How long does red hair dye last

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Red screams fun, fierce, and fabulous. When done right, red hair color can make you feel like the world is your runway. It exudes power and confidence, like a superhero pose before your big speech but for hair. 

The myth has long been busted: red hair color is not just for your fair-skinned friends. How can you bop to Rihanna’s Loud album way back in 2010 without having appreciated how she rocked the red locks on the cover?

does red hair dye last

If your skin color was the only thing stopping you from getting that redhead dream, this is your sign. Play Loud as you head to your local salon. There is a flattering shade of red waiting for you.

Donning a red hair color indeed comes with a cost. Getting your hair done professionally gives you the best result for a price. But the expenses don’t stop there. 

You have to use treated-hair-friendly products so that you won’t wash the color away. If you’re fond of heat styling, you have to invest in products that protect your hair color from heat damage.

It can also take several hair color sessions to achieve your desired shade of red. Dyeing your hair red is a whole new level of commitment.  And frankly, the after-care doesn’t come cheap. 

Most of the issues with this hair color come down to its upkeep. 

To keep your new color longer, can you get permanent red hair dye? The better question is, why won’t you? 

Red dyes and frequent hair washing just could not exist in harmony, like quarreling cats and dogs. Eventually, the dye would give in to the cleaning powers of shampoos. You won’t have a lot of time to enjoy your new color. 

Another disadvantage of using temporary hair dyes is that color is only on the surface of your hair. Like painting over a picture, you are only layering another color to your existing color. So, the color may not come out as vibrant. 

Without the color-lifting process in permanent dyes, you may not even get the shade of red you want. Unless you only want to wear red for a day, go for that permanent hair dye for a longer-lasting color that’s worth flaunting.

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Does red hair dye fade quickly?

Unfortunately, red hair dyes do fade quicker than other colors. Its short life is a prevailing problem for those who dyed their hair red. It is also a potent argument against dyeing your hair red. 

After just six weeks, you could be due for another visit to the salon since the color is starting to fade. Whether or not you can commit to this is something you should also consider when dyeing your hair.

Does red hair dye fade quickly

What color does red hair dye fade to?

Taking hair health and dye quality out of the equation, the kind of red hair dye you put in your hair influences the color it would fade into.

Red hair dyes are available in different shades. Light reds that match the autumn season are a popular choice. You can also opt for show-stopping bright reds. As these colors fade, you will notice an orange tint in your hair because of the color you started with.

If you dyed your hair with deep or dark reds, you would find the faded color closer to brown than an orange. 

It’s hard to keep the red on your head because, in the first place, red dye molecules are big. Due to their size, they can’t be tucked in properly inside your hair; that’s why reds wash out quicker than other colors.

The size dilemma is more reason to skip washing your hair too soon after just dyeing it. This is becoming more like a law on hair color; defy at your expense.

Does permanent hair dye wash out? 

You’ve chosen the permanent route based on the premise that it will last. But there’s no such thing as actually permanent in the hair color industry.

While a permanent hair color lasts longer than temporary and semi-permanent hair dyes, all good things come to an end. Eventually, the dye will be washed away. Or your hair will grow the color out.

We could wish that colors would just last forever. But that would also mean we can’t change our hair color when we get tired of it. Imagine being trapped in a shade your teenage self thought was cool. It would feel like a colored prison made from our (bad) decisions.

So, it can be a good thing that colors fade after some time. It doesn’t mean you can’t extend its life.  

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How can I make red hair dye last longer?

Googling how to keep red hair dye from fading is like searching on how to stop aging: You can’t stop the process, at least not yet. But you can make your red hair last longer. 

On the top of the list of how-to’s: refrain from immediately washing your hair. As explained before, red dye molecules are not secured inside your hair. It can’t win the fight against your ordinary shampoos. Give the dye time to settle in your hair.

So keep away from that bottle as long as necessary. If you must, grab a bottle of color-friendly shampoos. They will still clean your scalp without ruining your hair color.  

How can I make red hair dye last longer

On the topic of showers, some of us are used to hot and steamy baths. For the love of your newly colored tresses, you have to start liking cold showers.

The heat from the water accelerates the fading of your hair color. Scrubbing shampoo on your hair already ruins your hair color. Adding heat into the mix would seem like you just want to throw away what you spent to get that gorgeous red hair. 

The heat from styling also harms color-treated hair. This means you have to invest in hair care products that will protect your hair. And now would be the time to give your blow dryer and straightener some rest.

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You should maintain colored hair like how you would your skin when it comes to sun exposure. When you go out, it’s safe to tuck your hair in a braid or knot. You may also accessorize with hats or scarves as they shield your hair from heat.

On vacations, not only would you indulge in the sun, but you would also want to swim in the pool. Before you take that refreshing dip, you have to give extra attention to your hair first. 

The chlorine in the pool can react with the dye in your hair, and you could come home with faded hair color and damaged strands. 

Again, conditioner is your best friend. Before entering the pool, slather a good amount of conditioner on your hair. It acts as a sealant for your hair, preventing chemicals in the pool from doing much damage. And don’t skip a thorough after-pool rinse.

But if you just dyed your hair several days ago, it’s best to sashay away from the pool for now.

You can only extend so much until it becomes high time for a new color. But by giving your colored hair an extra dose of TLC, you can be fun, fierce, and fabulous for a longer time.

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