How to Stop Frizzy Hair after Washing

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Everyone is scared of that moment when you walk out in this summer heat, and your hair gets frizzy and puffs up like the mane of a lion. There are many issues to counter with when it comes to our hair, but getting a frizzy hair is one of the biggest. Tackling that untamed hair can appear to be an annoying problem that never ends, but do you know that the primary cause for this lies in your drying technique? 

Besides, frizzy hair is so problematic that it comes with other hair problems such as hair dullness and breakage, making it crucial to avoid it at all costs. How you treat your hair, especially after washing, can help you prevent frizz even in the most unforgiving, humid climates. 

Here are some of the things to do to avoid frizzy hair after washing your hair. 

1. Use a diffuser in drying your hair

If it is possible, allow your hair to dry out naturally after washing. By choosing air-drying instead of towel-drying or blow-drying, you are more likely to avoid frizz. To hasten the process of air-drying, you can tie your hair as a braid or into a loose bun as it dries to prevent frizz. 

If air drying is not an option, ensure that your hair dryer has a diffuser attached to it.  If you have curly hair, then the diffuser is essential as it’ll keep the shape of all your curls intact. Also, let your dryer always be in its cool settings. 

One way to wreak havoc on your hair is to apply too much heat. Also, do not bone dry your hair as this is another sure way to get frizz.

It is best to blow dry hair 90% and then let it dry by itself naturally.

– Katie Allan, Senior Stylist & Creative Manager at Charles Worthington (source)

2. Dry hair with a microfiber towel 

Most of us often fall for the Julia Roberts movie appearance of wrapping an oversized, heavy and plush towel around the hair as it dries. Well, this is a wrong idea as the regular towels generate much friction, which can cause frizz. 

It will be altogether better for your hair if you avoid using a towel. 

You can either use a micro-fiber cloth or a T-shirt as these are gentler and can assist you in laying your hair flat while it dries. 

3. Use your fingers, not a hair brush

Most people are more inclined to use a comb or brush to tackle their hair after washing, but this is a bad habit. Combs and brushes generate more friction that can disturb your wet hair strands and cause damage to the hair. 

You are more likely to get frizz when you use a dry brush on the already-dried hair. So, when your hair gets dry, use your fingers to detangle. This will surely prevent frizzing. If necessary, utilize a boar-bristle brush on your dry hair, not a comb.

4. Detangle hair before it dries

If you have curly and wavy textured hair, then it is compulsory to detangle it else you’ll get knots. However, when your hair is dried is not the best time to detangle it. 

Immediately you’re done washing the hair, and you’re out of the shower, you can run your fingers over the hair to prevent tangles and frizz. 

girl using a hair dryer diffuser

5. Apply styling cream immediately

This is particularly important if your hair is curly or coarse. If you want to maintain the natural texture of your hair and avoid frizz, then apply styling cream immediately after washing your hair and drying it. This way, there’ll be a protective layer over the hair against frizz. 

Also, be mindful of the styling cream products that you use on the hair. Stay far away from hair products that include alcohol as part of the ingredients. The best ingredients in a cream to prevent frizz are hair-nourishing oils such as avocado oil, argan oil, and coconut oil.

6. Use an anti-frizz solution

If your hair is prone to frizz, you can counter it by applying an anti-frizz solution or a hair smoothing serum after washing the hair. The solution is a mixture of water and conditioner, mix a cup of water with a tablespoon of a good conditioner. Use your fingers to gently apply a small amount to the ends and tips of your hair. Don’t apply this solution to the roots of your hair. To ensure that you never have to worry about frizz throughout the day, you can put the solution in a spray bottle and carry it in a purse as you go around. 

7. Wash hair less often

As important as it is to wash your hair, do not make this a daily occurrence. If you’ve noticed that your hair is prone to frizz, you can easily avoid this disturbance by washing your hair less frequently. When you wash your hair every time, you gradually strip the hair of its natural oils, and this might be the reason why your hair frizzes easily.

If your hair is regular, you only need to wash it in maybe once in a week or two. But if it’s thicker, then you can wash and shampoo the hair once every three days. If you notice that you notice that your hair is getting too oily, you can trade your regular shampoo for a suitable dry shampoo. 

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8. Keep hands off your hair

After washing your hair and drying it, try to keep your hands off it during the day. More friction is generated, the more you touch your hair. As you touch the hair, the hair cuticles are ruffled, and this can cause frizz. Besides touching the hair, try to avoid changing the styling, or putting it up and down. 

Frizz can be very bothersome. Imagine going about your daily activities but without confidence, because your hair is all puffed up. 

Well, you never have to bother about this if you take your after-washing techniques seriously. We have listed some of the after-washing methods that will surely come in handy in preventing frizz. 

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