Top 10 Essential Oils For Curly Hair

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More and more people are turning to essential oils to help with their hair. If you have naturally curly hair, then you need to know which of these oils will work for you. Each oil has something different to offer, but you should consider the best to get the most from your hair.

1. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil – Curling Diva

One of the top essential oils to use on curly hair is Tea Tree oil. This is a purifying oil which is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree. You will need to dilute the tea tree oil in a carrier oil such as coconut oil and then massage it into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

Having diluted tea tree oil handy will not only help your hair, if you have acne outbreaks then this oil will act as a drying agent and clear up the spots.

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2. Rosemary Oil

Rosemary Essential Oil 1 – Curling Diva

Rosemary oil has long been used in aromatherapy and offers a great fresh scent. You can use rosemary oil to promote hair growth by massaging it into the scalp. You will need to dilute the oil with a carrier before you massage the oil in.

Our Recommendation: Plant Therapy Rosemary Essential Oil

3. Lavender Oil

lavender oil – Curling Diva

Lavender oil is known for its calming properties and many people use it to help them relax and sleep. This soothing nature can also be used for your scalp.

If you have a sensitive scalp that is being irritated, then you should apply some lavender oil to it. You can add the essential oil to a carrier and gently massage the scalp with it.

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4. Geranium Oil

geranium flower – Curling Diva

Geranium oil is one of the essential oils that not many people know about. However, when applied to the scalp it can balance the production of sebum and it will regulate the hormones which combat hair loss. Geranium oil is also known to make curly hair appear shiny and offers a beautiful floral scent.

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5. Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil – Curling Diva

Ylang Ylang oil is extracted from a tropical tree in Indonesia and is known for its health benefits. This essential oil will help to promote hair growth when massaged into the scalp. The oil will also make your hair appear shiny and provide it with a healthy glow.

Ylang Ylang oil can also help drive away anxiety which makes it a must have for days when you may feel overly stressed.

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6. Palmarosa Oil

Palma Rosa oil is different to a number of other oils because it is extracted from the Palma Rosa grass. While this oil offers a range of health benefits, the one that affects hair the most is the hydration that it offers. This oil will help your boy retain moisture in the tissues and this will translate to your hair having enough moisture. This oil is good for people who have dry curly hair.

Our Recommendation: Plant Therapy Palmarosa Essential Oil

7. Sandalwood Oil

sandalwood oil – Curling Diva

Sandalwood oil is an essential oil that everyone should have on hand for their hair. As sandalwood is a natural disinfectant it can be used to treat scalp infections and, in some cases, the treatment of lice.

While the oil is doing this it will also help to soothe the scalp as it is an anti-inflammatory. Sandalwood oil has also been known to help stimulate hair growth.

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8. Neroli Oil

– Curling Diva

Neroli oil comes from a citrus fruit and offers a range of different health benefits. This oil is ideal for people with sensitive scalp and will help to clear up any scalp infections due to its disinfectant properties.

This oil will also moisturize your hair through the cytophylactic properties which stimulate the growth of new cells and the health of existing cells.

Our Recommendation: Eden’s Garden Neroli Essential Oil

9. Jasmine Oil

Jasmine Essential oil – Curling Diva

Jasmine oil has long been associated with skin care and will help your scalp if it is dry. Massaging diluted Jasmine oil onto a dry scalp will provide almost instant hydration and this will often lead to a reduction in dandruff. However, it is important to note that Jasmine oil can cause an allergic reaction or irritation for some people.

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10. Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil – Curling Diva

Lemon oil has long been known as an effective hair tonic. Many people use a diluted lemon oil tonic to increase the strength of their hair. The use of this oil will also eliminate dandruff and will leave your hair appearing shiny and healthy. This oil also boosts the immune system and helps to cleanse your body.

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Choosing The Right Carrier Oil

Knowing which essential oils you should be using is important. However, you need to know how to safely and effectively use them. All essential oils should be diluted in a carrier oil and you should never apply essential oils directly to the skin without diluting them first.

Choosing the right carrier oil is important because they offer a range of benefits as well. If you do not choose the right carrier oil you could be losing the benefits that the carrier and essential oils offer. There are some common oils that you should consider for any hair tonic.

Sweet Almond oil is ideal for anyone without a nut allergy and is considered an all-purpose carrier oil. The oil is quickly absorbed by the body and is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E. Jojoba oil is another carrier that should be considered and is recommended for hair tonics. The oil offers a non-greasy absorption and will be similar to the oils that your body naturally produces.

Olive oil with olives
Olive Oil is a good carrier oil..

If you do not want to look too hard for a carrier oil, then you could consider olive oil. The only problem with this oil is that it will leave the skin and hair feeling oily and has a relatively short shelf life. Coconut oil is also a good option, but can also leave the skin and hair feeling oily. A benefit of coconut oil is that it has a long shelf life.

There are a number of essential oils that you can use for curly hair. Some of the oils will promote hair growth while others will soothe an irritated scalp. All essential oils need to be diluted in a carrier oil before they are applied.

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