Is Oribe worth it?

By: | Last Updated: April 13, 2023

If you’re obsessed with hair care products, you’ve probably encountered Oribe. 

Oribe is an award-winning brand with various hair care products that cater to different hair needs.

But what makes Oribe unique from other products? 

Well, it stands out from the competition as it produces luxurious, high-end products infused with natural ingredients. And fun fact, it was the first to provide premium hair care products in the market. 

It is well-liked by almost everyone, from stylists to supermodels to celebrities. Some would even say it’s a work of art!

But the ultimate question now is, is Oribe worth it? Should you use it in your hair regimen?

Read along to find out! 

So without further ado, let’s explore the beauty of this hair care brand. 

Is Oribe safe?

Is Oribe safe


Oribe uses natural and organic formulas. Their products are devoid of parabens and sodium chloride. However, it still has silicones and alcohol. And some of their products also have sulfates. 


No need to worry about hair and scalp damage as Oribe products are all paraben-free.

Sodium Chloride

Oribe knows that sodium chloride breaks down keratin bonds in the tresses. Hence, all their products do not contain sodium chloride, making them suitable for keratin treatments. 


Oribe utilizes silicone for detangling and smoothening the hair. And as we all know, silicone causes build-up on the hair. But don’t worry; Oribe assures us that their silicones are of superior grade, so they won’t weigh down the hair.


Oribe uses only cosmetic-grade alcohols that do not dry out the hair, so make this ingredient the least of your worry!


Unfortunately, not all Oribe products are sulfate-free. But the good thing is that their sulfate-containing products use coconut-oil derivatives!

This includes their Shampoo for Beautiful Color, Signature Shampoo, and Shampoo for Brilliance and Shine.

Does Oribe make your hair greasy?

Not all Oribe hair products make the hair greasy. But using Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo excessively may leave a greasy mess. So be careful! 

Why is Oribe so expensive?

Why is Oribe so expensive

Simply put, Oribe is like Chanel. 

It’s pricey because you’re paying for luxury and quality. The brand uses advanced technology and premium ingredients. Also, the demand for their products is high, allowing them to set their prices high.

And not just that, their bottle appear like perfumes too! 

So is it splurge-worthy? You decide.

Oribe Shampoos

How often should you use Oribe shampoo?

You can use Oribe shampoo twice a week, depending on your hair needs. 

However, some shampoos are safe for daily use, such as the Oribe Signature Shampoo and Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo.

Which Oribe shampoo is best for me?

The answer depends on your hair needs. So let’s take a look at each Oribe shampoo for you to find out! 

Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo

This is the perfect shampoo for dry, color-treated, or damaged hair. It’s infused with argan, maracuja, and cypress oil that help revitalize and nourish every strand, making your tresses healthy and manageable.

So is Oribe Gold Lust worth it?

Oribe Gold Lust Repair Shampoo is a holy grail, especially if you’re experiencing breakage! 

The product contains collagen, niacinamide, biotin, and plant collagen. It penetrates the cuticle and strengthens the hair from root to tip. 

It keeps the tresses healthy, making them bouncier, shinier, manageable, and less frizzy. Aside from that, the product also has a pleasant scent. 

So yep, totally worth it! 

Oribe Signature Shampoo

This product is for you if you’re looking for an everyday shampoo. Oribe Signature shampoo provides moisture and structure to your tresses. And it leaves the hair silky and manageable. 

Oribe Bright Blonde Shampoo

This is Oribe’s purple shampoo. And from the name itself, this shampoo is for the blondies out there! 

It prevents brassiness, discoloration, and fading, thereby maintaining color vibrancy.  

Is Oribe purple shampoo worth it?


Say goodbye to brassy and dull hair with this shampoo. 

It’s suitable for daily use and leaves the hair smooth and silky. It brightens your hair color and does not leave any gray or purple stains. It’s also safe for hair extensions since it doesn’t weaken the bonds. 

Pair it with Oribe Bright Blonde Conditioner for best results. 

Oribe Shampoo for Beautiful Color 

This one is for color-treated hair. 

This gentle shampoo keeps color fresh and vivid. It also moisturizes the hair, keeping it healthy and strong. 

Oribe Shampoo for Brilliance & Shine

Say goodbye to dull hair with this shampoo! 

Oribe Shampoo for Brilliance & Shine eliminates impurities while hydrating every strand. It adds luster to limp and lifeless tresses, giving you that soft and silky vibe. 

Oribe Shampoo for Magnificent Volume

This is ideal for people with dull and flat hair.

As the name suggests, it promotes volume and thickness, giving the hair body maximum fullness. 

Oribe Shampoo for Moisture & Control

Suffering from stubborn locks? Well, this is for you! 

This shampoo caters to curly, wavy, or kinky hair. Its mild formula softens and tames the hair, making it more manageable and frizz-free. 

Oribe Dupes/Alternatives 

Oribe DupesAlternatives 

Is there a dupe for Oribe?

No doubt, Oribe is one of the luxury hair care brands on the market. But as much as we love the brand, our budget sometimes says otherwise. Fortunately, there are dupes for Oribe products. 

The perfect dupe for Oribe Gold Lust Repair and Restore shampoo is the Hask Argan Oil Repairing Shampoo, which is also sulfate-free. It likewise provides moisture and repairs damaged tresses. 

Another dupe is the Colab Original Dry shampoo for Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo. Similar to Oribe, Colab removes build-up on the hair without leaving any residue.

Pantene Gold Series Intense Hydrating Oil is also an alternative to Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Oil. Both products are enriched with argan oil which strengthens and hydrates dry and damaged hair. 

Umberto Giannini’s No More Messy Break Ups Split End Cream also works the same way as Oribe’s Split End Seal. It smoothens split ends and remedies breakage, making the hair healthier and shinier. 

And lastly, the best replica for Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment is John Frieda Full Restore Mask. It’s infused with Inca inchi oil which strengthens the tresses and prevents breakage. 

Oribe vs. Kerastase

Kerastase is famous for its keratin-rich compositions, which aid in hair strengthening. On the other hand, Oribe is best known for hydration — it moisturizes the hair without leaving any grease or residue.

However, the main difference between Oribe and Kerastase is the use of sulfate. 

Kerastase shampoos are not sulfate-free. The products use the gentler kind of sulfate — Sodium Laureth Sulfate. And as we all know, sulfates may ​​damage the hair and irritate the skin.

On the contrary, most Oribe shampoos do not have sulfate. Their products with sulfates use coconut derivates like Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate instead of SLS. 

In terms of ingredients, Oribe is jam-packed with an average of 100 ingredients. In contrast, Kerastase only has 30 to 40 ingredients. 

And take note that the more ingredients, the more probable an adverse reaction may occur. 

Now, which is better? 

If you’re looking for hair strengthening treatments, then Kerastase is your best bet. But if you’re looking for an everyday product, stick to Oribe. Not to mention, it’s suitable for every hair type. 

Oribe vs. Olaplex

Olaplex and Oribe are two of the most popular brands in the market. Both produce quality and impressive hair products. 

But which brand is better? Let’s find out! 

Oribe Hair Alchemy vs. Olaplex 

Oribe’s Hair Alchemy Collection includes three products — Hair Alchemy Resilience Shampoo and Conditioner and Hair Alchemy Fortifying Treatment Serum, all consisting of white peach, Italian bergamot, and sandalwood scent. 

The Hair Alchemy Collection prevents breakage and protects fragile and damaged tresses. Hair experts recommend using the three products together for maximum results. 

Most users reported bouncier, healthier, and stronger hair after use. 

Olaplex also has its anti-damage serum and Bond Maintenance shampoo and conditioner. 

The anti-damage serum, Olaplex 9, shields the hair from heat and pollution. It repairs damaged sulfide bonds, thereby revitalizing dry hair. 

The Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner, a.k.a Olaplex 4 and 5, moisturize and repair the tresses. These products reduce frizz and damage, leaving you with healthy and lustrous hair.

Oribe Gold Lust oil vs. Olaplex oil 

The Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil is well-known for its soothing properties. It gives the hair added moisture as it has a high oil concentration, consisting of maize seed, sunflower, and moringa oil. 

Also, it protects the hair from heat and does not have parabens or sulfates. 

On the other hand, the Oribe Gold Lust Oil is powered by botanicals rather than chemicals, making them stand out among its rivals. It’s composed of watermelon extract, shea butter, argan oil, and a combination of emollients that help fortify and soften the tresses.

The product is also light and non-greasy and can be used as a heat protectant and detangler as well. 

So which brand is best for you? 

Well, you can’t compare both because they’re meant for different purposes. 

If you’re looking for an intensive bond-building treatment, go with Olaplex. But if you want luxurious hair styling products, stick with Oribe. 

The final verdict: is Oribe a good brand? 

ABSOLUTELY! When we speak of Oribe, we’re talking luxury and class. 

Oribe utilizes only premium and natural ingredients in its hair care products, making it one of the top-rated brands in the hair industry. 

Also, Oribe products don’t weigh down the tresses. And thanks to its gentle formula, it doesn’t strip sebum out of the hair.

No need to worry about sulfates and parabens too! 

With Oribe, you’ll surely get salon-quality results! 

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