Check out these 5 No fuss hairstyles for fine thin hair

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There’s no doubt about how frustrating it can get trying to make a beautiful hairstyle if you’ve got thin hair. Almost any thin-haired gal craves to get thicker hair for a number of obvious reasons, one of them being that most hairstyles almost always comes out flat, and not looking full and voluminous.

I know how bad it can feel just having to set the curling iron or any other heat styling tool to a very low temperature just to avoid damaging your super fine hair. Or having to find the perfect rollers after trying out so many options but each one just wouldn’t hold in your hair nicely.

It might sound a little crazy but I’ve got the right cure for this fine hair dilemma!

These 5 effortless hairstyles I’ll show you would leave your friends stunned at the amount of volume and texture that will be added to your hair in a way that you never even imagined was possible. Scroll through till the end to see all of them.

Here are 5 no fuss hairstyles for fine thin hair for you to choose from:

1. Half up Bun

For this style, you’ll have to take up a section of your hair from the top and tie it into a messy bun. Use your fingers to work through this section of your hair as you pack it up before tying. Make sure to leave out the lower section of your hair at the back.

The trick to getting that extra volume here is to pull out the bun just so that it looks extra messy and cute as well. If you want, you can also pull out little baby hairs on each side to make it look even more attractive. Try adding a pre-styling texturizer that you’re comfortable with before you blow dry and get started with making this as it will also help add extra volume.

2. Double Dutch braids

Here’s another quick and easy hairstyle that will make your hair seem much fuller than it actually is. To do this, section out the top half of your hair by running your fingers just above your ears on each side. Using a band, separate the lower half from the top section by tying the lower half and then release the top section.

Make a central parting on the top hair section just so it is divided into two halves. Begin making a Dutch braid on one of the two halves just straight down the middle up to about halfway down the hair length.

This is quite different from a normal braid so instead of taking a new piece of hair and putting it on top you’re going to put them underneath the braid. This makes the braid stand out of your head instead of going in which makes your hair look even thicker.

Remember to stop making the braids about hallway down and then tie off with an elastic band. Then go all the way up and pull out the hair braids a little to add extra volume and make it look thicker. Repeat this braid on the other side and then release the lower half by untying it and ta-da, you have the finished hairstyle.

3. Inside out ponytail

For this hairstyle, you’ll need to start by making a deep central parting in the front of your hair. Then twist a small section of your away from your face on each side of your head. Make sure these just go straight back and hold then hold each one in place with bobby pins.

Tie the rest of your hair into a ponytail using an elastic band.  Use your finger to make a hole in beneath the ponytail just above the elastic and then pull the ponytail over and tuck it back in through this hole. This one makes you look pretty good without having to stress yourself at all.

4. Layered Pixie

If you have short hair, or you’re comfortable with getting a short hair transformation, then you need to consider making this hairstyle. The good thing about pixies is that fine hair gets a lot of benefits from this cropped haircut. One trick to always remember here is to add more layers to it because the more layers you have, the more volume your pixie will have.

The key to getting it right with pixies most of the time is using the right product. I recommend using Verb Volume Spray because it will essentially get work done in terms of getting volume in the top which is something you’ll love. You don’t even need to use a round brush for this especially if you’re time conscious.

After washing your hair, comb it all through with a rattail comb. Then use a hair dryer to blow dry your hair.

Start by focusing on the sides first to keep your hair facing down and smooth on either side. Move on to the top portion and always run your fingers through the roots and flip your hair from side to side as you blow dry. Remember you’re not using a round brush, so this technique will help add texture and volume.

5. Glam curls

Curls are probably the best way to add volume to your fine thin hair! Left with me, I might even add that this is the best choice among all the styles I’ve provided here. Go with using a curling iron or hair straightener with smaller barrel width as this will help your hair hold the curls a lot better.

Try not to hold in the curling iron for long so as to get a soft glamorous curly hair instead of being really tight―not unless you want it coming out like Shirley Temple’s.

You could also use hot rollers for this–check out my post on how to pick the perfect rollers for your fine hair. Using hot rollers would make this even seem less stressful as you could do your makeup or something else why you let them set in your hair as you make the curls.

I hope I’ve been able to show you that your fine thin hair isn’t as intimidating or as hard as you think it is.

Have fun styling your hair into that crazy style you desire without having to worry about your hair falling flat every time. Make sure to enjoy making these hairstyles with less struggle! You can also find other cool hairstyles here.

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