Can you put baby oil in your hair

By: | Last Updated: March 7, 2022

Getting into the haircare bandwagon nowadays seems expensive. 

From sulfate-free shampoos straight to salon treatments, it may often feel like you are just cashing out your dollars left and right. 

It’s especially true if you’ve gone into the hair science rabbit hole. Now you’re not only concerned with hair type; there are also a bunch of terminologies like texture and porosity you need to acquaint yourself with.

Honestly, it shouldn’t be this hard. 

Perhaps that’s why the advent of DIY saved everyone from being a cash cow for the haircare industry. 

It also gave someone the idea to find multiple uses for some household items just lying around. Probably, that was the train of thought of the person who picked up baby oil and wondered, “Hey, can you put baby oil in your hair?” 

Whoever that is, everyone has them to thank. 

Today, you’ll read something which might be entirely new to your ears or not at all. And if you are the former, you might find something that can totally transform your hair and won’t leave a hole in your pocket.

What are the benefits of baby oil on hair?

what are the benefits of baby oil on hair

As an adult, you likely got used to reading the side effects of potentially harsh chemicals included in daily hair or skincare routines and salon trips. 

The glaring warning signs aren’t new anymore. It’s not like someone has been in grave danger because of it. Or so everyone justifies and lives with it. 

It must be such a breath of fresh air to find out that baby oil can also be for adults. 

After all, babies have super sensitive skin. It’s safe to conclude that what is good for them will generally be okay for us too.

The efficacy of baby oil on hair is not widely-researched in the scientific community. 

Mostly, it has been word-of-mouth from one person to another and so on. 

But just because science is yet to catch up to this old household practice, it doesn’t mean you should expect less from it. 

Scalp Health

You should know by now that a well-moisturized scalp encourages optimal hair growth. Here’s why baby oil can help you achieve that. 

Baby oil contains mineral oil and, depending on which brand you have, it may also contain other nourishing ingredients. Its moisturizing effect on the skin makes it a go-to for mommies. 

Mineral oils are occlusives — they protect the skin by locking in moisture and creating a protective barrier to prevent water loss. 

Mineral oil doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft, unlike other oils like coconut oil. Instead, it stays on the surface and coats the scalp and strands for a longer time, preventing it from getting dry and brittle. 

You can also rely on baby oil for dry scalp in adults. 

A dry scalp usually comes with flakiness and dandruff. Due to baby oil’s occlusive properties, it can act as a lubricant for your scalp. 

A little massage now and again and ta-dah! Your scalp no longer has to suffer a Sahara scare anymore. 

Shine and Smoothness

A 2009 study found that mineral oil, the main component of baby oil, can spread more easily on the hair surface than butter and other oils.  This characteristic guarantees glossier hair that is easier to comb and forms fewer split ends. 

When mineral oil coats the hair, it creates a film effect that enhances shine and reduces friction on strands. This means no more tangled strands and just smoothness from root to tip! 

PS. If you know someone who suffers from head lice, you should introduce them to baby oils. The lessened friction provided by baby oil makes it easier for eggs to come off when combing. Must save someone’s head and self-confidence!

Strength and Protection

Last, and certainly not least, is the capability of baby oil to prevent breakage and protect outside elements from damaging your hair. 

Oils, in general, play a crucial role against hair damage. 

Your hair shaft has tiny holes called follicles in them, and when too much water enters these follicles, the hair strand becomes weak and brittle. It’s called hygral fatigue. The protective barrier from baby oil prevents water from penetrating and causing follicles to swell. 

There are claims that baby oil prevents external factors like UV rays from the sun from harming the hair. It’s wise to remember that research only found mineral oil to produce minimal effect against sun damage. 

How to use baby oil for hair 

How to use baby oil for hair 

What’s also fascinating about baby oil is that it is lightweight. 

If you have fine hair, you can put it on without worrying that one application may look too greasy! So get your bottle of baby oil, and you can choose from the options below on how to apply it best.

Caution: Although baby oil is generally deemed safe. Always do a patch test and observe if you develop any adverse effects on it. 

1. Everyday Use

Place 4-5 drops of baby oil onto your palms and rub it. Apply it gently on your hair until you cover the roots to the tips. Wash it off after several hours. 

If you are worried about weighing down your crown area or if you have dry hair, you may opt to apply it on your hair tips instead. Put a little oil on your comb afterward and then comb through your hair. 

2. Overnight Mask

Taking a step further, you can also use baby oil in your hair overnight

This overnight baby oil ritual has received positive reviews in the Youtube community and may even climb up on your list of favorite products!

Coat your hair evenly and entirely with baby oil, starting from your scalp. 

FYI: It is always better to do sectioning when distributing a product on your hair. Take your time on this part and focus on dry and frizzy areas. Afterward, cover it with a shower cap. 

Put it in a low bun if you have long hair, so everything stays tucked in the shower cap. Let it sit overnight or, if you want, a full 24 hours. 

Take off the shower cap and gently detangle your hair. Afterward, you can head to the shower and wash it off. Voila! Your hair now looks less frizzy and definitely shinier than yesterday! 


The Choice of Brand

Benefits of Johnson’s baby oil for adults

Some brands deliver excellent quality with their product that they have become synonymous with it. And since you are on the aisle looking for baby oil, you wouldn’t miss the brand Johnson’s

Benefits of Johnson’s baby oil for adults

Lest you forget from all this hair talk, baby oil serves as a skin moisturizer. It claims to leave dry skin softer and smoother. 

Johnson’s stated that their product locks in 10x more moisture in wet skin than ordinary lotion on dry skin. That’s incredible! 

And if you have rough or dry patches, you can gently massage some oil on them after bathing. Baby oil works better with damp skin, so make sure to include this in your post-shower routine. 

Is Johnson’s baby oil good for adults’ hair?

It’s relatively old knowledge that you can also apply Johnson’s baby oil for hair. 

Although scientific research is yet to come up with data for it, this has been used by adults worldwide already. The good news about Johnson’s baby oil is that it also contains Vitamin E and aloe vera

Vitamin E is a known moisturizer, and it also encourages hair growth. Moreover, it can prevent premature gray hairs and seal split ends. 

Aloe vera, on the other hand, is a household name. It acts as a mild cleanser and also has moisturizing properties. It helps strengthen your hair and soothe any irritation if you have a dry scalp. 

If you couple those vital ingredients with the benefits of mineral oil, you get an instant hair treatment that won’t cost you a lot but can definitely give you incredible results! 

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The Bottom Line

There are so many hair products to obsess with but trying something already proven excellent in the skincare industry is smarter than any blind buys. 

So grab a baby oil bottle, do a patch test, and if it turns out alright, start incorporating baby oil in your day and nighttime routine. 

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