How long does oVertone last

By: | Last Updated: February 11, 2022

Ladies, admit it — we all want to revamp our hair at some point in our lives. 

You look in the mirror and think “How boring could this hair get?”.

We’ve all been there! And while we really want to shake up our hairstyle, the fear of damaging the hair holds us back. 

But luckily, there is this product called “oVertone”. 

With oVertone, you’ll be one step closer to achieving your hair goal.

But first, what is oVertone? 

According to their official website, oVertone is a pigmented conditioner that does not damage the hair in any way. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, such as ammonia or peroxide, which could break open the hair cuticle. 

It is a semi-permanent coloring conditioner made up of healthy ingredients such as avocado oil, coconut oil, and shea butter. Rather than making your hair dry, oVertone restores moisture and keeps the hair hydrated while rocking a new hair color. 

So if you want to give oVertone a try, read along to know about how long it can last and how you can remove them. 

Does oVertone wash out? 

Yes! oVertone does not contain ammonia and unlike hair dyes, it is not applied with a developer.  

It does not penetrate the hair fiber and will only be deposited on the hair cuticle — the outermost surface of your hair. 

Hence, oVertone will only work temporarily and will gradually wash out every time you wash your hair. 

Does oVertone wash out 

How long does oVertone last?

The duration of oVertone depends on several factors. One factor is the health of your hair, especially your hair’s porosity — the ability of the hair to absorb moisture.

oVertone tends to last a little longer on hair with higher porosity.  How fast the color fades away also depends on your starting color.

Read below to know more about the duration of oVertone on bleached, brown, and virgin hair. 

How long does oVertone last on bleached hair? 

Whether or not you will need bleaching depends on the level of hair color you want to achieve. If you are a brunette wanting to go for a pastel or vibrant color, you will likely need to pre-lighten your hair by bleaching. 

However, it is important to let your hair recover first from the bleaching process before applying oVertone. 

Now let’s go to the longevity of oVertone on bleached hair. 

Bleaching increases your hair’s porosity and as mentioned before, the higher the porosity, the longer oVertone lasts. This means oVertone stays longer on bleached hair compared to non-bleached hair. 

Bleaching causes the cuticle to break open and allows the pigment to further go into the hair cuticle and really absorb. This makes oVertone difficult to remove from your hair. 

So the fading process will likely take more than 22 washes. 

Since bleached hair is already pre-lightened, oVertone may leave some color residue on your hair. 

If this happens, it is best to apply a toning conditioner after.  

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How long does oVertone last on brown hair?

A lot of people believe that if you have brown or dark hair, your new hair color will definitely NOT show up.

Well, that’s not entirely true. 

With oVertone, you can achieve darker shades of pink, blue, orange, red, purple, or green. 

And in terms of duration, oVertone on brown hair can last for a couple of weeks.

You’ll notice color fading around 10 washes. But if you want to maintain the color for a longer time, you can always re-apply oVertone conditioner. 

Also, one good thing about having brown hair is that any color residue will quickly disappear. 

How long does oVertone last on virgin hair?

When it comes to virgin hair, oVertone fades the fastest. This is because the hair cuticle on virgin hair is quite closed. 

So instead of depositing pigments onto the cuticle, the color will only be deposited on top of your hair strands. 

The color will just slide off and will fade away after a few washes. So if you have unprocessed hair, don’t expect the color to last for a month. 

Does oVertone wash out of blonde hair?

For blonde girls out there, oVertone helps neutralize your brassy and yellow undertones. This is why a lot of blondies are now trying out oVertone on their hair. 

And talk about aesthetics, being naturally blonde also makes it easier to achieve vibrant, pastel, and neon colors. 

But despite how oVertone works best on blonde hair, it will still wash out. 

It will fade over time and your hair will likely revert to your original hair color.

And just like bleached hair, oVertone can possibly leave color residue on natural blonde hair.

But don’t worry too much! Toning conditioners are there to help neutralize these residues. 

That being said, oVertone, regardless of your natural hair color, will begin to normally fade once you stop using oVertone every wash and start applying color-free conditioners.

Is it hard to get oVertone out of hair?

Now that we know about the duration of oVertone, let’s talk about oVertone removal. 

Removing oVertone out of hair can be a little difficult. 

This is because oVertone is made up of long-lasting pigments which do not contain harmful chemicals such as peroxide and ammonia.

So compared to hair dyes, oVertone stays much longer on the hair, making it more difficult to take out. 

However, there are tips on how to get oVertone out of hair which will be discussed in the next section. 

Is it hard to get oVertone out of hair

How to get oVertone out of hair fast

Although removing oVertone out of your hair can be quite the challenge, there are techniques available to help get oVertone out of hair fast. 

Here are some tips you can follow: 

Use a clarifying shampoo and hydrating conditioner

If you want to get oVertone out of your hair fast then stop re-applying oVertone conditioner and start using a sulfate-free clarifying shampoo followed by a hydrating conditioner. Rinse with warm water. 

Use olive oil mask 

Olive oil masks work best for dry and frizzy hair. Aside from removing oVertone from the hair, this also keeps the hair hydrated and moisturized.

Olive oil mask sticks to the hair fiber and confines the pigment deposited in the cuticle. 

When doing this, make sure to preheat the oil mask and leave it on the hair for about 30-40 minutes covered with a shower cap. Rinse with warm water and shampoo afterward. 

Apply liquid laundry soap 

If you have a liquid laundry soap at home, you can use this in removing oVertone from the hair. However, this method could make your hair dry and frizzy. 

So simply wet your hair and leave the soap on your hair for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply conditioner. 

You will have to do this for 7 days to fully remove oVertone from the hair. Remember to moisturize every after session to minimize dryness. 

Use Vitamin C powder

The official oVertone website recommends this. 

You simply have to mix the Vitamin C powder with your shampoo and you’re good to go!  

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Use moisturizing shampoo plus a developer 

Only try this method if your hair is in good condition. 

Mix the moisturizing shampoo with a 20-volume developer. This easily removes oVertone because the developer opens the cuticle, thereby stripping out the deposited pigments.  

You can leave the mixture on the hair for about 10-20 minutes and rinse it thoroughly with water. 

Don’t forget to condition your hair after! 

See a professional hairstylist

If all else fails then it’s best to see a professional hairstylist for you to know what further step you can take. 

Most would recommend a professional direct pigment or dye remover.

Use dye remover

Dye remover also does wonders. In just 30 minutes, you can easily remove oVertone from the hair. 

It’s best to use a dye remover containing nourishing ingredients like keratin and amino acids in order to minimize hair damage caused by the removal process.

Prior to the application, use a clarifying shampoo for deep cleansing. Also, section your hair to get even results. 

Once you’ve noticed that your hair has already lightened, immediately shampoo and rinse thoroughly with water. 

Deep condition afterward to avoid frizz and dryness. 

oVertone on hair

The bottom line

We all want the best for our hair and it’s frustrating how hair beauty often comes with a cost, such as dryness and frizz.

It’s a good thing that oVertone contains no harmful chemicals. You can now rock bold hair colors straight from the shower! 

Thanks to oVertone, you’re on your way to getting the dream hair you deserve — at least temporarily. 

Then again, nothing lasts forever. 

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