How to make your ponytail look cute: Easy Ponytail Hairstyles

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A lot of times, especially in the morning, some of us gals just put on a ponytail because of time constraints. However, you could still make your ponytail look cute and a bit more done up than a regular one. You can also make it look great for sports and other cool outdoor activities.

I always have a variety of ponytail hairstyle ideas at the tip of my fingers because I never can tell when I’ll need to switch on to another style during the day.

So in this tutorial, I’ll be sharing a few ponytails here that look really cute and would come off as great for school, at work or even for sports. Hopefully this will give you some ideas on how to make your ponytail look cute.

4 Ideas on How to Make Your Ponytail Look Cute

1. Sleek and Chic Low Ponytail Hairstyle

This first hairstyle involves starting off with a regular ponytail. For me, it’s much better to use a fine toothcomb to pack all your hair as this will give it a really smooth and glossy look.

Bear in mind however that this might require a bit of learning curve initially before you’re able to grasp the methods much better. I’ve had to redo this about three times before I got it right. And before I forget, ensure that you add in those neck hairs. With the tail end of your comb, slightly pull out your hair in a way that it just loosely covers your ears loosely on each side.

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Check the mirror to see that you love this look and then proceed to tie your hair with an elastic hairband, making firm low ponytail. Now this is going to be much more fun. Grab a little section off the top of your ponytail and wrap it tightly around your ponytail.

As the section gets  shorter, grab another section from beneath your ponytail and join it with the previous one. You should go on with this as far down your ponytail as you desire, but always make sure to wrap above each prior turn to create a sort of tube effect. This is really great for producing a sleek effect on your ponytail and is so easy to make.

After you’re satisfied with the length of your wrap, take it back up your ponytail and use a bobby pin to secure it into place. Voila! This gives you a cute looking ponytail which can be worn to see friends or when taking a walk outdoors.

2. Ponytail with a Braid headband

Here’s another cute ponytail hairstyle where you start off making it by grabbing a section of hair from underneath and behind your head.

Only take a section with as much thickness as you would love a braid to be because you’ll be making a braid with it. Proceed by packing up the rest of your hair into a high ponytail and holding it in place with a hair elastic.

Make a braid all the way down the chunk of hair that you separated earlier from the rest of your ponytail. As soon as you’re done with that, you’re going to take the braid and lift it over your head to the opposite side just behind your ear. Then use bobby pins to secure it and you have a cute looking braids over your ponytail.

You can repeat the step on the opposite side if your hair doesn’t reach all the way to the other side when pulled over your head to create a kind of double braid effect.

3. Dutch Braid into a Ponytail Hairstyle

Ever had a Dutch braid mixed into a ponytail hairstyle before? That’s what you get with this cute ponytail that I’m about to describe for you. Take out a hair section from the front of part of your head and make a Dutch braid, going toward the side of your head. Make sure not to complete the braids all the way to the ends of your hair and then use an elastic band to tie it off.

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Still wondering where the ponytail comes into all of this? Here it is.

Take all of your hair―including the Dutch braid you just made―and pack it up into a high ponytail. Use a comfortable elastic band to tie your ponytail.

You can decide to either release the tied end of the Dutch braid so that it blends with the rest of your ponytail or just leave it that way. To create the illusion of a voluminous hair, use your hand to pull out the braid nicely.

4. Braided Ponytail Twist

Ponytail number four is a great choice especially when you want to avoid using any heat styling tools and you really can’t reuse any curls. You’re going to start by leaving out two small sections in the front part of your hair and then pack the rest of your hair into a low ponytail.

Make a braid of few stitches halfway down the ponytail before tying off with a hair elastic. Here again, you want to gently pull out the braids with your fingers to make it look voluminous especially if you’ve got thin fine hair.

Now, take one of the hair sections you left out earlier from the front and twist it over the hair elastic. While you’re still holding that in place, grab the second one and twist it over the previous, combining both sections underneath your ponytail.

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Once you’re done, use another hair elastic to tie this securely and then roll this up using your index finger before finally securing it with a bobby pin.

To create an even more fabulous looking ponytail with this hairstyle, you can leave baby hairs on each side and also add texture by pulling out strands of hair from your crown. This may well turn out to be your favorite hairstyle.

Which ponytail style do you like the most?

Guys, admit it, all of these cute ponytail hairstyles are super quick to make and are almost perfect for any occasion. You’ll have so much fun making and even wearing them anywhere. I also love the fact that you can use the braids to add volume to your hair effortlessly.

I’m sure you’ll enjoy making these gorgeous ponytail styles especially if you’ve always had a hard time making your own hair.

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  1. Hi Sarah! Love your blog! I was wondering if you have any tips on how to do a high ponytail with side swept bangs. When I try to put my hair up, my side bangs end up looking like this awkward chunk of hair and my hairline looks all uneven. I’ve tried looking for tutorials but have only found videos that cater to African American hair and weaves.

    • Hi Jenny!

      Thank you 🙂

      What is your hair type? Is it straight? Curly? or Wavy? And how long is your hair?

      • I have curly, just past the shoulders length hair. My hair is very fine and I have crazy cowlicks everywhere so my hair is incredibly difficult to work with and always looks messy at the hairlines. The second video you linked looks super helpful though and is pretty similar to what side bangs looks like. I’m going to see if I can mimic it today! Thank you!


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