What unnatural color should I dye my hair

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While dyeing your hair black, red, blonde, or brown might be the more timeless, classic way to go, colors that might be considered “wilder” or “unnatural” tend to float in and out of trends all the time.

Or maybe you’re more of a trend-setter than a follower. There’s got to be some new color out there that you can experiment with and make your own. So, what unnatural hair color is for you?

The sky really is the limit now when it comes to hair colors. 

If you can dream it up, there will definitely be a product out there that can make your technicolor fantasy come true. 

But if you’re just starting out, you might wonder what color to begin with? What can complement your look and style while highlighting all your best features? 

Well, if you’re only beginning, one great way to choose a color is to pick one that best suits your skin tone. 

What unnatural hair color is best for my skin tone

Unnatural colors are for everyone all across every skin tone and color. This is just a guide on how to pick a color that will best complement your skin tone. 

For this guide, we’ll check out what colors work best on cool skin tones and warm skin tones. 

Once you’re more comfortable experimenting and maybe even clashing, the rainbow is yours for the taking. 

Unnatural hair colors for cool skin tones

First, let’s clear things up on what a cool skin tone is. Regardless of how deep or dark your skin color is, you can have either cool, warm, or neutral tones in your skin. 

On fair skin, you might find that having a cooler tone would mean you have a touch of pink or blue on your skin. 

In darker skin, it can come across as red or purple

An easy cheat is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Do they look a bit more blue or purple? Then that means you probably have a cool skin tone. 

You can also try and put on a white shirt. If you see more red or rosy tones on your face, that’s a sign that you have cool-toned skin. 

So, now that you know you have cool-toned skin, the best rule of thumb is to stick to cooler colors. Some might consider these the winter or spring colors. 



Want to stand out? Try silver! 

A lot of people might think of silver and immediately imagine old, graying hair. 

But when done right, silver with a strong cool undertone (like blue or even purple) can look sleek and modern. 

You can go full silver for a striking look that is sure to make heads turn. Or you can start with something simpler by incorporating some silver streaks through highlights or a balayage.

Either way, silver is a fresh and bold take on what used to be something dreaded and drab. 

Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde

Want to go a step beyond silver? Go light all the way with platinum blonde. 

Platinum blonde is always in style and gives the classiest look to anyone brave enough to try it. 

It does take a bit of care, though. Purple toners are your best friend when going platinum blonde. 

But the work is all worth it when your crowning glory is pristine and shining in this color. 

Bright Blue 

Bright Blue

Blue should be a no-brainer for anyone with cool-toned skin that wants to experiment with unnatural colors. You can easily rock just about any shade of blue, and it should work well with the glow of your undertone. 

But for the best effect, true blues like royal blue or dark almost indigo colors will be your best bet. Not feeling dark colors? Pastels work great with cool skin tones because of their white base.

So give it a shot! Try baby blue or powder blue if you’re looking for lighter options to this vivid choice. 



Purple is another color you can wear whether you like it dark or light. Again, the most crucial part to consider isn’t the shade but the undertone. So, as long as you stay with purples that have more blue or gray than red, you should be all good!

For darker options, you can opt for some inky indigos or deep true grape-y violet shades. However, if you prefer pastels, dusty lavenders are a lovely way to wear purple in a soft, dreamy color. 



Okay, here me out. 

Yellow might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of cool tones. But I am not talking about the dull, boring straw-colored yellow that comes from old bleach jobs.

No, if you really want to turn heads, try a bright, bold neon yellow. 

Neons have a very white base, so just about any neon color should work on cool-toned skin. However, yellow takes it up a notch higher than any other color. 

The lightness and warmth from yellow, complemented by the richly pigmented neon, will brighten up even the coolest of skin tones. Plus, it’s going to be a loud statement for sure. 

Unnatural hair colors for warm skin tones

As you might have already learned, making unnatural hair colors flattering for pale skin or dark skin don’t differ that much as long as you know the skin tone you’re working with. 

Warm skin tones have a more yellow to peach undertone to them. You can also use the white shirt hack mentioned before to see if you have a more golden glow. 

If all else fails, check the inside of your wrist. If the veins appear more green, then that’s a sign that you have a warm undertone. 



Pink is probably the classic choice for unnatural colors. It’s the gateway to getting more adventurous with your looks. Pink is universally flattering, as long as you know which shade works best for you. 

If you want to play to the warmth of your skin tone, then pinks with lots of red or peach undertones in them will definitely bring out your natural glow. 

For a super bold choice, try hot pink, but if subtle is more your style, there are tons of pink pastels that range from rose gold to cotton-candy pink that will suit you just as well. 



While pink has always been a favorite for warm skin tones, you can make your look a bit more unique by opting for peach. A soft pinky orange look is sure to bring out the golden glow in your skin. 

Plus, it’s a very feminine but modern choice if you want to skip over the obvious choices for pastels. 



Think you can’t wear purple if you want to flatter your warm skin tone? Well, think again. There are lots of purples that are rich in warm brown or red undertones

Burgundy is an effortlessly chic color that brings a touch of sexiness into any look. You can wear this vivid blend of red and purple more subtly if you just want a touch of color, or you can go all in and go for one on the redder side so no one misses your gorgeous locks. 



If you want a true head-turner, there’s nowhere else to look but hot red scarlet. Forget the natural, ginger-toned red hair. For a truly unique color, go for a true bright red. 

Like a bright pop of red lipstick, red hair easily makes any simple look bolder and brighter. 



Blue is another color you might not think of when matching warm skin tones. 

This is where teal is going to be your new best friend. Treading the line between blue and green, there are just enough warm yellow undertones in teal to give you a shade that won’t wash you out. 

Teal is also a pretty edgy choice if you want to try a more alternative look. For a softer look, pastel teals are also beautiful and give off a charming fairy-like vibe. 

Blue greens are one of the best choices as well if you’re looking for unnatural hair color for dark hair.

Unnatural hair color ideas

Okay, but maybe you don’t want to play by the “rules” of color tones. 

Rules are meant to be broken anyway! You don’t have to stick to what’s considered flattering for your skin tone if you want to experiment with your hair. 

You can always pick whatever color is calling to you. But did you know that colors can also help bring out other features you’re proud of? 

Yes, because our hair frames our face, it has huge potential to bring attention to features like our eyes. 

Unnatural hair colors for blue eyes

Dark gray

Dark gray

Blue eyes pop best when you complement them with a darker base that adds depth and contrast. 

Dark gray or deep silver is an excellent choice if you want to stay in the realm of icy colors while adding in some depth. 

You can even mix in other colors like blue or purple, or even black to really give your blue eyes enough clash to shine. 



Orange sits right across blue on the color wheel, which means that these two were meant to bring out the best in each other. You can go for a bolder orange look with neons or red-orange shades. 

Sunset vibes would also be so beautiful by layering different soft shades of orange to bring out the blue in your eyes. 

Unnatural hair colors for brown eyes



There’s just something about green that brings out the warmth in brown eyes. You can experiment with just about any shade, from bright lime green to acid neon green to teals and dark emeralds.

You’ll find that they will all bring out the natural radiance in brown eyes and make them stand out. 



Plummy shades also emphasize the rich color of brown eyes. Reddish purples really help as they complement the natural color of brown eyes and help bring them out more.

But you can also try out deep, bluish purples. The contrast between the cool purple and warm brown is sure to draw anyone’s attention to you.  


What is the easiest unnatural hair color to maintain?

Maintenance can change depending on a lot of factors. It could easily be because of the brand, your natural hair, upkeep, etc. However, generally speaking, there are colors that fade a lot more gracefully than others. 

Usually, blues and pinks are a lot more forgiving as they fade into lighter versions of themselves. 

However, reds and yellows are notoriously more difficult and usually have more unflattering stains when they fade. 

What unnatural hair color lasts the longest?

Generally, blues are pretty hardy shades and can last long in the hair. Be warned that while this might sound good for longevity, it also means that they’re hard to get out. So when it stains, it might stay there for a bit–even when you’re ready to let it go. 

Unnatural colors are there for you to express yourself, from soft pastels to rich sexy chic shades to bright and loud neons.

So, whether you’re going down the more familiar route and picking an unnatural color that complements your skin tone, or if you’re going for contrast to bring out your eyes, just give it a shot! 

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