Best Orange Hair Dye

By: | Last Updated: April 19, 2022

Orange might not be everyone’s first choice for hair colors. Usually people lean into “natural” shades, or pastels, or even blues, purples and pinks.

But as we experiment more with colors, more and more awesome orange options are coming out of the woodwork and they cover just about all of the bases.

For people who prefer more timeless, simple colors, coppers and more deep oranges would look great! If you’re chasing the pastel trend, there’s peach and light orange shades too. And of course, the category orange is going to dominate would be rock bold colors.

Just about anything from neons to bright red orange, to even golden yellow-y orange shades, if that’s your cup of tea. This is definitely an underrated color that’s only going to get more and more fashionable. 

To get ahead of the trend, here are a few great options for orange dyes. If you’re wondering how can I dye my hair orange at home? Then you can figure out which formula works best for you and start from there. 

Best bright orange hair dye – MANIC PANIC Electric Tiger Lily Hair Dye Classic

Manic Panic has been one of the hottest hair dye brands for decades. And that’s for a good reason!

With their huge range of colors, Tiger Lily is just one of many shades of orange you can pick from. But this shade is particularly good if you’re looking for a true bright orange.

Like all other semi-permanent dyes, this color is best used on bleached or platinum blonde hair in order to get the best color pay-off. But in case bleach is out of the question, you can also use it to add warm coppery tones to brown and dark blonde hair. 

It is also a vegan formula, free from many harmful chemicals that cause severe dryness and damage to hair.


  • Intense color 
  • Vegan, gentle formula


  • Semi-permanent dye can wash away after a few weeks of shampooing 

Best red orange hair dye – ARCTIC FOX Sunset Orange Hair Dye

The Arctic Fox has become a long-standing favorite over the years. Even with new brands coming out left and right, Arctic Fox stands the test of time as a semi-permanent dye with potent coloring. 

It’s also one of the brands with the biggest ranges out there. Even for less sought-out colors like orange, there are tons to choose from if you enjoy their formula. Sunset Orange is the perfect cross between a bright scarlet and orange, giving you a nice reddish but still intensely warm hue. 

For a more unique and dimensional look, it goes perfectly with the other colors in the range.

Just like all other Arctic Fox products, Sunset Orange is FREE from peroxide, PPD, alcohol, ammonia and other unnecessary common irritants. 


  • Vibrant colors 
  • Vegan formula 
  • Less chemical damage 


  • Not as effective on very dark unbleached hair

Best temporary orange hair dye – Punky Hair Tiger Orange Color Spray 

If you want to experiment with color for just a day, then Tiger Orange from Punky might just help you check the look out on yourself. It comes in a very convenient spray bottle, so you don’t have to worry about mixing anything or messy application. 

Being a temporary color, it’s safe and non-damaging without any bleach and peroxide. Then, at the end of the day, once you’re done with the color, all you have to do is pop into the shower and shampoo it all out. 


  • Easy to use and convenient 


  • Spray bottle might not give the best color coverage

Orange hair dye for dark hair without bleaching –  Lunar Tides Siam Orange Semi-Permanent Color

Lunar Tides goes all out when it comes to coloring. Whether it’s from the range of colors they offer — 42 all in all! — or the intensity of the colors, they’re not holding back at all. 

Siam Orange is one of the most versatile colors on just about any starting hair color. On blonde hair, it’s a bright true orange, with a touch of red. On lighter brown hair it can be the best deep orange hair dye, all without a lick of bleach! It can even work on dark brown hair, giving a warm, almost rose gold color. 

If the true orange look isn’t what you’re going for, you can check out Fire Opal, which is a more sunflower yellow orange. For a brighter orange, go for Neon Tangerine. Or you can even mix and match reds, oranges or yellows from their line to achieve your own perfect shade. 


  • Intense vibrant colors 
  • Huge shade range 


  • Color can bleed 

Best professional orange hair dye – Clairol Professional Texture and Tones Permanent Hair Color

Lots of products nowadays promise professional-level coloring even from home. But it’s always good to know that the product you’re using is one that professionals actually trust. 

The Clairol Professional line give you dimensional coloring, and is usable on just about any hair type and texture.  

The shade Flaming Desire is a more everyday kind of shade. It’s the type of orange that can border into copper or rose gold, for a less in-your-face application of the color. 

The formula is also a really promising one that nourishes natural hair with oils and extracts while staying ammonia-free. 


  • Great for textured hair  
  • Easy-to-use creme formula 


  • Orange shades are more neutral everyday tones, without brighter options

Best copper orange hair dye –  Garnier Nutrisse Natural Copper Color Creme

The Garnier Nutrisse Color Creme formula is a step ahead of other dyes you can find at the drugstore. One of its signature features is the blend of oils that lets it nourish your hair while you color. It includes avocado oil, olive oil, and shea 

When you’re wearing a color like orange, the extra nourishment and shine is definitely a much welcome boost to your look. 

While this color isn’t as bright and bold as the others on this list, copper is a great way to check out how orange tones can look on you. You can then level up to a bolder shade, or keep wearing copper for a more toned down version of red and orange. 

This dye also has color boost technology that gives bold color payoff to even dark unbleached hair. 


  • Longer lasting formula 
  • Contains nourishing oils 
  • Works on dark hair


  • Permanent hair color formulas may be more damaging

Best natural orange hair dye – Iroiro Natural Semi-Permanent Hair

While this brand might not be one of the well-known classics, this Iroiro orange hair dye review may change your mind. It’s probably one of the most convenient choices on the list as it comes in a little resealable pouch. You can even apply this to dry hair which makes it such a convenient choice.

It boasts a more natural formula made of organic coconut oil, yuzu-cranberry scents and even au naturel preservatives to keep it fresh and safe. 

They have different shades of orange in their line including a classic orange, peach and even a neon one too!


  • Bright colors 
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t work on dark hair

Best burnt orange hair dye – Adore Semi-Permanent Orange Blaze Haircolor

If you want some bang for your buck, Adore is the way to go. It’s one of the most affordable lines that carry bright, and unique colors. This burnt orange shade in Blaze might be harder to pin down in other lines, but you can bet that Adore has this, plus a couple other orange options up its sleeve.

It’s an intensely pigmented dye that makes sure that the orange shade comes through while remaining as a relatively safer option, despite being a lot more affordable. It contains no ammonia, alcohol, or peroxide, freeing your hair from harmful chemical damage. 


  • Affordable 
  • Vibrant 
  • Ammonia, alcohol, and peroxide-free 


  • Washes away easier than other dyes


How long does orange hair dye last?

This question depends a lot less on the color, and more on the formula, so make sure to check out what kind of dye you’re buying so you know how long you can expect it to last. 

Temporary dyes that often come as sprays can usually only last through a day and wash out after shampooing. Semipermanent dyes last from 2 to 4 weeks,depending on how often you wash, while permanent dyes can last up to 2 months. 

Orange isn’t a particularly fickle color, so you should expect it to not fade as quickly as say, a green or blue. 

How do you get orange vibrant hair?

Just like any other bright color, the best way to get really vibrant orange hair is to start with a blank slate. That usually means platinum blonde hair. If you’re a blonde, some toning should get you to the best nearly white color to start with.

But if not, bleaching gradually until you get to a level light enough for your intended shade would be the best way to go.

Usually, the brand you use would have samples of what the dye looks like on different starting shades, so make sure to look out for these as they vary from product to product. 

Is there a permanent orange hair color?

Yes! Permanent orange hair dye exists. But as with other permanent hair colors, the limitation here is that it stays in the range of more “natural” colors–shades of brown, gold, and for orange, there’s copper.

So, you won’t get a permanent red orange shade, or a bright neon but if you’re looking for an everyday warm orangey brown, or a reddish copper, then there might be a permanent option out there for you. 

Best way to remove orange hair dye

When using a semi-permanent dye, you can get the color out a lot faster by shampooing more frequently. Just because of the nature of semi-permanent dyes, it will eventually fade out. 

You can also use  blue or purple shampoo to neutralize any staining, and to tone it back to blonde, or to your bleached tone.

However, when using permanent dyes, your best bet is to neutralize the color to a brown by using either blue shampoo or a blue-based dye. It won’t wash the color out completely but it should tone it down to a more natural shade. 

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