What happens if you leave Olaplex on too long

By: | Last Updated: May 4, 2022

If you’re a salon-goer, you’ve probably ​​encountered Olaplex. Over the years, their hair products made quite a stir in the hair care industry.   

But can you overdo Olaplex? What happens if you leave Olaplex on too long? 

Well, this article is here to answer all that. 

So read along as we learn more about the side effects of leaving Olaplex products on the hair for a longer period.

But wait!

Before we dive into that, let’s first look into the different Olaplex products. What are they for?

What is Olaplex?

Olaplex is a hair treatment that reduces hair damage caused by various hair products, such as dyes. You can use it after dyeing your hair as it keeps color in place. 

A single active ingredient called Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate makes up Olaplex. This rebuilds and regenerates broken sulfide bonds in the tresses caused by chemical hair treatments and heat styling tools. 

As a result, your hair becomes shiny, strong, and vibrant. 

Olaplex variants do not have toxic ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, mineral oils, oxybenzone, and synthetic fragrances. 

Also, the brand follows a 10-step process. 

Olaplex 1 is mixed into hair color and bleach to repair broken sulfide bonds. Olaplex 2 is applied to strengthen weak hair strands. 

Next in line is the Olaplex 0, which acts as a primer for Olaplex 3, allowing its maximum absorption. 

Apply Olaplex 3 Hair Perfector on top of Olaplex 0. This acts as a hair mask and is applied to wet hair. 

Olaplex 4 and 5 are the Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner that protects the tresses when you shower. Olaplex 6 is a leave-in product that keeps hair moisturized until the next wash, while Olaplex 7 is a styling oil you can use on dry or damp hair for added moisture. 

Olaplex 8 is a bond intense moisture mask that provides shine, moisture, and body to damaged tresses, leaving the hair 6 times smoother. 

And recently, Olaplex released its first-ever serum — the Olaplex 9. This anti-damage serum protects your tresses from heat and pollution. It revitalizes dry and brittle hair by repairing broken sulfide bonds in the hair shaft.

Can you overdo Olaplex?


The good news is that Olaplex does not harm the hair, no matter how frequently you use it. There is no such thing as too much Olaplex. 

However, overdoing it may lengthen the processing time. So it may take effect a little longer.  

Can you leave Olaplex on too long?

Can you leave Olaplex on too long

In a nutshell, yes! 

Leaving Olaplex on your tresses for too long does not have any obvious risks or damage to the skin or hair as long as you protect your eyes and face. 

However, this also depends on the type of Olaplex you’re using. An example is the Olaplex 1, which is mixed into bleach powder. In such a case, you shouldn’t leave Olaplex in your hair for too long since bleach chemicals will undoubtedly damage your hair.

Leaving Olaplex for a longer period does not bring additional benefits either. 

So although it’s generally safe, it’s better to stick with the recommended application time. 

What happens if you leave Olaplex 0 on too long?

The Olaplex 0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment serves as a primer for Olaplex 3 Hair Perfector. Hence, it boosts Olaplex 3’s effectiveness.

You can also use it as a stand-alone treatment to repair hair damage. 

But remember that the product is specifically designed to work hand in hand with Olaplex 3. Leave it on hair to process for 10 minutes before applying Olaplex 3. 

But what happens if you leave Olaplex 0 on your hair for too long? 

Well, it would not damage the hair nor yield better results.

Olaplex 0 loses efficacy within 30-45 minutes after application. Thus, leaving it for an extended amount of time won’t do any benefit.

What happens if you leave Olaplex 8 on too long?

As mentioned above, Olaplex 8 is a bond intense moisture mask. 

As the name suggests, it moisturizes the hair, repairs damaged tresses, and adds volume. 

Also, Olaplex 8’s recommended application time is 10 minutes. But according to their official website, leaving it for more than 10 minutes is all right.

It won’t harm your tresses. However, doing so won’t amplify the benefits. 

Frankly speaking, leaving it longer on the hair is a waste of time. 

What happens if you leave Olaplex no 3 on too long?

The recommended time frame for Olaplex 3 is 15-30 minutes. 

And similar to other Olaplex products, leaving Olaplex 3 for too long isn’t beneficial. 

This is because it reaches maximum results within the 15-30 minute time frame. You may also experience an itchy scalp when you leave the product on for too long. 

So yep, no need to leave Olaplex 3 a little longer! But if you wish, apply it to damp hair.

Using it on dry tresses may lead to excessive dryness. 

What happens if you leave Olaplex 1 on too long?

As mentioned earlier, Olaplex 1 is usually mixed with bleach or hair dyes. 

Although Olaplex 1 by itself is safe to use for longer periods, the other ingredients in the mixture may harm the tresses. For example, leaving the bleach on the hair for an extended time causes split ends.

So don’t use Olaplex 1 for too long, as it can ultimately damage hair. Stick within the recommended 10-minute time frame, instead. 

Does leaving Olaplex longer help?

Does leaving Olaplex longer help

Not at all! Olaplex products reach maximum results within their recommended time.

And although some researchers suggest that leaving Olaplex longer provides better results, no concrete proof supports such an allegation.  These so-called “amplified” benefits remain questionable. 

Can you leave Olaplex on overnight?

Some people suggest that leaving Olaplex overnight maximizes its results. But is this true? Can you leave Olaplex on overnight? 

Well, yes, you can! 

But doing so is pointless since most Olaplex products have a maximum acting power of not more than 45 minutes. 

Leaving it overnight could also irritate the eyes.

But if you insist, cover your tresses with a shower cap or tie them up to keep them away from the eyes. 

Covering them with a microfiber towel also works! 

Most importantly, apply Olaplex products to damp hair if you intend to leave it on overnight. 

Olaplex products work best and effectively when the hair is moist. 

Can you leave Olaplex 3 on overnight?

Yes, but it isn’t necessary. 

Many people claim that Olaplex 3 works better when left on overnight. However, the company asserts that Olaplex 3 is only effective within 30-45 minutes of application.

It reaches its maximum power after the said time frame.

More isn’t always better. Hence, you will get the same result even if you leave the product on your hair overnight. 

Not to mention, leaving it overnight may cause skin and eye irritation. So it’s best to stay away!

Can you leave Olaplex 8 on overnight?

Yes. But like any other Olaplex product, Olaplex 8 only works within a specific time frame — 10 minutes. 

It would not yield better results beyond that. 

Leaving it overnight could also irritate your eyes. 

Hence, like any other Olapex products, I suggest you don’t leave Olaplex 8 on overnight.

Can you leave Olaplex 5 on overnight?

Can you leave Olaplex 5 on overnight

Yes, you can! But remember that Olaplex 5’s recommended time for its maximum activity is only 3 minutes. 

Like other Olaplex products, leaving it on overnight would not give the hair additional benefits. 

And the worst-case scenario, it may even cause skin redness and scalp irritation. The product could also get into your eyes while you’re sleeping. 

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The takeaway

Olaplex is a fantastic product for hair repair. It strengthens the tresses, making them silky and moisturized.

However, leaving their products on the hair for too long isn’t recommended, especially for Olaplex 1. 

Although it doesn’t damage the hair, it wouldn’t amplify the benefits either. So there’s no point in trying. 

However, if you leave it beyond the recommended time frame, make sure to protect your eyes and skin. 

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