Does color oops damage hair

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If you love playing with different hair colors, you probably had a few hair color mishaps. The color may have come out too dark, too light, or even too orange.

Since you don’t want bright orange hair, a product like Color Oops can strip that hair dye out so you can start on a new blank slate.

But how effective is Color Oops? And how safe is it to use on your hair?

In this article, we’ll look into Color Oops and find out if it can really damage your hair. So read more to find out.

What is Color Oops?

What is Color Oops

If you have experienced a bad dye job before, then you probably wished there was an easy way to wash that color out of your hair.

Well, thankfully, Color Oops can do that for you.

Color Oops is a hair color remover that allows you to strip out the unwanted color from your hair in just 20 minutes. You just need to saturate your hair section by section with the product and wait for it to develop. 

Once the time is up, the undesirable color washes out, leaving you with neutral hair color.   

Easy and convenient, right? But how does it do that? 

Well, it shrinks down the hair dye molecules using hydrosulfite, making them easy to wash away.

Color Oops is effective on permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes. But not so much on direct dyes and bright fantasy colors. 

So you better think hard before picking up that neon green hair dye. 

But what do hairstylists say about Color Oops? Is it as effective as when professionals correct your hair color?

Do hair stylists recommend Color Oops?

When it comes to color removing or correcting, hairstylists strongly suggest you go to a professional since this is a complicated treatment that even color specialists can find challenging.

But if you’re in a pinch and you need to do it at home, they advise choosing a color remover that’s moisturizing and doesn’t contain bleach and ammonia.

Which Color Oops doesn’t have. So it’s gentle and non-damaging to your hair.

However, celebrity hairstylist Kiyah Wright points out that color removers are not an overall solution for fixing your bad dye job. 

It can fade out your current hair dye but don’t expect to get a pretty color afterward, especially when you have a previous history of dying your hair before. So use it with discretion.

Does Color Oops damage your hair?

Does Color Oops damage your hair

Now that you know what Color Oops is for, you’re probably wondering: “Will color oops make my hair fall out?”

As previously mentioned, Color Oops doesn’t contain bleach and ammonia, so it doesn’t alter your hair’s structure.

However, stripping the color from your hair can dry it out, as you need to scrub the color remover with shampoo multiple times to get the color out. That’s why it’s recommended to use a good conditioner after.

The current condition of your hair can also affect how the product will react. 

If it’s already damaged from previous chemical treatments, using Color Oops can magnify those problems. That’s why it feels more damaged after applying the color remover.

But if your hair is healthy and you follow the product’s instructions, you won’t have anything to worry about. 

But if you’re still nervous about whether Color Oops can damage your hair, you can always do a patch test.

Apply a tiny amount of the color remover on a small section of your hair and leave it for 20 minutes. Then wash it out, and apply your conditioner. 

Observe how your hair looks and feels.

If it feels dry and damaged the next day, don’t apply the color remover to the rest of your hair. Contact your trusted hairstylist instead. 

Does Color Oops return hair to natural color?

Whether Color Oops can return your hair back into its natural color can depend on your hair color history.

If you used a hair dye close to your natural hair color, Color Oops could fade it back into your original shade.

But if you have really light bleached blonde hair and dyed it into a dark brown hue, Color Oops may not completely wash the color out. So you’re more likely going to end up with reddish-orange hair.

However, if you have naturally dark brown hair and apply a dye that’s three shades lighter, ColorOops can fade out the color. But it can’t get it back to its original dark tone due to the lifting process done by the hair dye. So it’s going to remain lighter.

In other words, Color Oops can’t deposit color into your hair.

Does Color Oops bleach your hair?

If you don’t want to end up with lighter hair after applying Color Oops, don’t worry. Color Oops doesn’t contain bleach.

Unless you originally have light hair before applying hair dye. Then, Color Oops can reveal your previous light hair color.

But, if you’re thinking about using Color Oops to lighten dark hair color, it’s not going to be as effective as you’d think.

Color Oops can lighten your hair for one or two shades above by fading out the color. But it can’t get you to a blonde hue compared to when using bleach.

Does color oops remove black hair dye?

Black hair dye is the toughest color to remove, even when using bleach. But Color Oops is capable of stripping some of the black dye out.

So expect to see a reddish-orange stain on your hair once you wash the color remover out since these are the underlying pigments of the color black. 

But if you want to go back to lighter hair color, it will take multiple applications if you completely want the color out.

However, it’s also not a guarantee that you’ll end up with great hair since color removers can be unpredictable. So there’s a chance you’ll get splotchy hair, especially when you have dyed your hair before.

So it’s still the best idea to have a professional strip the dye out so you can get an even hair color.

Does color oops work on red hair?

Does color oops work on red hair

Red may be one of the easiest hair colors to wash out. So it can take a lot of maintenance if you want it to stay bright.

But if you can’t handle the red, Color Oops can fade it out for you. 

Just expect to see a light orange hue once you wash out the color remover since you can’t wash out red’s underlying pigment after one application.

But if you’re not a fan of the brassy color, you can correct it by using a toner or recoloring your hair.

But only consider recoloring your hair when it’s healthy if you don’t want to end up with a damaged mess in your hands.

Recoloring hair after color oops

According to Color Oops’ official website, you can dye your hair the same day you apply the color remover.

But it’s always a good rule of thumb to assess the current state of your hair before picking up that hair dye again.

If your hair feels brittle and damaged, hold off on recoloring your hair. Instead, focus on getting it back to a healthier state, or the damage will worsen.

But if it feels healthy, it’s recommended to wait at least 1 day after to dye your hair again.

That’s because there might still be some of the Color Oops formula remaining on your hair. So it’s going to react with the dye if you re-apply directly.

Another tip is to use a semi-permanent hair dye instead of a permanent one. Since these don’t contain ammonia and peroxide, it’s going to be more gentle on your hair.

The dye won’t last as long as permanent hair dyes, but you can stretch its lifespan by washing your hair less frequently.

Choosing a dye that’s a shade or 2 lighter than your target color is also a good trick. Since your hair is more porous after stripping it with Color Oops, it’s going to absorb more hair dye than before, making the color appear darker than it should be. 

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The bottom line

Experimenting with hair dye can be an exciting way of playing up your look. But sometimes, you can’t avoid making a mistake.

Maybe the color turned out too dark, or perhaps it’s just too unflattering to you. 

Whatever the case, a hair remover like Color Oops can easily strip out your mishap.

But it’s not the end all be all of fixing your hair color, since there’s also the risk of making the problem worse.

So going to your hairstylist is still the best choice when it comes to fixing your hair. 

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