How To Make Natural Red Hair Redder

By: | Last Updated: May 21, 2022

Natural red hair is the rarest hair color in the world, as only less than 2% of the population have it, making it one of the most desired hair colors.

But, as pretty as natural red hair looks, it sometimes needs a bit of maintenance to preserve its color, as it tends to fade over time. 

Follow along as I answer a few of your hair dyeing and hair care questions for natural red hair.

Can I Dye Over Natural Red Hair?

If you’re looking for a drastic hair color change and wondering if you can dye over your natural red hair, the short answer is, yes, the long answer is, it can get a little tricky, but it’s possible.

Since red hair holds its pigment tighter than any other hair color, it needs its pigment stripped out before applying any color. 

So, yes, you have to bleach your hair first. If you’re ready for a big commitment, then color away! 

It’s best to let a professional hairstylist bleach your hair to avoid damage, as natural red hair is more fragile compared to other hair types. Also, make sure to apply post-color aftercare to keep your hair healthy.

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How Do I Make My Red Hair Bright Red?

The easiest method to dye natural red hair into a brighter red color is to get your hair bleached first, then apply your dye color of choice. 

But, thanks to modern technology, there are now hair dyes available on the market specializing in vibrant red hues that don’t need you to bleach out your hair first. 

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent hair dyes are formulated not to wash out of your hair, but the color does fade over time. 

Permanent hair dyes usually need a mix of oxidizer and ammonia, along with the color to lift the cuticle, dissolve your natural pigment, then deposit color, which makes the dye permanent. 

If you’re planning on dyeing your hair at home, follow the instructions provided with the product so you’d know how long to soak in the hair dye before washing it out. Then, voila, you’re left with brighter red hair than before.

Semi-Permanent Hair Dye    

Semi-permanent hair dyes are great if you’re not ready for a long-term commitment as it fades out after six to eight weeks, depending on how frequent you wash your hair.

These dyes do not contain harsh chemicals, like hydrogen peroxide or ammonia, so they’re less damaging for your hair compared to permanent dyes.

They’re also easy to apply, as long as you follow the instructions provided with the hair dye, and you’re good to go!

Temporary Hair Dye

If you’re unsure whether bright red hair is for you, you can first try on temporary red hair dye.  

Temporary hair dyes don’t last long when applied, they usually rinse out after one wash, so it’s a low commitment hair change.

They’re also safe for hair as they don’t penetrate the hair shaft, so you don’t have to worry about hair damage.    

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How Can I Make My Hair Redder Naturally?

Whether you’re not a big fan of using chemical dyes to maintain your ginger locks or just want an affordable alternative, there are natural ways how to make red hair brighter.

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Henna is an age-old way of dyeing hair red or boosting naturally red hair. It’s a type of dye derived from the Henna tree, so it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that could damage your hair. 

Depending on the amount, purity, and the time you leave the henna on your hair, you’ll achieve different hues of red on your hair.

Remember, though, if you plan to use natural henna, make sure to avoid spills as it is a strong coloring agent and will stain anything it touches.

Carrot Juice 

Yes, you read that right, the natural orange color in carrots can help boost the redness of your hair.

After washing your hair as normal, rinse it with carrot juice, and leave it to soak for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how dark you want the shade of red to go.

Rinse, and apply a leave-in conditioner to help lock in the shade longer, and enjoy your red hair!

Cranberry Juice

Who knew that 100% natural cranberry juice could be an affordable and non-damaging way of boosting the color of red hair.

Just like the carrot juice, it’s easy to apply. Wash your hair as normal, then rinse with natural cranberry juice. You can leave it on to soak for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how dark you want the redness to go. 

Rinse it out, and apply a leave-in conditioner to help lock in the color longer.  

The color could last in your hair for about two washes, so you can rinse your hair with cranberry juice once or twice a week to keep the color consistent. 

HELP! My Natural Red Hair Is Fading 

Whether from excess styling or aging, a redhead’s dilemma can be their fading red hair color.

So how do you keep natural red hair vibrant? Here are a few ways how:

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Color-Depositing Shampoos & Conditioners

These products are specially formulated to naturally deposit colors as you wash your hair without hair dyes. Use these once or twice a week to boost the redness of your hair. 

Remember to rinse your hair with cold water after conditioning to close your hair cuticle and help seal in hair moisture.

Low Heat Styling

Extreme heat from blow dryers, curling irons, and hair straighteners can cause damage to your hair, causing them to go dry, develop split ends, and in turn, causes its color to fade.

Now, doesn’t that make you want to keep away from using heat in your hair? If you can’t keep away from your blow-dryer, though, just adjust it to the cool setting.

SPF Sunscreen For The Hair

Summer can be a tough time for a redhead. The sun’s rays can act as a natural bleach to your hair, causing it to turn lighter.

A few spritzes of leave-in treatment with SPF can help protect your hair from the sun and maintain your natural red hair.  

Hair Gloss

Hair gloss is a type of hair treatment similar to deep conditioning treatments, causing your hair cuticles to close, adding moisture and shine to your hair.

You can opt for a hair gloss with a red tint to boost up the color of your hair. As the gloss fades out after every wash, it’s recommended to use it every 4-6 weeks.

From using hair dyes to carrot juice to maintain your red hues, the most important part of having red hair is keeping it healthy. As long as you’re using the proper shampoos and conditioners and keeping it moisturized, your red hair will maintain its red hue for a long time.

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