properties of aloe vera for burns (ever used a curling iron?), but did you know that’s not all this little super plant can do?

Aloe vera gel is almost 99% water! That fact alone tells us that at minimum, aloe vera has major hydration benefits. But what about that other 1%? That other 1% is where the magic of aloe vera really happens, and it’s what makes aloe vera a major player when it comes to the health of your skin AND your hair.

So, wait, can you put aloe vera gel in your hair? You can. And with all the crazy benefits aloe vera gel has to offer, you should. Aloe vera is packed with natural ingredients that soothe skin conditions in your scalp and promote healthy hair growth. Let’s take a closer look at 3 of the most important pieces of that 1% and how to use aloe vera to prevent hair fall and dandruff.

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3 Ways Aloe Vera Helps with Hair and Scalp Problems

  1. Aloe vera has major anti-inflammatory fatty acids. Use aloe vera to combat scalp inflammation and ease redness, itchiness, and dandruff. The fatty acids in aloe vera gel work in your scalp to fight fungus and reduce the pain of swollen, inflamed skin.
  2. Use aloe vera for thinning hair. Aloe vera is packed with Vitamin B12 and folic acid. These two ingredients work together to stimulate the growth of new cells. Studies show that people low in B12 experience thinning or graying hair. Boosting the amount of B12 vitamin you are taking in through aloe vera is a natural, safe way to stop hair loss and promote growth.
  3. Fight split ends with aloe vera. Aloe vera introduces enormous amounts of natural moisture to your scalp, hair follicle, and entire hair shaft. It introduces vitamins A, C, and E to your hair, which adds strengths and prevents breakage that leads to split ends.

How to use aloe vera on your hair

1. Direct/Raw

You can apply aloe vera directly to your hair and scalp. This method can actually help reduce symptoms of inflammation like dandruff and itchiness. To apply raw aloe vera gel directly to your hair, simply cut an aloe vera leaf in half and squeeze out the gel-like pulp. Work the pulp into your scalp and through your hair. After 15 minutes, rinse the aloe vera out and enjoy a fresh, clean feeling head! Repeat this up to 3 times per week to get the best results.

2. Aloe vera hair gel

Aloe vera hair gel can be used in the same way you use a leave-in conditioner. Shake up your bottle of gel (especially if you’ve made your own), spritz it in your hair, and let it sit for 15 minutes. Rinse your hair and set your style for the day. If you prefer to buy a commercially prepared gel, this guide will help you choose the best aloe vera gel for hair.

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3. Aloe vera hair mask

You can get a major hair health boost by adding an aloe vera hair mask to your beauty routine. To get the most benefit from a mask, fully coat your hair and scalp in aloe vera gel or a mask recipe and massage your head for a few minutes. Cover your hair with a towel and set a timer for 25 minutes. Once your time is up, rinse your hair out and be on with your day. You can do a hair mask 2 times a week to get great results.

4. Aloe vera juice hair moisturizer

Get 3-in-1 benefits using aloe vera juice to moisturize and heal your hair. Aloe vera juice can be used as a leave in conditioner misted on to your hair as part of your morning routine. Spray and go! It can be used as a hair gel to hold your style–use aloe vera juice instead of chemical heavy alternatives. Aloe vera juice can be used as a deep conditioner, too. Apply aloe vera juice to damp hair, cover it with a towel or shower cap, and after 20 minutes you’ll have nourished, healthy hair for days.

5. Aloe vera shampoo

Aloe vera shampoo in, dandruff causing, chemical smelling, expensive shampoo out. Using a shampoo infused with aloe vera promotes circulation in your scalp. This encourages new hair growth. Combined with the vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera, your new hair will be strong and healthy. If you’re reading this article and wondering “can I use aloe vera on my hair everyday?”, the answer is yes, and an aloe vera shampoo is a great way to do it.

Check out our list of the Best Aloe Vera Shampoo here!

6. Aloe vera hair oil

Is it safe to apply aloe vera to hair overnight? It IS, and here’s why and how to use aloe vera hair oil overnight to give your hair a major boost. Aloe vera hair oil blends the intense healing and nourishing properties of aloe vera with the stability and longer shelf life of an oil based product. When used on your hair, it penetrates deep in to your scalp to treat issues like dermatitis and dandruff.

To use aloe vera hair oil, warm the oil according to product instructions. Coat your hair and cover it with a shower cap, bag, or saran wrap to keep the oil on your hair overnight (and to save your pillowcases). In the morning, you’ll be ready to wash, rinse, and love your results.

Does aloe vera help hair grow faster? With its long list of hair health boosting ingredients, using aloe vera regularly to treat your hair may make it seem like it’s growing faster. You’ll be promoting blood circulation and cell formation at your scalp, and certainly see a reduction in thinning hair.

Aloe vera has been used for centuries to treat skin conditions, digestive issues, and a host of other ailments. It’s time to give this plant the credit it deserves, and add it to your list of must have beauty-do’s!

Add a plant to your window sill to always have a leaf ready to make your own hair mask, store aloe vera hair oil long-term in your medicine cabinet, or shop til you drop seeking out the best aloe vera solutions for your hair needs!

Frequently Asked Questions about Using Aloe Vera for Hair or Scalp Problems:

1. Can I use aloe vera for hair and scalp?

Absolutely! Aloe vera is a natural ingredient known for its numerous benefits for hair and scalp health.

2. How does aloe vera benefit hair and scalp?

Aloe vera has soothing and moisturizing properties that can help hydrate the scalp, reduce dandruff, promote hair growth, and enhance the overall health and shine of your hair.

3. How do I use aloe vera on my hair and scalp?

You can use aloe vera gel directly from the plant or opt for commercially available aloe vera products. Apply it to your scalp and hair, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

4. Can aloe vera help with hair loss?

Aloe vera’s nourishing properties can promote a healthy scalp environment, potentially reducing hair loss and stimulating hair growth.

5. Is aloe vera suitable for all hair types?

Yes, aloe vera is generally safe and suitable for all hair types, including dry, oily, damaged, or color-treated hair.

6. Can I mix aloe vera with other ingredients for hair care?

Absolutely! Aloe vera can be combined with other natural ingredients like coconut oil, honey, or essential oils to create DIY hair masks or treatments tailored to your specific hair needs.

7. How often should I use aloe vera on my hair and scalp?

The frequency of aloe vera usage depends on your hair and scalp condition. Starting with once or twice a week and adjusting based on your hair’s response is a good approach.

8. Can aloe vera help with an itchy scalp?

Yes, aloe vera’s soothing properties can help alleviate itchiness and calm an irritated scalp.

9. Does aloe vera have any side effects?

Aloe vera is generally safe for most individuals. However, some people may be allergic or sensitive to aloe vera. It’s recommended to perform a patch test before applying it to your entire scalp or hair.

10. Can aloe vera be used as a leave-in conditioner?

Yes, aloe vera can be used as a leave-in conditioner to hydrate and nourish your hair. Dilute it with water or mix it with other lightweight ingredients for a DIY leave-in treatment.

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