How to get Arctic Fox out of hair

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Dyeing your hair with a semi-permanent color is one of the fun ways you can try something new without committing fully. However, reaching out for one particular box or brand may seem like a trial-and-error game. Even if it is semi-permanent, it still feels like something you need to ace.

Arctic Fox is a brand that is all-natural and cruelty-free. They have been in the game since 2013 and have since delivered highly pigmented formulas that fade within the original color spectrum. No more brassy tones!

Be that as it may, they have yet to deliver an Arctic Fox color remover to complete the package. In 2019, one of the owners tested a color remover they are developing in her Youtube channel, and it turned out great! Unfortunately, it is not yet in the market. This naturally leaves us in a limbo of finding a solution to fade it fast so we can try more of their hair dyes. 

Well, do not mourn for what is yet to come! Today, you will learn how to get Arctic Fox out of your hair. 


How to fade semi-permanent hair dye fast

Does red hair dye fade quickly – Curling Diva

Since Arctic Fox falls within the semi-permanent category, here is valuable knowledge to have when you want to fully revert to your original hair or convert to another color. 

If you are in a hurry because you partied last night with blaring pink hair but want to get it out the following day for a meeting with your boss, then the best way is to use a color remover. 

The reason why this is the best is that this is the simplest and the fastest path to destroying the dye pigment deposited on your hair. It contains a chemical called hydrosulfite, which reduces the dye and breaks it down to dissolve them. Fast, yes, but notoriously damaging, especially without aftercare treatment. 

The basic formula, therefore, is faster removal equals more aggression. 

However, if you want to fade your hair because you did not like the intensity or even the color itself, here are some tips to fade it safely:

1. Wash your hair frequently and with a clarifying shampoo

Yes! There is a reason why salon professionals always leave you with a warning to avoid washing your hair every day. Shampoo, especially clarifying shampoo meant to deep cleanse, contains surfactants that strip our hair of oil, dirt, and, fortunately for you, dyes. 

So yep, go ahead and step into the shower. And while you are at it, increase the water’s temperature. Hot showers make the process of fading much quicker.

Did you know detergents have also been considered an alternative? It works by the same principle as shampoo— only so much harsher. So although it might work for you, you should consider the risk of ending up with dry and fragile hair.

2. Get into the pool

A little science you want to know: There are two ways to remove a dye— either by oxidation or reduction. Color removers are often reducers. On the other hand, chlorine is an example of an oxidizer. And where do you have chlorine? That’s right — in your pool. 

3. Add some Vitamin C

Oh, those little tablets you take to boost your immunity? They are more than what you think they can be. Crush at least two pills of Vitamin C and mix them with anti-dandruff or a clarifying shampoo. Let the mixture sit for about 45 minutes on your hair before rinsing.

Vitamin C is an acid that makes it an effective tool to get rid of pigment. Notably, your plain white vinegar— also an acid— can be of help to you in the same way. Soak your hair in vinegar and rinse with warm water after 3-4 minutes. 

4. Consult the color wheel

Okay, this only works if you have faded your hair by a great deal already. You may have ended up with a wash-out version that you do not love. The solution to that is the color wheel! It’s basically choosing the pigment directly opposite your current hair color. For example, if you have green pigments, you could cancel them by adding red tones

Help yourself to some color theory and let your creativity emerge!

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How do you remove Arctic Fox hair dye?

How do you remove Arctic Fox hair dye

Arctic Fox is a semi-permanent hair dye. They have recommended in their blog the Joico Color Eraser to fade out your hair. This is a handy tip if you are vying for a pastel color after you have already dyed your hair. 

The best color remover for Arctic Fox contains ammonia and peroxide. One affordable formaldehyde-free choice is Ion Color Brilliance, so you might want to try that out. 

Pro tip: The sooner you remove the color, the better. You are likely to get your desired results that way.

1. Mix equal parts of the liquids included in the box.

2. Section your hair and apply the mixture evenly, making sure that it is fully coated. 

3. Put on a shower cap and wait for 20 minutes.

4. Rinse it thoroughly afterward, and wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo.

It is better to take precautionary measures when dealing with harsh chemicals. To protect your hair, deep condition it with oil treatment the night before you will attempt to remove your hair color. 

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How to remove Arctic Fox Virgin Pink

does red hair dye last – Curling Diva

Virgin Pink brings out the summer, vibrant vibes that you just want to show off on Instagram. Virgin Pink appears with a magenta tint on light brown hair and goes full-on bright pink on a blonde base. 

However, if you want to move on to darker hues or even go pastel, be relieved to know that Virgin Pink isn’t that hard at all to get rid of compared to the intense colors like Purple Rain. It is on the lighter tones, after all.

One method you definitely want to try is this vlogger’s method. Note that you can use anti-dandruff shampoo instead of dish soap because it is less harsh on your hair. 

You would need dish soap, purple shampoo, 10 vol developer, and baking soda.

Mix equal parts of the ingredients into a bowl and apply it evenly on sections of your hair until you have covered everything. Use a shower cap and let the process work for 15-20 minutes. You can rinse it afterward and wash it with shampoo. 

Do not ever forget to condition your hair after! Dish soap is highly dehydrating to your hair. 


How to get Purple Rain out of hair

Nothing screams more spunky and mysterious than true purple hair. Purple Rain, now Purple AF, is a creation by Arctic Fox which promises a deep purple for those who seek it. 

Now, purple dyes like that technically fade quickly, like red ones. However, if you did not go for a pastel color, Purple AF is relatively more challenging to remove than lighter tones such as Virgin Pink. 

When dealing with purple dyes, go for Joico Color Intensity Eraser and Pravana Artificial Color Extractor, which can remove intense pigments.

If you have faded or residual purple in your hair, you can try the hack as mentioned earlier to return it entirely to what it once was. 

How to get rid of Arctic Fox Transylvania in your hair

Oh, that alluring raven-black hair in fairytales that you can only dream of! Well, not really. Arctic Fox presents Transylvania— a blue-based jet-black hair pigment for you all who want to go back to the simplest beauty. 

Ironically, Transylvania is not at all the simplest to remove once the Snow White fantasy is over. Oh, not at all. 

You see, the very intense pigment will require rigorous rounds of treatment before it shows your original hair color. And no, bleaching out Arctic Fox Transylvania isn’t the key either. 

In fact, Arctic Fox states in their website that their bleaching kit (Bleach, Please) isn’t recommended for dyed hair. This will only lead to results which may be way out of your expectations. 

What then? Here’s where ingenuity saves you. This Vitamin C concoction will completely rid you of your black hair dye

You would need: Vitamin C tablets, dish soap, anti-dandruff shampoo

First, you need to crush the Vitamin C tablets until they are fine powder. Just a tip, you might as well put it al in the blender rather than smashing them like you are playing HammerHeads in the arcade. Now mix equal parts anti-dandruff shampoo to it in a bowl. You can the  add a drizzle of dish soap.

Apply this mixture evenly fully to the sectioned parts of your hair. You can then cover it with a shower cap. To make the process more likely to succeed, put a heating pad on top of the shower cap then wrap it all nicely with a towel. 

After 30-45 minutes, you can start rinsing it with water and washing it with anti-dandruff shampoo just to aid the stripping process. You may have to do this for 3-4 rounds before you get your original color back. 

This will sound like a broken record but condition, condition, condition. Your hair is your foundation here so always keep it healthy and hydrated.


Will Arctic Fox wash out completely?

According to Arctic Fox, the semi-permanent hair dyes will wash out completely between 22-24 washes. However, it really depends on your choice of hair dye. For example, a lighter tone like Virgin Pink can be washed out earlier than the truly dark ones such as Transylvania. 

If you want something which can wash out easily, try diluting your dye with their Arctic Fox Mist Diluter to produce some cute pastel colors!

Can Arctic Fox be bleached out?

Technically, yes. But bleaching may lighten your hair to some awful shade or hue you despise. For that reason, Arctic Fox does not recommend this. 

If you want to bleach your hair, remove the color first and bleach it with their Bleach, Please kit. 

What is the fastest way to get Arctic Fox out of your hair?

The fastest way is, of course, a professional visit to a salon. They know what to do. No second guessing, that is. But if you wanna try DIY, use a color remover that is specific for your hair color  or one that contains ammonia and peroxide. 

Alternatively, you can find some online hacks which have been proven successful. Experimentation is key! 

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