Is Raw Sugar shampoo good

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The expectations in today’s hair products are immense. Any new brand trying to join the market, especially shampoos, must set high standards to address both the individual and the planet. 

Raw Sugar didn’t back out from that challenge. 

However, as they are relatively new, you may not help but question if they are worth your penny. 

Is Raw Sugar shampoo good? After all, that’s what people trying out Raw Sugar primarily use. How about their conditioners? Do they have more products to maintain healthy locks? 

In this article, we aim to answer these questions and more! 

Maybe you’ll decide to grab your first bottle of Raw Sugar after this article!

Is Raw Sugar a good company?

Is Raw Sugar a good company

It takes more than an excellent company to go against old, popular hair care brands, but in 2014, Raw Sugar debuted like the season’s diamond in Bridgerton— with head-turning potential.

Raw Sugar promises to give you earth-friendly hair with formulas and a price that won’t put a hole in your pocket. They have various product lines for every inch of your body, top to bottom. Along with hair care, you can rely on them for the body, hand, and lip care— each with their signature fragrant scents. 

Through their Raw Sugar Initiative, they’re also heavily involved in charity works both in their local communities and worldwide.

It’s wholesome from beginning to end and undoubtedly a must-try! 

What hair type is Raw Sugar for?

Do you have curly and thick hair? Or do you perhaps have fine and straight ones? Do you consider porosity when choosing a hair care product?

Whatever your classifications are, Raw Sugar’s products never leave you worried and hanging. Their hair products include shampoos, conditioners, hair masques, detanglers, dry shampoos, and hair boosters. 

Raw Sugar anticipates every hair type’s dilemma and tailors its product lines to serve your hair needs. No more wondering if you are grabbing something for straight or curly hair!

In their blog, they broke down your product must-haves based on your hair struggles. 

  • Moisture Smoothie products for overworked and dehydrated hair
  • Bounce Back products bring life to your hair without weighing it down
  • Truly Unruly products to combat frizz, especially in curls 

Along with shampoo and conditioner, they also have the following product lines to bring you a healthier and more lively hair: 

  • Dry Shampoo Volume and Dry Shampoo Texture to provide an instant boost
  • Healing Power Hair Masque to repair heat-damaged hair
  • Mighty Curls Hair Masque which serves as overall nourishment for curly gals
  • Fierce Renewal Hair Booster as a leave-in treatment to reduce further damage.

Is Raw Sugar a good shampoo brand?

Perhaps the measure of a good shampoo brand is its inclusivity. Do they have every hair’s needs in mind? Are they for all genders and kids alike? 

Raw Sugar shampoos contain organic and plant-derived formulas— a sweet mix of fragrance and efficacy! 

They have specific products for men and kids, so the entire family never experiences a bad hair day. 

And if we are talking about credibility, there is no Raw Sugar shampoo lawsuit to date. Indeed, that’s a testament to their excellent product development. When it comes to being a “good brand”, you will not find Raw Sugar lacking superb qualifications.

Where is Raw Sugar shampoo made?

Raw Sugar makes its earlier products in Southern California

Their cold-pressed technology ensures that the plant essence remains whole when delivered to you. Their “bamboo tops and white bottles” signature became their signature aesthetic. 

Two years ago, they moved their headquarters to Florida. The company leans more into physical stores than online retail. Nevertheless, their success leaves no doubt about their business strategy. 

Is Raw Sugar shampoo sulfate-free?

Yes, it is sulfate-free. 

Although, it contains other mild surfactants like Cocamidopropyl betaine derived from coconut oil. 

Their shampoos contain less harsh sulfonates than sulfates which helps with lathering. Sulfonates are more soluble in hard water, making rinsing them out easier.

Does Raw Sugar shampoo have silicone?

No, they are silicone-free. They are also void of parabens. 

If your goal is to buy products that make your hair shiny without the fear of harsh ingredients, Raw Sugar is for you. Their formulation will never put you in a difficult position of choosing efficacy over safe ingredients. 

Is Raw Sugar good for your curly hair?

Is Raw Sugar good for your curly hair

Having curls is a balancing act. 

If you apply your products too generously, you get weighed-down locks that don’t define your curls at all. 

And if you don’t even care about it, you come out looking like a bush with a face. Not so pleasing, honestly.

However, Raw Sugar doesn’t want you to abandon your curls forever merely because they are unmanageable. Instead, they want you to embrace it— unruliness and all.

Their Truly Unruly line is heaven-sent for curly individuals. It includes shampoo and conditioner, which contains avocado for deep moisturization, apple cider vinegar to cleanse deeply, and rosemary oil for overall healing.  

Curls also make it difficult to perform deep cleansing. Their detox line eases your haircare task and ensures the removal of any build-up. 

However, this comes with a slight disadvantage— more tangles. 

The detox process might remove necessary oils and moisture and leave your hair dry and tangle-prone. It’s another reason why you should invest in their conditioners too!

Never hide your curls, wild heart!

Is Raw Sugar shampoo good for straight hair?

Yes, the shampoo’s efficacy doesn’t focus on a specific hair type but on hair needs. 

Straight hair individuals receive the same good formula in the Raw Sugar shampoo they use as curly-haired gals do.

If you have fine hair and want that bounce, you can try their Bounce Back shampoo, which contains mango butter, agave, and carrot oil. 

Their Volume Revive shampoo also should be on your list if you have dull hair. It provides elasticity and promotes strand strength which can be crucial for those with damaged hair. So if you constantly rebond or straighten your hair with heat tools, this is for you!

Is Raw Sugar shampoo good for color-treated hair?

Maintenance for colored hair can be tricky and expensive. You have to switch your old products to new ones that care for your eye-catching hues. 

So, is Raw Sugar shampoo good for colored hair? Can it be your colored hair hero? It turns out, yes! 

The Pro Remedy products have nutrient-rich botanicals that leave your hard-earned color long-lasting and healthy. Specifically, their Reconstruct Shampoo gently removes your hair with mushroom extracts and white orchids. No harsh formula means no color stripping!

Is Raw Sugar shampoo good for oily hair?

Oily hair signals that your hair products are too drying for you. This prompts your scalp to increase your natural oils, thus, the oiliness. Product build-up due to a lousy rinse job also levels up the greasiness. 

Raw Sugar shampoo does NOT contain SLS, but it still has other surfactants and glucosides which dry up the hair. 

The nourishment-loaded shampoos may also remain in some scalp or hair types and contribute to a build-up. Not only will it result in oiliness but also dandruff. 

Is Raw Sugar shampoo good for dandruff?

Is Raw Sugar shampoo good for dandruff

If you have existing dandruff, you need to shop for a clarifying shampoo that is gentle enough for your scalp

Raw Sugar’s Scalp Restore shampoo has hydrating and clarifying plant extracts of tea tree and moringa oil paired with activated charcoal. 

Note that this can still be drying for some and may even aggravate the condition. It may work for less sensitive scalps, so don’t forget to still check it out in the beauty aisle!

Is Raw Sugar dry shampoo good?

Sometimes, no matter how much you prepare, the entire day seems focused on ruining your hair. And for those terrible days, your choice of dry shampoo can save you. 

Raw Sugar has two dry shampoos to choose from. 

Their Texture Dry Shampoo contains coconut and maqui berry, while their Volume Dry Shampoo has juicy notes of watermelon and lychee. Both freshen and clean your scalp while adding volume to your hair with minimum effort. 

Does Raw Sugar shampoo cause hair loss?

While your ears may perk up at Raw Sugar’s natural ingredients, it’s not a full guarantee that it will suit you. It’s a trial-and-error situation. 

If you have a sensitive scalp, Raw Sugar shampoos may be too dehydrating. While this doesn’t directly and immediately cause hair loss, dryness accelerates it as your scalp lacks the moisture it needs to encourage hair growth. 

It’s wise to invest in their conditioners and hair masques so your hair remains hydrated. Maintaining healthy hair means not only relying on good shampoo but also safe and effective products. 

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