What Happens If You Wash Your Hair Everyday

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Haircare is a personal choice, so the choices you make should depend on your lifestyle, hair type and texture. For many people ,frequently washing your hair can cause damage and dry out your locks. For others, their hair requires frequent washing or it will look greasy and limp.

What happens if you wash your hair everyday?

Water removes visible dirt from the hair and scalp. Shampoo will remove odors and oily deposits, including sweat and dirt.

Your skin is covered in billions of good bacteria. This collection of bacteria is called microbiome and they help maintain your skin’s PH balance and prevents the bad microbes from colonizing the skin. 

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Frequently washing your hair with harsh shampoos can upset that microbiome, leading to scalp problems. Washing your hair too much can alter the scalp’s microbiome, which can potentially cause inflammation and irritation.

Shampoo cleans the hair with chemicals called surfactants which removes surface debris from the scalp and sulfates which produce the thick lather that removes oil build up. It’s these two ingredients that help the hair look and feel cleaner but can also damage the hair cuticles.

It’s important to keep some of the hair’s natural oils to protect hair from the damage of day to day life. There is no medical reason to use shampoo every time you wash your hair; water alone can remove the dirt. Those who suffer from psoriasis may need to use special tar or medicinal based shampoo but those who suffer from dry skin and eczema should avoid daily washing as it can cause irritation.

Washing and Shampooing your Hair Depending on Type

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Hair that is moisturized and not dried out is less likely to break and appear damaged, as it’s better maintained and doesn’t have the dry, frizzy texture that can often look broken. 

But over moisturizing your hair can make it appear limp, greasy and flat. If you go days without using shampoo, oil can build up on the scalp and give the appearance of being dirty and may start to lightly smell.

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If you have fine hair, the strands will get greasy fast and begin sticking together, this is because oil can easily travel down the locks. Curlier hair keeps oil closer to the scalp as it has more texture.

If your hair is curly or thick in texture, you should wash it every third day, because the follicles will get dehydrated if washed too frequently. It would be beneficial to your dry hair to rinse without applying shampoo but continue using conditioner to prevent dryness.

Avoid strengthening and volumizing shampoos if you have dry hair as they can strip your scalp of moisture. Nioxin shampoo can be a great investment for severe dry scalp sufferers.

Choosing the Right Products

If you wash your hair every day because it feels greasy then you may be using the wrong shampoo and hair products for your hair type. Everyone’s hair and skin type is different and produce a unique amount of oil. 

It’s best to use a sulfate-free cleanser that contains essential oils, so it won’t strip your hair from the hair’s natural oils. Silicone-free conditioners with natural essential oils will ensure the hair cuticles stay healthy and damage free.

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Why Shouldn’t You Wash Your Hair Every Day

Shampoos are formulated with harmful chemicals called surfactants and sulfates, these elements are what cleans the hair and removes the oil. These elements assist in making your hair look clean and shiny, but it can also cause long-term damage. 

It is important for your hair to keep some of its natural oils which is why sulfate-free or extra moisturizing products are recommended, these formulas will preserve hair texture and cause less long-damage. 

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A clarifying shampoo can be beneficial for those with a super oily scalp, but be mindful to not overuse the product as it can cause the scalp to dry, leading to more oil production and flakiness. 

Double shampooing is an underrated practice. Similar to double-cleansing your face, double shampooing involves using two separate shampoos that target different needs. For example, some people may need to use one shampoo for their oily scalp but another moisturizing formula on the tips of the hair.

Shampooing your hair isn’t always necessary. Rinsing your hair with just water one to two times a week will remove the dirt, prevent itching and stop your hair smelling. How frequently you use shampoo is more for cosmetic reasons than hygienic but it all depends on the hair type.

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Many people believe that you should avoid washing your hair with shampoo every day as it stops the scalp’s natural oils from thriving and damages the hair. When you wash your hair with a normal non-specialist shampoo, you are stripping your scalp of its natural oils. Because of this, your skin will try to overcompensate by producing more oil with the goal of rebalancing itself.

One unfortunate outcome of shampooing your hair every day is the frizz it can cause. The more your hair is washed, the dryer it will become, causing static and frizz. The way to avoiding excessive hair frizz is to wash and shampoo your hair every other day and only use water and conditioner on the days in between.

Working out every day, leading an active lifestyle or living in a warm climate may make you sweat, causing a build-up of excess oil on your scalp, and could lead to skin problems. It is vital, if you have an active lifestyle, to wash your hair with shampoo every day to avoid infection and irritation.

Shampoo removes dead skin cells that would usually fall into the hair or clump up in the scalp (otherwise known as dandruff). It’s important to use a sulfate-free shampoo as shampooing with a sulfate formulated or a shampoo not made for dandruff, can lead to further dryness, itching and uncomfortably flakiness.

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair?

How can you protect your hair whilst still keeping it clean? 

Two to three times a week is the best way to maintain a healthy and clean hair.

If you go from daily washing to only washing two or three times a week, your hair may feel dirty, hard to style and generally off. Start by skipping a day and then use a dry shampoo in between. Try to use a spray dry shampoo that contains a powder that absorbs oil and sweat residue, this will make your hair look and feel less greasy.

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